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If you are moving from print to digital publishing, switching to PDFs might upset your paper book lovers. No need to leave them behind, since FlippingBook brings your PDFs as close to real paper issues as possible.

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Best page flip on the web

Let readers explore your content in a familiar way

Page flip is the most natural and pleasant way of exploring the content. Done right, it will satisfy your readers and invite them to read your document further. That’s why FlippingBook focuses so much on providing the best page-flip effect in the web.

Flawless look

Carrying the beauty of print over to digital

When it comes to publishing a real paper book, every little detail is important. The same details are as important when creating a flipbook, so here’s what we add to make your ebooks feel truly real.

Beautiful design 1 2 3 4


Shadows add depth to your online documents, making them look true to life.


FlippingBook will analyze the number of the pages in your PDF document and give the final ebook the same actual thickness.


Hardcover makes any book look impressive. Add it to your content to bring out its high quality.


Our pageflip software gives your content a matching background to reinforce its realistic look.

Intuitive navigation

Make it easy for people to go through your content

Let your readers forget about tedious scrolling through PDFs. FlippingBook gives them an experience of browsing through an issue that feels natural and familiar. This way they can focus on the content instead of figuring out how the controls work.

Flip by dragging

Drag the page to maximize the sensation of browsing through a real book.

Flip with arrow

This is a clear navigation option for easy browsing.

Flip by click

Click on the edge of page or on the flipbook background to turn the page.

Flip by scrolling

Use scrolling to turn pages with minimum effort.

See it in action

You can convert your PDF into an interactive flipbook without having a website or any programming skills. See what kind of content you can publish today:

Convert your PDF into an interactive flipbook

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Extra features

To make digital publishing a little less difficult

Custom numeration

Set any page of your publication as the first one. Match the page numeration in the print and digital versions of your issue.

Authentic Sounds

Random rustling sounds will increase the resemblance of turning the pages of a real book.


Give your magazines beautiful widespreads to create better illustrations or more compelling ads.


Adapts both page flip and interface issues that are read right-to-left.

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Our products

You can convert your PDF to a realistic flipbook with a smooth page flip effect using our browser-based tool or desktop software. Choose the one that suits you best.

FlippingBook Online
Our browser-based tool helps you convert your PDF to an online flipbook with a real book look and feel, authentic page flip effect, and an excellent reading experience.
FlippingBook Publisher
Our powerful desktop software for Windows allows you to host flipbooks on your own server and customize them to achieve that realistic look.
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