How to create a Table of Contents for your FlippingBook Online publication

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A table of contents (ToC) helps readers to navigate your FlippingBook Online publication quickly and easily.

A table of contents in FlippingBook Online is based on PDF bookmarks. Creating a ToC for your publication is simple. All you need to do is add bookmarks to your PDF. If you upload your PDF to FlippingBook Online, the bookmarks are recognized and automatically converted to a ToC. Please see an example publication with a table of contents.

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How to add Bookmarks to your PDF

It’s easy to add bookmarks to your PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can also do it with other PDF editors or even free online tools such as PDFescape.

Here is what a PDF with bookmarks looks like in Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Once the bookmarks are added, you can upload your PDF to FlippingBook Online, and the table of contents will be created from the bookmarks automatically.


How to use Table Of Contents

If your publication has a table of contents, your readers will be able to show or hide it by pressing the Table of Contents button in the bottom menu of the publication. The table of contents is shown in the Navigation Tab on the left-hand side.

Readers can navigate to chapters or sections of your document by simply clicking the links in the table of contents.

How to set up a table of contents to be opened by default

If you would like a table of contents to be opened by default when your publication is loaded, you can do it as follows:

  • Open your FlippingBook Online account
  • Hover over your publication and click Customize
  • Then find the Navigation Tab setting in the Settings section and select the Table of Contents from the list of options.

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