Can my flipbook be displayed as single pages?

Our software animates pages with a page-flip effect when you create a flipbook. For most content, we show two pages at the same time when you flip through the content. But we use a single page animation instead if you upload a PDF with wide pages.

One-page flip makes landscape-oriented content a much better match for any screen size. Have a look at the screenshots below.

Two-page flip One-page flip

In the Two-page flip mode, we have to fit two pages on the screen. And because of that, a lot of space above and below the pages goes to waste. As a result, the page is more than three times smaller than when you use the One-page flip mode. Using the one-page flip for landscape pages reduces the need for zooming. So it makes for a much more pleasant reading experience! But... if you want to, then you can use the One-page flip mode for standard pages as well. Likewise, you can enable two-page flip for wide pages too if you prefer.

As a third option, we also offer the Slide mode for page transitions. Slide mode does what it says on the tin. Instead of flipping, the pages now slide over the screen. In slide mode, we always show single pages, whether they are landscape- or portrait-oriented.


To switch between the Flip mode and the Slide mode follow these steps:

  1. Open the Flipbooks tab in your account
  2. Hover over a flipbook and click Customize
  3. Click on the Settings group to expand it
  4. Enable the Slide mode by setting the Page Turn Mode to Slide 

  5. Or enable the Flip mode by setting the Page Turn Mode to Flip. Then set Book Layout to 1 page or 2 pages. This will enable the One-page flip or the Two-page flip mode

  6. Apply the changes by clicking the Finish button in the top left corner of the Customize menu.

Note! Switching to Slide mode doesn’t affect your flipbook content. However, you will find that a few settings, including Hardcover, Shadow Depth, and Book Thickness, are now unavailable. They won’t be disabled completely. They will restore automatically if you decide to switch back to Flip mode.


Like most of the settings in the Customize menu, your page turn settings can apply by default to all your existing or future flipbooks. You can do this by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to Finish and select the option Make settings default for future flipbooks

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