Give your PDF flipbooks an SEO boost

Convert PDFs into online flipbooks to improve their search engine optimization. Web crawlers will scan your content, and it’ll appear high in search results with FlippingBook’s SEO promotion tool.

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Give your PDF flipbooks an SEO boost Give your PDF flipbooks an SEO boost
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boost traffic
SEO-friendly flipbooks
SEO-friendly flipbooks
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online visibility
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promote content

Why improve search engine optimization for your flipbooks?

Search engine optimization helps your content to be seen on the web across all search engines, like Google or Bing. When your content is rich in keywords, it’s bound to rank high in search. But why improve SEO with FlippingBook?

  • Because people will discover your content.

    You worked hard on your PDF flipbook, so let the world see it! With our SEO promotion tool, people will be able to find your document online by the relevant keywords in your original PDF. They’ll find exactly what they’re looking for, so you won’t miss out on truly invested leads.

  • Because web crawlers love the flipbook format.

    Once you open your flipbook to search engines with our public mode, web crawlers will see your content and index the pages one by one. We’ve checked—your flipbook can appear on Google and other search engines within as little as three days!

  • Because you’ll boost your traffic.

    When people find your content, they’ll click to view it. And if you have your company logo in your flipbook, your audience can click through, boosting your website traffic.

How to promote content with FlippingBook

Does Google crawl PDFs? Yes, it does. But it also crawls, indexes, and ranks your online flipbooks—and as the format is a lot more engaging than plain PDFs, it’s a safer bet for SEO promotion and audience growth.

  1. 1

    Upload your PDF into FlippingBook. We’ll convert it into an HTML5 flipbook, available as a direct link.

  2. 2

    Make sure the title and the description of your flipbook are relevant and keyword-rich.

  3. 3

    Add interactivity for better engagement, and brand the direct link to your flipbook, increasing trust, click rates, and views.

  4. Set the Public mode for your flipbook so we can send it to be indexed right away.

  5. 5

    As your doc’s SEO ranking grows, so does your audience. Track stats to analyze content performance.

It’s so meta!

Search engine optimization and your flipbook’s meta tags go hand in hand. Each meta tag, such as the title and the description, contains information about a flipbook page, which web crawlers use for SEO ranking.


The title is a vital meta tag, as it’s the first thing your audience and web crawlers see—for instance, in the name of the browser tab of your SEO-friendly flipbook. Make sure the title reflects the content of your flipbook for an SEO boost.


Your flipbook’s description is a powerful tool in HTML5 SEO. A good, keyword-heavy description helps improve SEO because Google and other search engines understand your content better and rank it higher in search results.

Smart page snippets

Page snippets are brief descriptions of each page of your flipbook that appear in search results. FlippingBook’s SEO promotion system creates a unique title and description for each page, making it easier for web crawlers to pull up relevant, click-worthy info in search results.

Social media previews

Your meta tags, i.e. the title and the description, appear in the neat preview of your flipbook when you share it on most social media and in messengers (both across Meta platforms and many others). The front page of your flipbook pulls up in the preview, encouraging people to click through!

Pro tip: link building will boost SEO, too. When other sites link back to your flipbook, its SEO ranking and search visibility grow! Make sure you share the link to your flipbook across all the channels at your disposal—strong link building equals strong search engine optimization.

Why choose FlippingBook to improve SEO?

Because the flipbook format is designed with SEO in mind, which means we’ll take good care of your content. If you make your flipbook public and consistently promote it, then it’ll rank high across search engines when people enter relevant keywords in search.

  • Domain authority. We host your flipbooks for you on our domain It’s a website with high authority, so it helps your content index and rank faster than it would on a lesser known domain. Each flipbook is essentially a separate website—and people will discover it online even if your actual site is brand new, or you don’t have a site at all.
  • Crawl budget. It’s the number of pages a search bot crawls and indexes within a certain time. Our reliable domain has enough crawl budget for all, so when a search bot runs out of its budget for your flipbook, it’ll simply memorize the page where it paused and then come crawl it again later. So your whole flipbook will eventually get indexed!
  • Internal links. Your SEO-friendly flipbooks have lots of internal links—links leading from one page to another, a clickable table of contents imported from your PDF, and an automatically generated list of all the pages in your flipbook. We’ve made sure all of this is possible because interlinking is a powerful SEO tool. It helps web crawlers to navigate and understand your content better.

Keywords of wisdom

Will Google search PDF flipbooks for keywords? Definitely. And while we improve HTML5 SEO for your flipbooks with our tool, you can play your part—enrich your content with keywords! Make your marketing efforts pay off.

As good as your keyword As good as your keyword

As good as your keyword

Keywords guide you on the quest of how to promote content. What does your audience expect to see? What do they search for online? Insert relevant keywords into your original PDF, so the audience can find your SEO-friendly flipbook in search.

Go beyond each page Go beyond each page

Go beyond each page

Google’s algorithms are intelligent: only relevant info pops up in page snippets in search. So if you have keywords on every page, they’re likely to show up in search results, boosting SEO and click rates. Plus, Google’s AI can even rewrite your meta tags to create the most relevant snippet.

Analyze what people look for Analyze what people look for

Analyze what people look for

Lost for keywords? We’ve got your back. Use our built-in stats to see all the search queries across your flipbook. You’ll know what people are looking for, so you can add those exact keywords into your content. And it’ll be easy enough to do—update your flipbook’s original PDF in a click without affecting the direct link.

Share your SEO-friendly PDF flipbooks

Sure, Google will crawl your PDF flipbooks and bring in new viewers, but you can share your content yourself as well!

  • Direct link

    Direct link

    Your flipbook’s direct link opens in any browser, on any device for your audience’s enjoyment. So share away!

  • Embed


    Your flipbook will become an integral part of your site. The longer people flip through it, the higher your SEO ranking will be.

  • QR code

    QR code

    Generate a QR code to your flipbook right in our tool and place the code anywhere for your audience to scan it on the go.

  • Social media

    Social media

    The question isn’t how to promote content, but where—across the social networks your audience knows and loves!

  • Messengers


    Send the link to your flipbook in any messenger—your audience will see a neat, click-worthy preview of your document.

Don’t just boost SEO—boost your document format, too

Online flipbooks surpass PDFs in every way, because they’re packed with powerful, interactive features. Search engine optimization is just one perk among many others! See for yourself:

  • Custom domain

    When people find your flipbook in search, they’re far more likely to click on a branded link, or a custom domain. And more clicks equal more views and better SEO ranking.

  • Branding

    SEO-friendly PDFs will always remain just that. But SEO-friendly flipbooks are an extension of your brand! A clickable logo, favicon, and custom background will do the trick.

  • Interactivity

    The longer people read your flipbook, the higher the SEO boost. So you need to keep them engaged—add interactive videos, informative pop-up images, clever quizzes, and vibrant GIFs!

  • Privacy

    Who says SEO-friendly content can’t be secure too? Your flipbook will appear in search results, but people won’t ever steal it if you disable print and download options.

  • Built-in stats

    Once your flipbook is indexed, you’ll start getting more views and visitors. Luckily, you can analyze all that incoming traffic with FlippingBook to see how engaging your content is.

  • Lead generation

    Boosting SEO will bring you new leads. Why not add a lead capture form to get to know them better? Ask your leads to fill out the form so they can continue reading your cool content. Win-win!

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