Marketing tools

Reinforce your marketing efforts with FlippingBook Online—deliver your newsletters, ebooks, and brochures in an interactive format that will engage your audience. Measure content engagement, collect leads, add videos, and boost SEO. Automate routine content tasks with handy integrations.

See the lead capture form in action

Generate leads with your documents

A lead capture form will help you gate your ebook and collect quality info: prospect emails, names, phones, and more. You can then analyze how each lead interacts with your ebook, and pass them into your CRM via Zapier integration.

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Track lead engagement

Share your content directly with leads or clients, and then measure how they interact with it. Analyze what interests your audience the most to deliver even more engaging content in the future.

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Track lead engagement

Deliver interactive marketing content

Relevant visuals will engage and entertain your audience, so why not add videos anywhere in your marketing flipbooks? You can also insert GIFs, images, and links to relevant sources in your content.

Deliver interactive marketing content

Empower your marketing with FlippingBook

Sales tools

FlippingBook is a great tool to make your sales proposals stand out in your competitive market. You measure engagement with online proposals, so you can send follow-ups to leads at the right moment.

Track the content you distribute

Sending the same proposal to dozens of clients? With FlippingBook’s trackable links, you can measure each lead’s engagement with your content without extra fuss. Knowing when a client opened your document, what pages they viewed, and what links they clicked will help you make a successful sale much faster.

Track the content you distribute

Professional digital offer example

Give the best look to your proposals

Connect with prospects through the documents you send them. FlippingBook makes digital proposals and offers look sleek online. You get high quality texts, images, and even video pitches all in one document! When you invest in your content, your leads know you mean business.

Collaborate for stronger sales

FlippingBook is a good fit for individual sales reps and entire teams. Work together with your colleagues for better sales results.

Team up with FlippingBook

With FlippingBook, every sales rep in your team can manage and create documents in their private workspace, while shared folders and flipbooks allow smooth and efficient collaboration.

Integrate with Zapier

A smooth content creation process equals smooth sales! Each rep can choose how to integrate FlippingBook with Zapier: convert PDF proposals automatically, drop leads into your CRM from your flipbook, and more.

Use FlippingBook documents for stronger sales

Branding and design

Why not make your digital flipbooks instantly recognizable on the web? With FlippingBook, you can wrap your content in your custom branding: from your own background and color palette down to your company logo. Make all branding and design settings default to create documents that always boost client trust and engagement.

Craft your brand image with a clickable logo

Go beyond branding PDFs—customize digital flipbooks with your company logo leading directly to your website. Thus, your brand story will flow seamlessly between your flipbooks and site.

Craft your brand image

Set custom design for each digital publication

Set up the color palette to match your company style and choose a fitting background to back up the brand story you’re telling. Plus, you can customize the favicon for your publication.

Set custom design

Brand your publication links to nudge that click

Link branding will help you customize the URLs of your digital flipbooks. Once your leads and clients see your company name in the link you send, they’ll know it’s safe to open, so your click rates will skyrocket!

Brand your publication links

Convert PDFs into branded flipbooks today

Document management and security

Digital flipbooks are as easy to create as they are to manage: store them online, keep them sorted in private folders in your account, update your content in a click, and don’t forget to share the most current versions of your catalogs and ebooks with your clients!

Host your digital flipbooks with ease

When your document is available online, it’s easy to share with clients as a direct link or embed on your own site. Your clients no longer need to download heavy attachments—all content is available right in the browser.

  • Rely on FlippingBook

    We’ll host your content on secure Amazon servers, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. FlippingBook securely delivers your documents to the web, makes content updates effortless and sharing fast and easy.

  • Store & Manage Content

    FlippingBook is a content management solution (CMS): create and modify content with branding and interactive elements, and then sort flipbooks into folders for effortless collaboration with your team.

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Up-to-date documents keep clients engaged

When your content is relevant, it’s more likely to interest your audience and bring in new leads. FlippingBook makes document updates extra easy—simply reupload your PDF, and you’ll instantly get the new version online! The link to your document will remain the same, so you won’t have to resend it to clients.

Content privacy is vital on the web

You know it, we know it, your competitors know it. So make sure your digital magazines and brochures have the level of security you need. Disable Share, Print, and Download options to avoid unwanted content distribution. You can also set a password for your documents, share them as protected embeds, or make the flipbooks private and only viewable within your account.

Content privacy is vital on the web

Create and manage digital documents with FlippingBook

Professional format

FlippingBook is super easy to use—simply upload your static PDFs, and they’ll convert into engaging HTML5 documents accessible as direct links in any browser. Give your documents the professional look and feel they deserve with our tool.

Doesn’t your content deserve to look like this?

Forget about PDFs—HTML5 is the talk of the town

HTML5 is a modern format for digital documents. With FlippingBook, you can create HTML5 publications that open instantly on any device. They have a sleek page turn effect, an authentic look, easy navigation, and your own design, so your content will always stand out.

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Make content navigation intuitive with FlippingBook

Looking through digital flipbooks has never been easier. Even if your document has hundreds of pages, your audience will find the necessary information in seconds with our interactive table of contents, neat thumbnails, built-in search, and notes. We go beyond simple comfort, too. Thanks to well-thought-out navigation and the Accessibility feature, your flipbooks become ADA-compliant so more people can enjoy them.

Make content navigation intuitive

Deliver a powerful reading experience to any device

Over 80% of your audience have already moved to mobile devices, so your content should, too. FlippingBook is here to help. Unlike PDFs, digital flipbooks are available as direct links anywhere, they open and load fast, and the reading experience is equally powerful on desktops, iOS, and Android devices.

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Deliver a powerful reading experience to any device

Create easily accessible HTML5
documents today

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