Can my flipbook be displayed as single pages?

Product: FlippingBook Online

When you create your first flipbook its content is displayed in the form of two-page spreads by default. The Slide mode feature allows you to change that and set your flipbook to display as single pages with the flip effect disabled.

It might prove especially useful when your flipbook consists mostly or solely of wide landscape pages. In this case, enabling the Slide mode feature makes your content better match the screen size and reduces the need for zooming. However, you can use the feature with standard pages as well. It will change the flipbook representation and force the pages to be slightly larger, making the content easier to read.

Flip mode Slide Mode

Slide mode is available in all plans and for any page size. To switch between Flip and Slide modes follow these steps:

  1. Open the Flipbooks tab;
  2. Hover over the right flipbook and select the Customize option from the three-dot button menu:
  3. Click on the Settings group to expand it and set the Page Turn Mode to Slide;
  4. Apply the changes by clicking the Finish button in the top left corner of the Customize menu.

Switching to Slide mode doesn’t affect your flipbook content. However, you will find a few settings including Hardcover, Shadow Depth, and Book Thickness to become unavailable. They won’t be disabled completely, though, and restore automatically if you decide to switch back to Flip mode.

Like most of the settings in the Customize menu, Slide mode can be applied by default to all of your existing or future flipbooks. You can do this in one of the following ways:

  1. Switch one of your flipbooks to Slide mode and select the option Make settings default for future flipbooks in the Customize menu;

  2. Select the Save settings as default option from the three-dot button menu in the Flipbooks tab. You can choose to apply the setting to the flipbooks in the current folder, future flipbooks, or both of them at once.

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