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Online catalogs, digital brochures, ebooks, presentations, and more—you can make any kind of PDF publication smarter with FlippingBook. Look at the examples below and get inspired!

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Create any document with FlippingBook

It doesn’t matter what kind of digital document you need—they all look fabulous in the FlippingBook format. See for yourself!



Eye-catching online flipbooks with smooth page-turn animation

Turned into HTML5 flipbooks with a smart page-turn effect, your digital materials can be shared via a direct link anywhere, anytime. Our online flipbooks are mobile-friendly and will look awesome on any device.

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Professional digital proposals, offers, and quotations for sales, marketing, and more

You no longer have to guess if your client has opened your offer with online proposals from FlippingBook. Create an individual trackable link to your proposal, send it to a client, and watch their activity with it via real-time open notifications. Now you’ll always know when to follow up.

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Professional online pitches, pitch decks, and presentations

Create pitches and presentations that sell. Surprise the audience with a smart interactive pitch deck and then track their activity with it. No more clumsy email attachments—just send them a direct link! Your clients and investors will be able to flip through your presentation comfortably on any screen.

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Digital report


Professional digital reports for businesses and nonprofits

Create branded interactive reports that don’t take much time or money to produce. Your stakeholders will be able to read your online report without having to download it first. And you can be sure that your content stays safe by restricting downloading and printing of your report or even setting password protection.

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Professional interactive publications for easy lead generation

With ebooks made via FlippingBook, you can collect any kind of lead data right from the page of your publication and analyze lead activity via built-in stats. Leads don’t have to download your ebook to read it so it’s a one-stop shop. Easy to share and SEO-friendly, your interactive ebook basically promotes itself.

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Digital brochures, leaflets, and booklets with a smart print-like look and feel

Expand your audience by sharing your stunning online booklets on social media or embedding them right into your website. Use our multiple design and branding options to make your page-flip leaflets even more eye-catching and lifelike.

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Digital newsletters for marketing or corporate communication

Retain a healthy long relationship with your clients and employees with digital newsletters that are so easy to distribute. You don’t have to attach heavy PDFs anymore—simply email a link to a new issue. And if a typo crawls in, you can update it in a click, without having to re-send anything!

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Photo album


Digital photo albums, online galleries, and slideshows

Photographers, designers, artists, and makeup gurus will appreciate the sleek looks and customization options of an online photo album, created via FlippingBook. With two viewing options to choose from, a page-flip publication and a slide mode, you can pick the format that complements your works best.

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Online product catalogs enriched with pop-ups, powerful search tools, and links

Enhance your digital catalogs with direct links to product pages and detailed pop-up image galleries. Plus, intuitive search tools and an interactive table of contents mean that your customers will always find the item they’re looking for in seconds, even in a thousand-pages long document.

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Mobile-friendly online magazines for any industry

FlippingBook is your new affordable way to publish. Perfect for mobile devices, your online magazines with realistic aesthetics and interactive features will reach your audience no matter where they are or how fast their Internet connection is.

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Online document


Digital documents for easy sharing online

Need to send urgent documentation to a boss or an important research paper to a business partner? Our smart HTML5 documents open instantly on any device. And if you’re sharing sensitive information, you can easily protect it from unwanted viewing.

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Share not one flipbook but your whole digital library at once! Сreate a custom FlippingBook collection that looks like a real-life bookshelf and is so easy to browse. Embed the bookshelf into your website, or send a direct link to it to your readers. The bookshelf feature is available in FlippingBook Publisher.

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Want to turn your PDF into a beautiful interactive flipbook?

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Check out FlippingBook’s top features

This cool set of features empowers your content.
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Achieve complete brand integrity by fully branding your flipbook, from adding your company’s logo to customizing the link for sharing.


Insert videos to the pages of your flipbook to entertain your audience and offer more advertising opportunities to your partners.


Capture leads right within your flipbook! Add a lead form to any page, generate leads, and send their data straight to your CRM via Zapier integration.


Make your graphs and charts even more telling by adding them as GIFs. Now you can actually show the growth you’re writing about!


Be sure that your private documents are protected from unwanted access—set a password that only your recipients will know. (We’ve set a 12345 password on this publication so you could check out what it will look like.)


Enrich your digital catalogs with high-quality pop-up images that will allow your customers to appraise your products in every detail. If there is more than one pop-up image on a page, people will be able to view them all as a gallery for a better, more seamless experience.

Enhance your digital docs with powerful features

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Learn who uses our products and how

FlippingBook is a go-to tool for a lot of people from different industries and trade fields. Read on to discover what they find most useful in our flipbook creator.
With FlippingBook, digital catalogs are always up-to-date and instantly available to sales teams around the world.
Marketing teams generate quality leads with their flipbook collateral and analyze their content performance. That way, they can be sure they invest in things that work.
Real estate teams are empowered with professional digital property brochures that they can access even offline.
Colorful interactive travel brochures help travel agents make their offers even more enticing. They can add video tours of their travel destinations, too!
Insurance firms improve client communication and outrace competition by moving from print to digital with online benefit guides that can be distributed and updated in a click.
Education workers save on printing and shipping costs and reach a much wider audience online with interactive online textbooks, newsletters, and prospectuses.

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