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  • Starter

    $44 / month

    $530 billed annually


    • HTML5 viewer
    • Online hosting
    • Sharing control
    • Views analytics
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  • Optimal

    $89 / month

    $1,070 billed annually

    Everything in Starter plus

    • Custom branding
    • Video and link adding
    • Lead capture form
    • Individual links
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  • Advanced

    $179 / month

    $2,150 billed annually

    Everything in Optimal plus

    • Custom domain
    • Advanced analytics
    • Password protection
    • Priority support
    • Zapier integration
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  • Team

    $224 / month

    $2,690 billed annually

    3 users
    • 3 users
    • 4 users
    • 5 users
    • 6 users
    • 7 users
    • 8 users
    • 9 users
    • 10 users
    • More...
    • Individual links
    • Advanced analytics
    • Password protection
    • Custom branding
    • Video and link adding
    • Lead capture form
    • Zapier integration
  • Enterprise



    Everything in Team plus

    • Custom domain
    • Domain restriction
    • Priority support
    • Audit logs (coming soon)
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Prices in US dollars

Want to host documents in your own environment? Learn about FlippingBook Publisher and FlippingBook Server.

Starter Optimal Advanced Team Enterprise
General Info  
Online hosting          
Number of documents 10 100 500 1,000 Custom
Number of account users 1 1 1 3 Custom
Distribution Info  
Sharing via email          
Website embedding          
Social media sharing          
Link to page          
Branding & Interactivity Info  
24 ready skins          
Custom branding        
Video embedding        
Adding links        
Lead capture form        
Custom domain    
Contacts button          
Table of contents          
Text search          
Smart zoom          
Advanced design tools        
Content Protection Info  
Content sharing control          
Google indexing control          
Password protection      
Recipient Analytics Info  
Individual link tracking        
Open notifications        
Number of individual links 25 links 100 links 500 links Custom
Document Analytics Info  
Views analytics          
Advanced analytics      
Analytics data history 30 days 1 year 2 years 2 years 2 years
Integration Info  
Google Analytics integration        
Integration with Zapier      
HTML5 Viewer Info  
Page flip effect          
Mobile format          
Vector text support          
Links extraction          
Ad-free content          
Right-to-left support          

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many documents can I create with FlippingBook Online?

    Dependant on your plan, you can create up to 10/100/500/1,000 documents with FlippingBook Online. There's no time stamp, so you can keep your documents online for as long as you need them or while your subscription is active—whichever is longer.

  • What if I need more than 1,000 documents?

    If you have a really high document load, contact us for price. Our team is here to help!

  • How many views can my document get?

    FlippingBook does not limit the number of views your document can get. However, in rare scenarios, the overall number of views can exceed hundreds of thousands a month, thus requiring additional resources from us and our servers to keep your content up and running. If this occurs, we will contact you to find a suitable solution: we may ask you to upgrade or host your content on your own server with our desktop tool.

  • Can I keep my documents on my own domain?

    All publications are hosted at, but you can customize the domain name to something like You'll get branded publication URLs for instantly recognizable, more trustworthy content. This option is available in FlippingBook Online Advanced and Enterprise.

  • Can I download my FlippingBook Online publications?

    Sorry, but no. The publications are only available while hosted in your FlippingBook Online account. However, your readers can download the original PDF from the publication by clicking on the Download button. Also, you can create offline documents with FlippingBook Publisher, our desktop software.

  • Can I password protect my FlippingBook Online publications?

    Yes, you can set a password to protect the sensitive content in your documents from unwanted viewing. This option is available in FlippingBook Online Advanced, Team, Enterprise.

  • Can I hide my publications from Google and other search engines?

    Yes, you can. Though there is a way to make your documents searchable, they are always unsearchable by default. So you can safely upload your documents to FlippingBook Online—unless you decide to make them SEO-friendly, they will stay private at all times.

  • Is there a free plan?

    There's no free plan in FlippingBook Online. However, we offer a free 14-day trial with all the features except for Custom Domain.

  • Do you put ads in my documents hosted with FlippingBook?

    No. All documents created with FlippingBook are ad-free, always.

  • How's FlippingBook Online trial plan limited?

    The trial plan is available for 14 days. With it, you can only create 10 documents and 10 Individual Links. You don't have access to Custom Domain either. Apart from that, you're free to play around and explore everything we have to offer.

  • Can I add a table of contents to my document?

    If your original PDF file contains a structure of bookmarks, they will be detected by FlippingBook Online upon upload and transformed into an interactive table of contents. But once a bookmark-free PDF is converted to a digital flipbook, there is no way to add a table of contents manually.

  • Will my documents work if I cancel the subscription to FlippingBook Online?

    Your publications will work as long as your subscription is active. Once it expires, they will work for 14 more days in case you weren't planning to cancel and there was a billing issue.

  • What's your privacy policy?

    You can be sure your data is safe with us. We would never sell it to third parties or abuse it in any other way. We may email you occasionally about the company and product updates, but you can always opt out. Read more about our Privacy policy or the GDPR compliance.

Any questions left? Chat with us, we'll be happy to help.

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