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HTML5 viewer

FlippingBook Online turns your PDF into an interactive flipbook with a smooth page flip effect, comfortable in-document navigation and customizable design. All of these features are backed by HTML5, which means your document works in any browser without the need for any special viewing software. Learn more

Interactive table of contents
Print, share and download

Online hosting

Once you upload your document online, you can access it via a direct link anytime, without downloading anything. Plus, you can easily share it via any channel you like.

Website embedding

Share your documents seamlessly on your website. Embed the whole publication or a small, neat preview.


No more huge email attachments. Just send the link to your document, knowing that your clients can view it on any device.

Social media

Post documents to any social network to increase the impact of your social marketing campaigns.

Secure sharing
Secure sharing

Password protect sensitive content to prevent unwanted viewing.

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Document tracking

Track how people view your documents for insights that will drive informed marketing decisions.

Get actionable data

Learning what happens to your document after you send it makes you stronger. Track visitors, views, and clicks to see what content works and where you can improve.

Get actionable data

Track any metric you need

Get the full picture of your publications’ performance through integration with Google Analytics. Just link your UA code with your FlippingBook Online account to analyze the documents as if they were an extension of your website.

Track any metric you need

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Lead capture form

When you gate your PDFs, it’s easy for visitors to find the original file online and download or read it without filling out the form. With FlippingBook, you embed the form right into the document, so no lead slips through.

Customize the form

Collect your prospects’ names, emails, and other data. You can set the lead capture form on the first page to gate the whole document, or place it on any other page to give viewers a preview first.

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Customize the form

Identify engaged leads

Once a visitor leaves their email and becomes a lead, you get the insight into when and how many times they viewed your document. See who is really engaged with your content!

Identify engaged leads

Branding & design

Show your clients that you care about them by sharing the most beautiful brochures, catalogs and materials possible. FlippingBook gives you the tools to make your documents look fantastic.

24 skins

Make your document pretty instantly. We offer a gallery of beautiful designs to go with any content.


Make your document a part of your website with your favicon, clickable logo and custom background.

Unbranded documents

Remove any mention of FlippingBook to give your documents an even more refined look.

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