• Color Settings for FlippingBook Online

With this option you can set your own colors for navigation elements of your publication. You can change Panel Color and Background Color for your publication.

Here is how you can do that:

  1. Click on Color Palette option in Branding Section
  2. Then choose the color for your Panel and Background
  3. Click OK to save your changes

Note! It will change not only the Background and Panel color of your skin, but also the color of popup windows:

If the skin has both top and bottom panels, we can change the Background color and Panel color for the skin itself and pop-up windows. But, not all skins we offer have these panels. White Style, Office Light, Light Wood, Natural Harmony, Calm Water, Underground, Beach Vacation, Healthcare, Sunny Afternoon, Cloudy Valley, Autumn School, Winter Day and Red Passion skins do not have panels.

Changing Panel Color

If the skin does not have panels (Underground skin), you still can change the Panel Color, but only the Panel color of pop-up windows will be changed.

Changing Background Color

If the skin does not have a transparent background (Underground skin), you still can change the Background Color, but only the Background color of pop-up windows will be changed.

However, if the skin has a transparent background (White Style skin), you will be able to change the Background Color for both your skin and pop-up windows.

Skins that have transparent background: Office Gray, Black Carbon, Study Desk, Purple Charm, Green Vintage, Yellow Vanilla and Shabby Chick.


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