Designed for Print, Works on Web

The Convenient User Experience Makes
Your Content the Preferred Choice

Large PDF files take a long time to download. They are hard to navigate, too.
Even a 1000-page FlippingBook publication loads instantly and provides flawless browsing on any device.

Analytics Is the Key to Engagement

Determine the best parts of your content using various marketing metrics and give your audience what they want!

Bounce rate

The bounce rate indicates the relevance of the content to the audience. Are clients getting what they expect?

Session time

The session time relates your audience's interest to the content. Do readers actually delve into your content or do they take a brief look?

Page per user

Page per user represents your audience's general interest in the topic of the publication. Do they really need all the information?

Google Analytics Integration

It's easy to start collecting data through your Google Analytics Account. All you need to do is input your user ID into FlippingBook Publisher.

Excellent Reading Experience

Sometimes a large PDF document doesn’t reach the intended recipient by e-mail. Sometimes a user’s Internet connection is too slow to allow them to download the file. When this happens, your customers won't learn about your latest offers, and you may lose them.

FlippingBook improves your connection with your customers. It makes files of any length and size viewable on any type of device without obstacles. It makes your clients feel that you care about their comfort.

Mobile-Ready | HTML5 support

Create a publication with FlippingBook and check it on any popular mobile device. The native version will open automatically and work flawlessly in any browser.

The intuitive design and high-quality zooming make reading easy and pleasant, even on very small screens. Switching from portrait to landscape is seamless and publications will look neat in either mode.

Branded publications

Publications with your company's logo branded in your corporate style can be great collateral for your digital marketing campaigns.

Website Embedding

If you substitute the "Download PDF" button for an embedded FlippingBook publication, more visitors will actually get to see the content.

Multi-device experience

Being accessed through a single web link, a publication provides a flawless reader experience on any computer or mobile device.

SEO with FlippingBook

You can use PDF files as a source for publishing to HTML. Each PDF page becomes a separate web page with text in addition to Flash.

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