Make your content SEO-friendly with FlippingBook

FlippingBook digital publications are fully optimized for search engines and have a higher chance of being discovered and driving traffic thanks to HTML5, clear metadata, and an authoritative domain.

Make your content SEO-friendly with FlippingBook Make your content SEO-friendly with FlippingBook

SEO-friendly publications

Convert your PDFs into digital documents with metadata and markup. This way, your content will be easily found and indexed by search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Therefore, your documents can be found and accessed quickly by people all over the web.

SEO-friendly publications

Privacy and security

If you want your publications to stay private and not to be indexed by search engines, you can easily do it by disabling the Searchable on Google option.

Privacy and security

How FlippingBook SEO works

FlippingBook Publisher converts your PDF into an HTML5 document with metadata and markup. 01
If you host your publications on the FlippingBook Cloud, then info about your content goes straight into our sitemap, so when you publish your documents, they get indexed as fast as possible. 02
Search bots look both at the site authority and content. And is a popular website with lots of crawler budget. So FlippingBook documents linking to your site help it get a higher ranking. 03
The ability to open and share digital documents on any device makes them even more SEO-friendly. 04
All these factors help your content get ranked and discovered, even if your website is new or you don’t have a site at all. FlippingBook documents are a great way of promoting brand queries and raising brand awareness. 05

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