Convenient distribution of Large PDFs

Large PDF files are often a big problem. Especially when you need to send it quickly via email to a person who is on a mobile device with a slow connection. But with FlippingBook, you can email documents with up to 2,000 pages with one click. Your customers will be able to open them instantly, and to any page.

Large PDFs
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Immediate access

Provide instant access to your documents

FlippingBook turns your PDFs into online documents that work right in your browser. They load in seconds on desktops, tablets, and smartphones and don’t require any additional viewers. This means your customers can always access the document, no matter how long and complex it is.

Simple navigation

Help your readers save time searching

Do your customers often look for specific info in your PDFs, such as product details or addresses? With FlippingBook, they will find all they need is seconds thanks to convenient navigation and in‑document search.

  • See page previews to quickly find the page you need.

  • Navigate between parts of the document simply by clicking on them in the table of contents.

  • Jump to the page you need just by typing in the page number.

  • See all search results along with links to relevant pages.

Update content with one click

Don’t let your content go stale

When you work with PDFs, you have to resend them each time there’s an update in content, as you don’t have control over the files that people keep on their computers. But with FlippingBook, you can update the document with one click, and it will immediately be available to all your customers.

1-click Update

PDF download

Provide PDFs for thosewho need it

Your customers may still want the PDF they are used to—for example, for offline use. The “download PDF” feature allows users to save the file if needed. And vice versa, if you are concerned about the uncontrolled distribution of your files, you can restrict the downloading, printing, and sharing of your documents.

PDF download

No coding required

Create, share, and manage your documents on your own

We’ve designed FlippingBook for people in marketing, sales, and education who work with content every day and need simple tools to deliver it. So you can create and manage your documents without any help from IT or coding skills.

No coding required

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