Digital Publication Examples

The publications you see on this page can be created with FlippingBook Publisher or FlippingBook Online. The only features that are limited to FlippingBook Publisher are GIFs and popups embedding.

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Flipbook Examples

Hardcover books, dictionaries, textbooks, etc.

If you are an author looking for a self-publishing solution or a lecturer who wants to spread educational materials among students, you should take a look at the online book creator. Turn your old-fashioned PDF into an HTML5 flipbook. You no longer have to bother thinking about mobile compatibility, disk space, or data allowance. Digital presentations made with FlippingBook are easy to create, upload, and distribute. Add YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia videos, hyperlinks, or popup images to your presentation and share it with the whole world or your target audience.

About Digital Book

Ebook Examples

Professional interactive publications for easy lead generation

With ebooks made via FlippingBook, you can do so much more than just publish your content online. Make your ebook interactive by adding videos, images, and links. Collect and qualify leads with a lead capture form and advanced statistics. Easy both to share as a link and to embed, your mobile- and SEO-friendly ebook basically promotes itself and drives more traffic to your website.

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Catalog Examples

Online product catalogs and rich media presentations with a page flipping effect

As a shop window entices customers to come in, your catalog should do the same. Leave traditional documents behind with our digital catalog software. Take your readers to a whole new level of online shopping. Make them browse your online catalogs again and again just like the printed ones and let them purchase items right from the pages. Try one of the examples – it won’t leave you unfazed.

About Digital Catalog

Brochure Examples

Business brochures, reports, and newsletters

Want to turn your advertising materials into a piece of digital art? Looking for an appropriate way to implement your brilliant presentation ideas? Our online brochure making software allows you to create outstanding promotional brochures, whether you are a self-employed entrepreneur or a representative of a world-class enterprise. Your clients and partners will fall in love with your online brochure as well as your brand. Here we collected some presentation examples for you to have a look at.

About Digital Brochure

Magazine Examples

Magazines, periodical publications

FlippingBook is the solution for those who are looking for an affordable way to publish digitally. The online magazine maker with a wide range of customization tools and smart cloud storage will optimize your publishing process and give your subscribers a unique reading experience. Readable on mobile devices, your online magazines will reach your audience no matter where they are or how fast their Internet connection is. Have a look at the magazines we created and start publishing today.

About Digital Magazine

Newsletter Examples

Send out magazines and newsletters with a professional touch

A well-crafted newsletter is an excellent opportunity to retain a healthy and long relationship with your clients. But when there are 20-40 pages of news and thoughts to share, it may become difficult to email them. Plus you have to consider what devices your readers may use to open your publication.

FlippingBook turns your PDF newsletters into interactive flipbooks, hosted online. This way you don’t have to attach heavy files – you can simply send a link to your document. And wherever your clients are, whatever device they’re using, they’ll have a great experience with your newsletter.

About Digital Newsletter

Online Document Examples

Documents, reports, presentations

FlippingBook makes sharing documents online easy and efficient. It converts PDF into smart HTML5 presentations that people can view instantly on any device. Need to send an urgent report to a boss? Or email an important research paper to stakeholders? FlippingBook will help you do that in a quick and professional way.

About Digital Document

Annual Report Examples

For businesses and nonprofits

FlippingBook lets you create interactive reports that don’t take a lot of time or money to produce. Turn your PDF into an HTML5 publication with embedded videos, links, custom design, and branding. Your stakeholders will be able to open your annual report on any device, without having to download it first.

About Annual Reports

Photo Album Examples

Photo galleries and slideshows

FlippingBook can create striking photo galleries. Photographers, designers, and makeup artists who want their portfolios to impress will be interested in this feature. Let your work shine, bolstered by a flawless look, a unique design (create your own or choose from a wide range of built-in skins), and easy navigation. A photo gallery is a great business tool for publishing photos on your website or sharing them with your colleagues and business partners.

About Photo Gallery

Bookshelf Example

Create a collection of publications based on topic, time, or target audience. You can embed a digital bookshelf into your website or share a direct link to it with your readers, to give them easy access to all of your content. Control over access and sharing makes it possible to deliver content to a limited number of people. Bookshelf is available in FlippingBook Publisher if you choose to host your publications in FlippingBook Cloud.

About Bookshelf

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