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Promoting your content on the web is hard. Let us help! With FlippingBook, your content becomes SEO friendly—thanks to HTML5, clear metadata, and authoritative domain that help it rank fast and high.

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For Google crawler AND people

Though PDFs are indexable, they are not engaging. FlippingBook documents, on the other hand, create the experience of interacting with a website. They don’t just drive traffic and improve your search results—they attract people and bring you more visitors. Content promotion becomes easy and fast.

Privacy first

FlippingBook SEO is a feature, not an obligation. Your publications are private by default. They will be indexed only if you select the public mode when publishing them.

Privacy first

Turn more traffic into leads

Usually, if you gate your PDF, indexing hurts more than helps. People find the file in search, download it, and never complete any signup forms. FlippingBook documents have a built-in lead capture form. It’s always there, even if your content is found online, so you can easily turn organic traffic into leads.

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Turn more traffic into leads

How we make it happen

  • Your PDF converts into HTML5 with metadata and markup.

  • Search bots look at the website authority as well as at the content. And is a popular website with lots of crawler budget.

  • Info about your content goes straight into our sitemap, so new publications get indexed as fast as possible.

  • Altogether, these factors help your content get ranked and discovered, even if your website is new or you don’t have a website at all.

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