What’s new in FlippingBook Publisher

As a new version is released, here you can get full information about the new functions and bug fixes available with the latest software update.

FlippingBook Publisher 2024

Fresh release

Version 2024.2 Jun 17, 2024

  • Now you can add captions to your pop-up images and galleries. This new feature allows you to provide detailed descriptions of the items in your catalogs, valuable info for your real estate and tourism flipbooks, or more essential data for your research ebooks. Plus, you can insert links in the captions and lead your readers to resources like your shop, website, or blog for further information. For instance, link the items of different colors in the pop-up gallery to their pages in the shop so that your customers could buy the products right away.
  • As you know, your readers can add notes to your publications. From now on, they can also download their notes as PDFs with comments or .txt files. Downloading notes and saving them for later reference is a great way for your readers to collect comments and questions for their studies or work or mark items in a catalog. What’s more, you can work on a design draft together as a team: everyone looks through the draft, adds their notes and comments, downloads PDF with comments, and shares it with the designer.
  • We’ve reworked how your embedded YouTube shorts look in a publication: now they always open in portrait mode as they should. Plus, we’ve updated the aspect ratio settings for YouTube shorts: you can either keep the original aspect ratio or set your own.
  • We’re constantly enhancing the user experience of working with FlippingBook Publisher. In this release, we’ve improved the Page Manager menu to make it even more intuitive and help you find the needed functions faster.
  • Fixed: when your readers opened a publication in Safari, added Notes, and then reloaded the page, Notes would disappear.
  • Fixed: when you copied or moved the interactive elements to another page in the Content Editor, their intended order could be changed.
  • Fixed: sometimes FlippingBook Publisher would mark working URLs as invalid.

Version 2024.1 Dec 25, 2023

  • We’re happy to introduce a new pop-up image gallery in FlippingBook Publisher. From now on, you can easily create an image gallery in your publication: upload images, set their order, remove or add new ones. Our new gallery of pop-ups will be perfect for displaying items from different angles, showcasing products in every available color, and providing more valuable info in an enticing way. Thus, when your readers click on a pop-up image on a page, they can look through the whole set of images to get the info they need and see all the details. Available in the Business Edition.
  • We keep enhancing the design of the Content Editor and publication to make them neat and modern. So in this release, we’ve refreshed the icons of the interactive elements, such as videos, GIFs, and pop-up images that you see in the Content Editor and publication itself.
  • Working with many interactive elements at once in the Content Editor has become faster and more convenient. For instance, if you want to copy 20 pop-up images and move them to the next page, it will be much faster than before.
  • Fixed: converting a PDF or adding new elements would cause an error if the path to the file was too long.
  • Fixed: the size of the PDF in the ‘Download’ window would differ from the actual size of the file.
  • Fixed: the UTM parameters added to the publication link weren’t showing in GA4.

FlippingBook Publisher 2023

Version 2023.2 Jul 31, 2023

  • Now you can replace or edit several URLs in your publication simultaneously thanks to the new option of finding and replacing links in the Content Editor. No need to manage each link manually, just choose the ones you need and edit them all at the same time.
  • If you have many links in your publication and want to make sure they’re working correctly, the new URL checking option in the Content Editor will help you check all the links at once.
  • Adding internal links to pages in the Content Editor has become more comfortable.
  • Now you can move your publications to Trash right from the My Collections section in the FlippingBook Cloud.
  • The changes to the background of the publication are applied two times faster now.
  • You get more detailed info on the links of the videos you want to embed: if they have privacy or other issues and can’t be embedded.
  • Fixed: When you opened a project in FlippingBook Publisher, switched on the Slide mode, and added background sound, the Sound button in the Bottom menu would not be displayed.
  • Fixed: Rarely if the Publication title had curly braces, it would be displayed incorrectly.

Version 2023.1.2 Apr 5, 2023

  • Fixed: Sometimes a PDF would fail to convert if the colors of some symbols were rendered incorrectly.
  • Fixed: In some cases, the PDF conversion process would freeze when the pages were converted.
  • Fixed: Sometimes connecting to an SFTP server would cause an error.

Version 2023.1.0 Feb 21, 2023

  • Now you can fine-tune the icons atop of your videos, images, and GIFs in the Content Editor. In some cases, an icon could hide important information in the preview of a video, pop-up, or GIF, so we’ve made the icons as flexible as ever and you can choose the best place to put them. You can place the icons in the center, any corner, or even remove them, and set a suitable size for your icons.
  • What's more, you can also change icon settings for all added content in your publication at once. For instance, it allows you to change icon settings for all pop-up images to appear in the bottom left corner, and only when the reader hovers over them. You can also bulk edit video and GIF icons in the same way.
  • If your publication has many pop-up images, your readers can now open the first pop-up and navigate through all the other images within a page, slide, or double spread. Plus, you can share a page with an opened pop-up image. For instance, you can send a link to a certain page in your catalog to your client so that they could check a specific item they are interested in. A gallery-like navigation between interactive elements is switched on by default but you can always switch it off by going to the Settings tab > the Book section in FlippingBook Publisher.
  • From now on, your readers can zoom in on your content and flip through the pages without zooming out. Thus, if you have a catalog or brochure with various item descriptions or detailed photos, your clients can zoom in on the first page and look through the whole publication comfortably. You can even send a link to a specific zoomed page to your clients so that they could see all the details straight away. The Fixed Zoom Mode setting is switched off by default but you can always switch it on by going to the Settings tab > the Book section in FlippingBook Publisher.
  • If you use the same interactive elements on many pages of your publication, for example, add logos, links, or watermarks, then the new Copy Сontent option is just what you need. It allows you to copy and paste selected elements to the pages you need in a few clicks. So if you publish a 50–page catalog and add the same link to your website in every section, you can now do it much easier and faster—just copy and paste the link to all the selected pages at once.
  • Now you can embed YouTube Shorts into your publications along with Wistia, Vimeo, and YouTube videos. Think of short and concise instructions, feature introductions, or funny and engaging videos to brighten the mood.
  • We’ve enhanced the way links and email addresses are extracted from a PDF. Even if a link contains different fonts and colors or if it's written in two lines, it will be extracted correctly.
  • Saving changes that you made in the Content Editor is now up to 2 times faster.
  • If you start creating a publication in FlippingBook Publisher and there’s no more space on your computer disk, you’ll get notified about it.
  • Now the collections in the My Collections section in the FlippingBook Cloud Manager are always sorted by name.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the menus and tooltips would appear on the wrong side of the element in FlippingBook Publisher.

FlippingBook Publisher 2022

Version 2022.3 Oct 3, 2022

  • From now on, you can open the list of all the interactive elements that were extracted from a PDF or added in the Content Editor and check or edit them right away. Finding a specific video you want to replace or checking the relevance of the links in your catalog or brochure has never been easier with the new Content Manager.
  • We’ve enhanced the Content Editor in FlippingBook Publisher and made working in it even more convenient for you. You can now adjust the size of the Pages tab or even minimize it to create more workspace for your project. Plus, you can set the size of thumbnails to your liking: make them small to see more pages at the same time or enlarge your thumbnails to be able to find the page you need right away.
  • What’s more, you can now navigate through the pages of your project via the new buttons. This way, you can even close the Pages tab and only use the Left or Right navigation buttons to go through the pages or type in the exact page you need to open. Plus, you can now see the number of the page that your project is opened on in the Content Editor.
  • You can now customize the shadow for a specific page in a publication with the single page flip mode.
  • The work of the links in the languages that use non-ASCII characters has been improved.
  • Fixed: In some cases, when you opened two or more dialog windows at the same time and wanted to minimize them, FlippingBook Publisher wouldn’t be minimized.
  • Fixed: If you tried to add an image with an unsupported format, FlippingBook Publisher would shut down with an error.
  • Fixed: In some cases, while using Search in a publication opened in FlippingBook Publisher, you would see deleted pages in search results.
  • Fixed: Sometimes your PDF for download would contain links from the source file, even if they were deleted from the publication in the Content Editor.
  • Fixed: In some cases a publication wouldn’t be created if it was made from several PDFs with fill-out forms.
  • Fixed: If a file name contained specific symbols, its project downloaded from the FlippingBook Cloud wouldn’t open.
  • Fixed: You couldn’t edit the links on the pages of your publication that were turned around 90°.
  • Fixed: Sometimes when you changed the number of pages or switched their order, the background page color settings would be incorrect.
  • Fixed: When you opened a self-hosted publication starting from the second page, codes of specific symbols would be shown in the browser tab instead of the symbols themselves.

Version 2022.2.2 May 12, 2022

  • Fixed: Offline publications wouldn't open if you had macOS Monterey 12.3.1 update installed.

Version 2022.2.1 Apr 13, 2022

  • Meet single page flip mode in your publications! Now after you convert a PDF with wide pages to a flipbook, you can set a one-page book layout for it. Thus, your audience can flip through your publication comfortably, one page at a time. No more double spreads, overloaded with info. Our single page flip mode and a thick lifelike fore edge make your presentations, pitches, and portfolios realistic and engaging. Plus, wide pages look better on any screen with our one-page layout.
  • Embedded publications now fit even better on your website thanks to a new embed mode that automatically keeps the aspect ratio. This means that your embedded publications will always look like a native part of your page no matter the size of a user’s screen.
  • You can now track your publications with the latest Google Analytics 4 (GA4). And you can still use the previous Universal Analytics (UA) if you need.
  • We’ve enhanced the importing process in FlippingBook Publisher so now PDFs that have many pages will be imported faster.
  • For large projects, the Pages tab now loads much faster.
  • We’ve improved the reading experience with your publications: the exact match search has become even more intuitive, the side panels of a publication can become wider or narrower depending on the size of the browser, and the video autoplay can work with the sound off.
  • It’s now easier to edit the Table of Contents when you work in FlippingBook Publisher: the control intuitively suggests more suitable numbers of pages you’re searching for.
  • When you download the projects from the FlippingBook Cloud, the process will be much faster. Available in Professional and Business Editions.
  • We’ve added the new Bring to front and Send to back controls in the toolbar of the Content Editor, making it easier for you to edit the elements you’re adding.
  • The Flip Corner setting is now called Hint to View and has a more informative tooltip. Plus, Hint to View works in Slide Mode and on mobile devices.
  • Generation of the PNG files is now a similar process for all PDFs, thus the conversion speed of a PDF is faster and the size of RTL publications is smaller.
  • Fixed: In some cases, when you published a large project via FTP/SFTP, it would cause an error.
  • Fixed: In some cases, the active page opened in the Page Browser would differ from that opened in the publication you were editing in FlippingBook Publisher.
  • Fixed: Sometimes when you started opening a project and then wanted to cancel the action, it would cause an error.
  • Fixed: Rarely a page would be marked as a wide page as opposed to its standard size.
  • Fixed: If a PDF for download had links in the languages that use non-ASCII characters, for instance, Cyrillic or Arabic, they would work incorrectly.

Version 2022.1 Nov 25, 2021

  • We’ve empowered the way SEO works in your FlippingBook publications. Now our smart system automatically creates unique and relevant titles and descriptions by pulling up information from each page. What’s more, if you enable the ‘Searchable on Google’ option, Google crawlers can find and index your publications deep and fast, thus giving your content a great SEO boost.
  • Now it takes only a few clicks to create an interactive publication with videos from a PDF. If your PDF contains an area with a link to YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia videos, you can simply import the PDF, and all such links will be automatically extracted and displayed as full videos in your publication (not available in the Basic edition of FlippingBook Publisher).
  • It has become easier to add videos in the Content Editor: they can be added not only as a link but also as an embed code. Just copy the code and press Ctrl+V.
  • If you need to contact our support team, you can simply open the Help menu in FlippingBook Publisher and get redirected to the contact support form on our website.
  • If your PDF contains underlined text, it now looks even sharper and clearer when converted into a publication.
  • We’ve added hotkeys for opening the embed and the QR code windows (Ctrl+E and Ctrl+Q respectively).
  • Fixed: Rarely when you edited the links in your project in the Content Editor, saved the project, and then opened it again, your edits weren’t saved.
  • Fixed: In some cases when you edited the links in your publication or the Table of Contents and then republished the project, the edits weren’t applied in the PDF for download.
  • Fixed: Sometimes when you imported an image with the EXIF orientation (for instance, a logo), it was rotated incorrectly.
  • Fixed: If the cache of a publication was stored in a folder (for instance, OneDrive or Dropbox) that the user didn’t have access to, the project wouldn’t be published.
  • Fixed: In some cases, if the path to a sound file was incorrect, it would cause a fatal error.
  • Fixed: The search by the properties’ name worked incorrectly in the projects with the deleted background logo.
  • Fixed: Rarely when you typed in the text of the preloader title too quickly, FlippingBook Publisher would shut down with an error.

FlippingBook Publisher 2021

Version 2021.3 Sep 7, 2021

  • We’re constantly working on enhancing the state-of-the-art technology behind FlippingBook Publisher. In this release, we’ve upgraded our tech stack so now you can create publications even from very complex PDFs that contain a big number of different objects and layers.
  • Now you can set a custom folder for the offline publications or the ones you save to the local folder. This way, all your future publications will be saved in the folder of your choice by default.
  • Adding blank pages to your publication in the Page Browser has become more convenient. The pages will be of the same size as the cover, plus, you’ll be able to choose their color. Add more blank pages to ensure the order is correct and realistic or just one page to create a nice-looking hardcover.
  • We’ve optimized the process of publishing and downloading files from FlippingBook Cloud; these processes became a bit faster.
  • The publication editing window in the FlippingBook Cloud Manager got a new neat design. Plus, now it lets you change the Issue Date for several publications at the same time.
  • It has become more convenient to select multiple publications holding the Shift button in the FlippingBook Cloud Manager.
  • If you’re using Windows 7 or Windows 8, we advise you to update to Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 respectively. Microsoft has stopped supporting the outdated versions of Windows 7 and 8 a few years ago and we have to follow suit. If you are affected by this change, please contact us to learn about the available options.
  • Fixed: It was impossible to add videos with certain settings in the Content Editor.
  • Fixed: In some cases, when you added an image or a GIF via the drag and drop function in the Content Editor, the Settings window didn’t appear.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, a notification about the new features of a publication was shown above all the windows opened on your computer.
  • Fixed: The progress of opening big projects was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Rarely, in the offline version of a publication, the pages couldn’t be loaded if the path to the publication was too long.

Version 2021.2 Mar 11, 2021

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  • FlippingBook Publisher now allows you to generate a custom QR-code for your publication and bookshelf. It’s an excellent opportunity to deliver your content to your customers in a safe, hands-free way. Simply get your QR-code in FlippingBook Publisher, download it in the PNG or SVG format, and use it wherever you want: on your website, blog, or printed materials. You can brand your QR-code with your company logo, it will be shown right in the middle of the code. Your code can be more than a standard black-and-white one: set the color for the pattern and the background and choose the pattern type: square, circle, or diamond.
  • You can now choose a type for your bookshelf, for instance, a glass shelf or a wooden bookcase to make your publications look their best. This way, your digital bookshelf will be the most authentic and engaging when you send it to your clients or embed it into your website. You can also set a color for the font and the background of the toolbar to match your company’s style perfectly.
  • What’s more, it’s now even easier to embed bookshelves into your website: our new responsive embed code adjusts to fit any area of the page perfectly. Thus, your bookshelves always look seamless on your website.
  • We’ve optimized how FlippingBook Publisher works with publication cache, page substrate and text rasterization, so the process of publishing your project has become a bit faster.
  • If you start FlippingBook Publisher and an error occurs, you can now send an error report even if you haven’t validated your login and password yet.
  • Fixed: If you used a dark theme in Samsung Internet Browser while looking through the publications, then the color of the text was inverted and not seen on a white page.
  • Fixed: When you opened a pop-up image or a video in the latest Google Chrome 88 version, the publication in the background was only partially dimmed or had a gray frame around the opened interactive element.
  • Fixed: In some cases, if your PDF had pages with hidden text, empty files could be created after your project was published.
  • Fixed: Switching between FlippingBook Publisher’s start page and the interface where you work with the publications could cause the menu items to be blocked before you clicked anywhere in the software.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, if your PDF had certain symbols, you could get an error while importing it.
  • Fixed: In some cases, if your PDF had compound symbols and you placed a link right on this text (for instance, in a Table of contents), such a project couldn’t be published.
  • Fixed: If you searched through a publication with vertical or diagonal RTL text, said text was highlighted incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Rarely, after you closed FlippingBook Publisher, an error message could appear.

Version 2021.1 Dec 16, 2020

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  • Meet our all-new reimagined FlippingBook publication with a fresh streamlined look and lifelike reading experience. Keeping the reader in mind, we’ve made your flipbook even more realistic and aesthetically pleasant to read. We’ve carried out research on how the shadows look in real books so now the shadows and gradients on the pages of your publications are more subtle and authentic. What’s more, new page thickness, exactly as in a physical copy, allows your clients to jump to any page of your flipbook—just by clicking on a tooltip. And they can always see how many pages they’ve read already The page-flipping effect in your publication has also become smoother, faster, and more responsive.
  • We’ve created an unrivaled tech—Text Selection, that is even better than in a PDF. Now, when your clients are looking through your flipbooks, they can select any text they find important, copy it in one click, and then share it with their colleagues—for example, via email or messengers. Plus, if a client has a question about an item in your brochure or catalog, they can send you a link to the whole page with the text they selected. The item will be highlighted, so you can discuss it in detail which makes your communication with clients easier and faster.
  • After carrying out research on how to improve your readers’ experience, we’ve added an opportunity to set a nice-looking authentic hardcover with proper binding. You can see the hardcover both in an open and closed publication as in a real book. So if you create digital books or textbooks for your audience, a hardcover is just what you need.
  • Previously, if your logo was too large, it could be covered with your flipbook. Now your clients will clearly see the logo at all times—no matter the size. It’s automatically adjusted to fit right into your publication whether it’s opened or closed. And if you want to display your content on a website, the logo will be visible in embeds of any size. Creating brand awareness and authenticity with your flipbooks has never been easier.
  • We’ve reworked the Slide mode—it’s now even more convenient to go through your digital presentations, business proposals, and art albums. All the pages are adjusted to look at their best in the Slide mode. So if your flipbook has wide pages, you can transform it into a stylish online presentation with digital perks and pull it up on a tablet during a meeting to impress your clients. Please note that the numeration in the publications with wide pages will be changed.
  • We’ve added a new neat-looking notification about new features of a publication. You can be sure that you won’t miss out on any features and will always enjoy all the benefits of the latest FlippingBook Publisher version.
  • We’ve updated the page conversion interface in FlippingBook Publisher: the Page Browser got a new Reconvert button. Now it’s even easier for you to keep your projects up-to-date and take advantage of the fresh tweaks of FlippingBook Publisher.
  • FlippingBook publications now support new iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and Android 11. You can be sure that your publications will open fast and look great on the latest iOS and Android devices.
  • Our offline publication version for MAC now supports the OS versions starting from 10.12.
  • We’ve improved the way images work in a publication. Images that you add to your publication are now crystal-clear even if you zoom in. And the process of adding many images at once in the Content Editor became faster.
  • We’ve changed the minimum acceptable size for the videos in the Content Editor. Now you can add a video as a pop-up even over a small area of your publication, for instance, an image of a button.
  • You can now adjust the position of your publication’s background image. Just pin the image area to make it always show on the screen. The visible area of the image will depend on the reader’s screen size.
  • When adding the URL of your publication in the Get Embed Code window to generate your code, you can specify a page you want your publication to be opened on when you embed it into your site.
  • We’ve regrouped the settings to hide the ones that are not relevant for the selected page flip mode.
  • It’s now possible to switch off the Embed to Website table in the Share window of a publication. Thus, you can control the distribution of your publications—your readers can share publications but cannot embed them into their websites.
  • Rarely, when you uploaded your project to FlippingBook Cloud, the upload could fail. You couldn’t edit such a project yourself and had to contact support. Now you can delete invalid projects on FlippingBook Cloud and publish them again.
  • We’ve changed the name of the setting Flipping Duration to Page Flip Speed.
  • Fixed: In some cases, if you clicked on invalid links in a project, a fatal error could occur.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the previews of the default templates in FlippingBook Publisher were not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed: In rare cases, when you downloaded a project from FlippingBook Cloud, some of the pages in it weren’t displayed. It could happen if you had previously uploaded the project to FlippingBook Cloud right after reimporting the pages.
  • Fixed: In some cases, if you imported big PDFs, you had to restart FlippingBook Publisher so that the import could work again.
  • Fixed: Previously, when you dragged the Text Captions panel, you couldn’t save the edited captions until you reopened the project.
  • Fixed: Sometimes a fatal error could occur while downloading FlippingBook Publisher updates.
  • Fixed: Rarely, if you worked with your project from a network or a flash drive, it got disconnected, and you closed FlippingBook Publisher, your changes were not saved and you didn’t get any alert messages about it.
  • Fixed: If you wanted to delete a large number of pages at once, you could get an error.

FlippingBook Publisher 2020

Version 2020.2 Jul 24, 2020

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  • You can now set your own custom background for a collection displayed on FlippingBook Cloud. This way, your bookshelf will look nice and match your brand perfectly.
  • We’ve added the option for you to change the order of publications in FlippingBook Cloud collections. Thus, you can organize the publications on your bookshelf exactly as you need so your clients can read them with comfort.
  • Downloading projects from FlippingBook Cloud has become much faster.
  • Customizing your publication became easier. Now when you add a background logo, it will also be added in your preloader by default. You can always change the logo in the preloader if you need to.
  • Now if you change the size of the Selected Pages panel in Page Browser or minimize it, the position will be saved automatically. Thus, the panel will look the same next time you open FlippingBook Publisher.
  • FlippingBook Publisher has become better in predicting the URL for publications uploaded via FTP/SFTP.
  • It has become more convenient to rearrange the titles in the Table of Contents in FlippingBook Publisher.
  • Fixed: In some cases, when you opened your projects you would get a Win32Exception error until you used administrator mode to run FlippingBook Publisher.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, if your readers had ad blockers in their browsers, they could not view your publications that had a Google Analytics code in them.
  • Fixed: Rarely, when you created an offline publication and then decided to publish the same project on the FlippingBook Cloud or to the local server, the publication wouldn’t open on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: Rarely, the publications in FlippingBook Cloud Manager could not be viewed.
  • Fixed: When you worked with images in the Content Editor and clicked Undo or Redo, sometimes they wouldn’t work properly.
  • Fixed: In some cases, you couldn’t scroll down to see the last few pages in Page Browser.
  • Fixed: When you opened a project file on your computer by double-clicking multiple times, a fatal error could occur.
  • Fixed: In some cases, when you started opening a project in FlippingBook Publisher and clicked on the Cancel button right away, you could get an error.
  • Fixed: Rarely, if you didn’t have a default browser and clicked on a link anywhere in FlippingBook Publisher, it could cause an error.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the previews of the projects were not displayed in Windows Explorer.

Version 2020.1 Feb 14, 2020

  • Website embedding has become simpler. To get an embed code for any publication you’ve already published, you can just click on the Get embed code button, paste your publication’s URL, and FlippingBook Publisher will generate a convenient embed code for you.
  • Now you can import several PDFs into one project at the same time. It can be very helpful and time-saving if you want to create a project from many single-page or small PDFs. This feature is available as part of the Professional and Business Editions.
  • As a part of the Teamwork feature (available in the Business Edition), a superuser can now see all publications of their sub-users on FlippingBook Cloud and work with them.
  • Now, as you create and upload a publication on your server in FlippingBook Publisher, you can set a full URL for it. The software will use it to show a preview image when your readers share your publication in messengers and on social media.
  • FlippingBook Cloud got a new modern look. It’s now more comfortable to filter the publications and work with the right-click menu. Plus, the icons became more neat and intuitive.
  • We care about your privacy and that of your readers. That’s why from now on all the links extracted from PDFs without any protocols will automatically get a secure https protocol.
  • Fixed: Sometimes when you worked in the Content Editor using both a mouse and a touchpad, a fatal error could occur.
  • Fixed: In some cases you couldn’t add YouTube videos in the Content Editor if your Windows system language was Chinese, Korean, or Japanese.
  • Fixed: When you wanted to update a publication on your own server via built-in FTP/SFTP client in FlippingBook Publisher, sometimes it didn’t work.
  • Fixed: In some cases when you uploaded a project to FlippingBook Cloud, the whole PDF from that project could be reuploaded. This made the process of updating longer.
  • Fixed: Offline publication didn’t open on the latest macOS 10.15 Catalina.

FlippingBook Publisher 2019

Version 2019.4 Sep 24, 2019

  • FlippingBook publications now support the latest mobile operating system - iPadOS.
  • Plus, we also support new iOS 13 and Android 10. You can be sure that your publications will open fast and look great on the latest iOS and Android devices.
  • Fixed: In some cases when you uploaded a publication to FlippingBook Cloud and then wanted to download the project, you could get an error.
  • Fixed: You can now create a Table of contents with multiple-line titles in a publication. You didn’t have this option in the 2019.3 version.
  • Fixed: FlippingBook Reader now supports the latest 2019.4 publications.

Version 2019.3 Aug 8, 2019

  • Now, along with pop-up images, you can add inline images that are part of the page and always stay in-page. It can be a helpful feature when you want to add or update some images on a page of your publication (banners, for example), but don’t want to change the whole PDF. Please note, that these images won't be added to the PDF for download.
  • It has become more convenient to select several elements (links, videos, images, or GIFs) and adjust them together in the Content Editor.
  • We’ve reimagined how the Page Browser in FlippingBook Publisher looks and works. It’s got a new neat and modern design. Page thumbnails are now bigger, it is more convenient to change their size and see their content right away. Plus, the right-click menu has become more comfortable to use, with new commands that make your work in the Page Browser even faster.
  • For your favicon you can now use JPEG and PNG images, along with the standard ICO format.
  • You can now set page shadow depth for the whole publication as well as for the individual pages in just a few clicks.
  • Now you have the option to set custom link highlight opacity and make it as light or deep as you need.
  • If you enable a slide mode for your publication, then the pages preview in the Content Editor will also be in a slide mode, and you’ll be able to see how the publication looks right away.
  • You can now disable the pagination block in the top panel of your publication.
  • Now it’s more convenient to work with long descriptions in the text boxes when you work in FlippingBook Publisher thanks to the new scroll.
  • Now you have the option to extract the Table of Contents from a PDF. It can be very handy if you want to load or update the Table of Contents in a publication but don’t want to reimport the whole PDF.
  • Fixed: In some cases when you worked in the Content Editor and clicked Undo or Redo, they didn’t work properly.
  • Fixed: Sometimes when the custom conversion profile couldn’t be found, a fatal error could occur.
  • Fixed: When you added a link and set its individual target as blank, this setting didn’t apply, and the link still opened according to the general link settings.
  • Fixed: Rarely when you opened a system dialog, you could get an error because of a mistake in the directory.

Version 2019.2 Jun 4, 2019

  • We’ve made FlippingBook publications more accessible for people with disabilities. Now you can make an accessible version of the PDF that will be available for download from your publication. So your clients are now able to use a screen reader to navigate around a publication and download the accessible PDF. They can also use a keyboard to work with the publication’s interface. This makes your publication even more comfortable to use by a wider audience.
  • You can now upload a video to YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia, apply any viewing restrictions, and then embed it into your publication. So your clients will have to enter a password or log in to their accounts to see your video in the publication. This way, you can be sure that your videos will be available only to the right audience.
  • Now you can set a custom preview for a video – choose a preview from the video itself or upload your own image.
  • When you zoom in on a publication with the conversion profile set to Best Quality, it looks cleaner in the latest versions of Microsoft Edge.
  • Search in a publication became more comfortable – you can now see how many times a word you were searching for appears on each page.
  • Table of contents in a publication has become even more intuitive to use.
  • We’ve made many small improvements in the Content Editor so it has become more convenient to work with.
  • Fixed: Rarely when a self-hosted publication, where “Searchable on Google” was disabled, was opened in a new tab, its title wasn’t displayed in a browser.
  • Fixed: The Content Editor could sometimes freeze when you worked with a certain configuration of the pages.
  • Fixed: In some cases you got an error when switching a video to the fullscreen mode in a publication.

Version 2019.1 Mar 21, 2019

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  • You can now control where the publications hosted on FlippingBook Cloud and on your server can be embedded and make them available only on restricted domains. This can be very helpful if you want your brochures or manuals to be accessed on specific websites or web pages and nowhere else. If someone tries to publish your document on their own website without your permission, they won’t be able to view it. Restricted domains are available as part of the Business edition.
  • Publications hosted on your own server can now be protected with password. So even if someone finds a direct link to your document, they won't be able to view it without knowing the password. This way, you can be sure that you have full control over your document security. Password protection is available as part of the Business edition.
  • Your offline publications can now also be password protected. This feature is available as part of the Business edition.
  • On FlippingBook Cloud, you can now enable or disable search engine indexing for each publication separately as well as for multiple publications.
  • You can select several publications on FlippingBook Cloud and change the access mode for all of them at once.
  • You can save the security settings for your publication by default, and they will be automatically applied to all the future publications. Give the same level of security to each document with default settings: protect with password, restrict domains, enable or disable search engine indexing.
  • Working in the Content Editor became even more convenient.
  • The process of saving and loading Templates became more intuitive.
  • Working with Text captions is now even simpler.
  • We’ve redesigned how the side panels in FlippingBook Publisher look. Now they are more modern and intuitive to work with.
  • Uploading publications to FlippingBook Cloud became even faster.
  • Fixed: Starting from Microsoft Edge ver. 44, fonts in a publication were rendered incorrectly in svg format. Now for Microsoft Edge Version 44 and later versions, the text layer is rendered in png format.
  • Fixed: With the release of Google Chrome ver. 72 switching to fullscreen from a video in a publication worked incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Sometimes when you uploaded a publication to FlippingBook Cloud the search in it didn’t work.
  • Fixed: In some languages, apostrophes and quotation marks were displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Rarely you could get an error when selecting multiple publications in several different collections on FlippingBook Cloud.
  • Fixed: Sometimes you got an error in Google Chrome when exiting the full screen mode of your publication.

FlippingBook Publisher 2.11

Version 2.11.1 Nov 6, 2018

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  • Meet Templates! Templates allow you to save the settings you need and apply them as the default in future projects. So when you create a publication, it will have all the settings such as logo, skin, and controls from the start. This can be very convenient and time-saving if you create publications with similar branding and design.
  • You can also save as many Templates as you need without making them default. When you need them, just load them. It can be very useful if you work with different content types, for example, create brochures, catalogs, or reports.
  • Mobile publications now support logos and skins. This means that your clients will have the same experience with your content everywhere - on a desktop, phone, or tablet.
  • Now mobile publications support slide mode. So if you choose slide mode for a publication, it will work the same way on desktops and smartphones.
  • The publication preview mode has become simpler and easier to use. You can easily switch between desktop, phone and tablet mode to see what your publication looks like for various devices, and edit it right away.
  • We’ve redesigned the menu panel so that all the important controls are right at hand. What’s more, the controls have been given new nice and intuitive icons.
  • We don’t support Flash anymore. This means that if you want to update an old Flash project, you will have to convert it to HTML5. But don’t worry, FlippingBook Publisher will offer to convert your project to HTML5 when you open it in the new version.
  • PDFs can now be converted even faster, saving your time and effort.
  • Fixed: When you worked with media in the Сontent Editor and zoomed the page, sometimes a fatal error would occur.
  • Fixed: Sometimes when you resaved a project its name became too long.
  • Fixed: When you uploaded a publication and the original PDF was too complex, you got an “Out of Memory error”. From now on, in such cases, the uploading will continue, but the "Download Full Publication" and "Print Custom Range" options will be disabled.

FlippingBook Publisher 2.10

Version 2.10.8 Aug 13, 2018

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  • Meet the all-new FlippingBook mobile publication! 65% of users open your publications on mobile devices, so we’ve completely reimagined the mobile experience with FlippingBook. The new publication has a page flip effect, fresh design, full-fledged two-page mode and improved readability. So your users will enjoy your publications on any device they prefer.
  • Improved: We’ve made text search more responsive and accurate. Now you will always get correct results, no matter how large your publication is and how fast you change search queries.
  • Fixed: Sometimes an offline publication for Mac failed to open at first try, but it would have opened after a few attempts. It doesn’t do that anymore.
  • Fixed: Popup images sometimes didn’t open, especially when placed at the center of a widespread.

FlippingBook Publisher 2.9

Version 2.9.51 Jun 8, 2018

  • We have reviewed the way publications created with FlippingBook Publisher work with the user data and made a number of changes to make them compliant with the GDPR. Now any collected user data are strictly anonymous and cannot be tracked down to individual users. You can read more on publications and the GDPR compliance in our Privacy Policy.
  • Working with a big number of links on a page in the Content Editor became faster. You can now easily select, edit and move as many links as you need.
  • We keep improving the upload dialog design to make it even more neat and convenient for you to upload your publications.
  • Fixed: There were animation glitches in the publications viewed in Google Chrome ver. 67, caused by a bug in Chrome. While Chrome developers intend to fix the problem in the next release, we’ve found a fix, too. So if you experience this issue, please, update your publications. That should help.
  • Fixed: Sometimes publishing your project to FlippingBook Cloud with an unstable internet connection caused a critical error.
  • Fixed: Some self-hosted publications showed pages with only a "Something went wrong" message due to missing MIME-type settings.

Version 2.9.41 Apr 28, 2018

  • Now you can create offline publications from HTML5 projects, and you can do it for both Windows and Mac.
  • Your publications become even more crisp and clear thanks to new rasterization mode. Images, even high-res images, now always look bright and sharp. Plus, colors and transparent elements are transferred accurately, so your publications look like the original PDF.
  • Self-hosted publications have a beautiful new preview specially tailored for Facebook that looks great on a news feed.
  • The publication dialog has a new look: it’s now easier and more intuitive, and you have all the options at hand when uploading your publication.
  • The groups of properties in FlippingBook Publisher can now be opened and closed in a smoother way.
  • Fixed: When you created a single page from a wide page or vice versa, it wasn’t reconverted according to the new parameters and didn’t display with the same quality.
  • Fixed: The interactive elements preview is now optimized in the Content Editor.
  • Fixed: Sometimes you couldn’t align elements like links and images when you edited them in the Content Editor.
  • Fixed: When you searched for settings on the properties panel, the publication might randomly switch to a preloader mode.
  • Fixed: The publication wizard froze when you began to publish your project to FlippingBook Cloud without an internet connection.
  • Fixed: Some minor color control bugs have been fixed.
  • Fixed: Some users got an “Out of memory” error while working for a long period of time in the Content Editor.

Version 2.9.30 Mar 1, 2018

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  • Note adding is here! Now your readers can add notes directly to publication pages. This can be very handy for jotting down important info in educational and training materials or marking items in product catalogs.
  • You can now add GIF animations to your publications! GIF adding works in the same way as adding videos and popups. It’s time to make your publications even more interactive and illustrative! This feature is available as part of the Business edition.
  • Wistia integration was added. If you host your videos with Wistia, you can now add them to your publication as easily as with YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Publication has been given a right-click menu. Right-clicking on the publication page allows the reader to add notes and work with the page, i.e. to print, download or share it (provided you’ve allowed these actions, of course).
  • Interactive elements on the page have got a new highlight mode. When you open a new page, they are highlighted briefly, as usual. But if you click anywhere on the publication page, all the interactive elements get highlighted and stay that way. Another click on the page hides them. It’s a great way to get a reminder of what’s clickable.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, a project would fail to save.
  • Fixed: Fast removal of pages one by one in a project caused a fatal error.
  • Fixed: Some text captions in a publication couldn’t be edited.
  • Fixed: Some links extracted from a PDF didn’t work in the mobile version of a publication.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, dragging an element from one page to another in Content Editor would cause an error.
  • We’ve made auto-connection to SFTP/FTP more stable and reliable when uploading to your own server.
  • Fixed: In some cases, publication preview mode didn’t work.
  • Minor improvements and fixes.

Version 2.9.20 Jan 11, 2018

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  • Now the embedded video can be played right on the page of the publication! This way, videos stay in the context of the page, creating a smooth and even more comfortable experience with your content.
  • Publication preloader has got a new look! It’s stylish and minimalistic. Plus, you can customize it with your corporate colors.
  • Slideshow mode has been added. Now you can hold beautiful, fully-automated demos and presentations with FlippingBook Publisher.
  • You can now add your own background sound to the publication. Pick something that will make the experience with your content whole and unique.
  • Self-hosted publications can now be uploaded to your server via SFTP. This secure file transfer protocol is now used by default when you upload publications through FlippingBook Publisher interface.
  • A Flash to HTML5 Converter now supports slideshow and custom background sound settings.
  • The quality of RTL pages converted from Flash to HTML5 was greatly improved.
  • Fixed: projects with the custom numeration didn’t open on the first page as they should have.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 2.9.12 Dec 11, 2017

  • When downloading a project created with version 2.9.8 from FlippingBook Cloud, the pages in the project failed to display in the software.
  • When setting a page in the project to "Scale to Fill", content on the page disappeared.
  • The view icon for publications embedded as linkable pages has been changed.
  • Fixed: Publications with a disabled “Custom Range Print” option failed to load on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: Content on pages may have displayed incorrectly when cutting a 2-page spread.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 2.9.8 Nov 13, 2017

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  • Vector texts are supported in HTML5 publications now. That means all the texts in your publications will be crystal clear and readable on any screen and any device.
  • A publication’s content loads even faster thanks to new dynamic page loading. When opening the publication, you’ll immediately see the content. It may start a bit blurry, but it comes into focus in a few seconds.
  • Now, the image quality on mobile devices is as good as on desktops.
  • PDFs are imported almost twice as fast now. Hurray to the time-efficient creation of publications!
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

FlippingBook Publisher 2.8

Version 2.8.37 Oct 11, 2017

  • Fixed: Some of the important publication files weren't compressed, so the loading time grew.
  • Fixed: The Facebook preview didn’t work for self-hosted publications.
  • The publication used to work slowly in the editing mode. We have fixed this.
  • Sometimes, the software crashed when it was running for a long time. The reason for this were memory leaks that occurred when a publication’s page reloaded during editing. Fixed this, too!

Version 2.8.29 Sep 6, 2017

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  • We have re-arranged the HTML5 publication settings to make publication tuning faster and more intuitive.
  • New design options for your HTML5 publications have been added! Now you can make panels transparent and set custom colors for text on panels and buttons.
  • Now you can choose the placement for a background logo - it’s not fixed to the lower right corner anymore.
  • A “Shadow Depth” setting has been added: you can now control the shadow intensity or remove it from the pages of your publication.
  • Now you can add a custom description to your publication. It’s a 150 character text that people will see when you share the publication on social media, so be sure to write something exciting there!
  • We have improved publication’s SEO potential by reworking the indexing mechanism. It has also resulted in a slightly different structure of publication files, but you will only see the difference if you host the publications on your own server.
  • The print quality has been significantly improved. From now on, it should be flawless: no distortions or odd pages when printing directly from the publication.
  • “Print” and “Download” have been united into one setting. Now, if you need to protect the publication from unwanted copying, you can do so with one click. However, you can turn both settings on and off independently, if needed.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, when you re-converted a page, the text layer disappeared.
  • Fixed: When you replaced an existing page with an image, the publication failed to load.
  • Fixed: There was a breach allowing you to inject code into the publication URL.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.8.24 Jun 1, 2017

  • Now you can convert “Document” and “Photo album” type projects to HTML5. Update your publications to HTML5 and rest assured that your clients can open and enjoy them in any browser.
  • We added a new page-turning mode: slide. In this mode, your document looks like a presentation with slides, which is very convenient for landscape-oriented documents.
  • PDFs that don’t contain hidden text convert to HTML5 faster.
  • We improved common and telephone link detection. Now FlippingBook Publisher detects links containing capital letters, hyphens, and dots better. For telephone numbers, there are fewer false detections, and a greater variety of telephone numbers is supported.
  • Sometimes the software crashed when extracting images from a PDF. We optimized the extraction process, so this won’t happen again.
  • Fixed: When running on Parallels, sometimes an “Out of memory” error appeared and crashed the software.
  • Fixed: When updating a publication to FlippingBook Cloud, the password protection got lost on the way. Sorry. It should be alright now.
  • Fixed: Some temp files weren’t deleted from the Temp folder, which clogged it up.
  • Fixed: If you tried to change the skin before the project import was complete, the software crashed.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.8.16 Mar 30, 2017

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  • We’ve added a Flash to HTML5 Converter. Now you can convert your old projects to HTML5 without recreating each publication from scratch (yay!).
  • Flash and HTML5 projects now each have their own icon and extension. *.p2fp is used for Flash, and *.p2hp for HTML5. Old projects will automatically get a new icon and extension when you open them with the latest version of FlippingBook Publisher.
  • Embedded publications (on users’ servers) have a new look and better usability on mobile devices.
  • Another improvement for user-hosted publications: they got a beautiful new preview on Facebook.
  • IP Anonymization for Google Analytics has been enabled for all publications by default. We’ve done it to make it easier for you to comply with privacy laws and policies, as in some countries and companies IP Anonymization is obligatory.
  • Now you can set the custom page flip speed for HTML5 publications.
  • For Right-to-left publications, the interface depends on the viewer’s browser language. So, if your viewer has a Right-to-left-oriented browser, the publication’s interface will comply.
  • The three-character search minimum in HTML5 publications has been removed.
  • If your publication has an interactive Table of Contents, it will always follow you as you browse through the document. The part you’re on will be highlighted, so it’s easier for you and your readers to navigate around the document.
  • The displayed total number of pages on the upper panel of the publication can now be disabled.
  • Fixed: Publications with pages of different sizes had white stripes.
  • Fixed: When trying to import a PDF on a 32-bit Windows system, some users got an “Out of memory” exception.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.8.9 Mar 1, 2017

  • For offline publications, videos open in a browser now.
  • Fixed: YouTube video thumbnails didn't load in the Content Editor.

Version 2.8.8 Feb 21, 2017

  • Fixed: YouTube AS3 API stopped working, so embedded videos in Flash publications also stopped working in all browsers, except for Internet Explorer 11 and Mozilla Firefox. We’ve switched to the new YouTube API and now everything is back to normal. However, because of the new API specifics, the videos won’t work when you edit the publication in Publisher.
  • YouTube videos in HTML5 publications work just fine.

Version 2.8.7 Dec 22, 2016

  • Here are the improvements for the newly introduced HTML5 projects.
  • Localization and Text Captions editing are back. Now the publication interface is available in German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Hebrew, and Arabic (and English, of course).
  • IP Anonymization for Google Analytics has been added for HTML5 projects.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, when you uploaded a HTML5 publication on your server, mainly IIS, it didn’t go past preloader screen.
  • Fixed: It was impossible to remove the “Powered by FlippingBook” text in the basic HTML5 version (for label-free publications).
  • Fixed: Umlauts in German and some other languages didn’t display correctly on the Preloader screen.
  • Fixed: Search results in the publication weren’t ordered by page number.
  • Fixed: In a multi-level Table of Contents each new level shifted further to the right, which caused the table to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed: The size of the PDF available by clicking on the “Download“ button has increased significantly. Only for publications created with JPEGs instead of PDFs.
  • Fixed: Working with several projects consumed too much computer memory, which was not freed up.
  • Minor, but important bug fixes.

Version 2.8.3 Nov 30, 2016

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  • We have added full HTML5 support. Now you can create HTML5 publications that are better, faster and more web-friendly than Flash ones.
  • HTML5 is widely supported by a variety of browsers, which improves the customer experience with your publications.
  • Pages load immediately, and there’s no time lag between opening a document and viewing the content.
  • A HTML5 publication is more safe in comparison to Flash.
  • Flash project is still supported. You can create Flash-based publications as well as HTML5 ones with no problem.
  • Not all features available in Flash-based publications have been added in HTML5 yet. Namely: e-commerce, publication protection features (password, encryption, and domain registration), skin editor, select text, slideshow, and bookmarks. You can still password-protect your publications, if you keep them in FlippingBook Cloud, and customize their design with 24 ready skins, background images and your own color palette.
  • While editing, a HTML5 publication may seem a bit glitchy, but it works perfectly fine after you upload it online.
  • XP, Vista, Windows Server 2008 SP2, and Windows Server 2003 SP2 are no longer supported. If you are affected by this change, please contact us to learn about the available options.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

FlippingBook Publisher 2.7

Version 2.7.26 Jul 26, 2016

  • Arabic and Hebrew languages are available for multi-language publications. Arabic- and Hebrew-speaking readers can now enjoy publications in their native languages.
  • The right-to-left page flipping mode is now automatically set based on a publication’s language.
  • The embed code for publications stored on FlippingBook Cloud has been updated. Now embedded publications look good and work correctly in the mobile version, it’s easy to open and comfortable to read them on any device.
  • Pasting elements into the Content Editor is now easier. You can paste links and images that you copied to the clipboard.
  • The “Share on Facebook” option didn’t work in publications stored on FTP. This problem has been solved.
  • Some visual defects with vector shapes rasterization have been fixed.
  • Rarely text with transparency was shown incorrectly after importing a PDF.
  • Previously FlippingBook Publisher froze when switching pages in the Content Editor.
  • The problem with displaying some symbols in the Table of Contents of the mobile version has been solved.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.7.23 Jun 15, 2016

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  • Publications stored on FlippingBook Cloud now load and work twice as fast in comparison to the previous version. Working with Table of Contents, Search and Navigation options has become much faster as well, on any device.
  • The security of offline publications has been improved. Windows and Mac OS now recognize publications as secure and no longer show warnings when a publication is opening.
  • Extracting links from a PDF has been improved. Support for relative links and telephone number recognition have been added.
  • Publication now supports links to telephone numbers, SMS and geolocation.
  • New currencies such as the Costa Rican colon, Guatemalan quetzal, Honduran lempira and Nicaraguan córdoba have been added to E-Commerce.
  • The size of a preloader with embedded images has been significantly reduced. This results in the quicker load of a publication as well.
  • Previously while importing a PDF, the message “Some characters are missing in the selected font!” appeared rather often. Now we have added some missing symbols to the default font of a publication and this message appears more rarely.
  • Elements pasted into the Content Editor are now inserted into the center of the visible area.
  • The algorithm for detecting PDF conversion errors has been improved, which means you’ll get fewer artefacts on pages when converting publications.
  • The Quick Start Guide has been updated. It is more user friendly and easier to use.
  • When you worked on several projects, Publisher took up too much RAM; this has been fixed.
  • A problem with the software freezing after being idle for some time has been fixed.
  • Previously, publications created with the “Photo” project type failed to open if the “Download” option was disabled.
  • Rare problems caused by splitting wide publication pages have been solved.
  • Rarely, vector objects in PDFs became corrupted during the conversion process, which led to artefacts on the pages of the publication.
  • The order of pages became mixed up after re-importing a PDF. Now the order remains correct.
  • Content added on a page (like links and videos) was lost if the page was replaced by another one of a different size.
  • Using key shortcuts when dragging links in the Content Editor caused a fatal error to appear; this has been fixed.
  • Some users got an error message when trying to open the Content Editor; this has been fixed.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.7.14 Mar 23, 2016

  • iOS 9.3 compatible publications.
  • Flipping through the publication with the mouse scroll wheel can now be disabled.
  • Publication Top Bar and Bottom Menu could not be hidden.
  • YouTube videos embedded into the publication didn’t play in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Sometimes the page loading spinner didn’t go away after the publication page was loaded.
  • Hyperlinks on publication pages stopped working after the project PDF was re-imported and the project was saved.
  • The mouse scroll wheel didn’t work when viewing the publication in full-screen mode on Mac computers.
  • When an old publication project was updated via the latest version, extra pages were published, inflating the size of the publication. This issue has been fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.7.9 Feb 20, 2016

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  • Simple WordPress embedding for publications on FlippingBook Cloud is now available.
  • Compatibility with iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Mini 4, and iPad Pro has been added.
  • FlippingBook Publisher now supports silent installation.
  • The Turkish language is now available for multi-language publications.
  • You can set relative URLs for the copyright button and the background logo in a publication.
  • The mobile version’s size has been reduced to speed up PDF imports and upload times to FlippingBook Cloud.
  • You can now flip through a publication using the scroll wheel on your mouse.
  • The cursor more clearly points out all the interactive elements of a publication.
  • Pressing “Ctrl +” opens the Zoom mode.
  • Publication windows (Share, Print, etc.) close with a click anywhere outside the window.
  • Rarely, the number of pages in PDF files were incorrectly detected on import; this has been fixed.
  • Publications showed incorrectly if a web server optimized the images; this has been fixed.
  • Importing PDFs with specific ICC profiles caused missing text in the publication; this has been fixed.
  • The double-spread printing quality has been improved.
  • A rare but critical problem with adding content to the Content Editor has been solved.
  • PDFs didn’t import correctly if they contained broken fonts; this has been fixed.
  • Minor issues in the mobile version of the publication have been fixed.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.7.5 Oct 27, 2015

  • An issue with opening older projects containing videos in the latest version has been fixed.
  • Occasionally, an error appeared when a project with a custom Preloader settings was published.
  • Skin Editor used to freeze when the Preloader settings were changed.
  • Some publication pages did not load fully in “Photo Album” and “Document” project types.
  • Previously, if one uploaded a broken Table of Contents file into a project, a critical error appeared.
  • The window color in the “Dark Wood” skin has been fixed.

Version 2.7.4 Oct 13, 2015

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  • FlippingBook Publisher 2 has been certified for Windows 10 by Microsoft.
  • iOS 9 compatible publications.
  • We have polished the way the flip effect works. The key settings, such as the flip curve, the shadows, the speed and the size of the flipping area have been re-adjusted to give you a true-to-life experience of browsing through a paper book.
  • We have reimagined and updated our Skin Gallery. There are 24 fresh and stylish skins waiting for you in the latest release.
  • Selecting skin is much faster now. Just click the “Select Skin” button and you will see all skin previews, so you can instantly pick the one that perfectly matches your content.
  • Now users of FlippingBook Publisher Basic edition can upload external skin files into the software.
  • The balance between the quality and size of page thumbnails has been greatly improved.
  • Custom files attached to a publication can now be downloaded in the mobile version.
  • Publication URLs are now supported in search. A click on such a URL will lead to the publication with the opened search results window.
  • Support for RTL text containing figures has been improved.
  • “The Path is Too Long” issue that appeared when publishing an offline version of a publication for Mac OS has been fixed.
  • An occasional error appearing when text is being extracted from a PDF has been fixed.
  • Searching for E-Commerce items in the “Content Editor” area works correctly now.
  • A few issues with re-importing PDFs have been fixed.
  • Previously, small images in pop-ups on mobile devices stretched across the whole screen and looked distorted.
  • An occasional issue with a connection abort when publishing a project to FTP has been fixed. Now files are transferred in connection retention mode by default.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

FlippingBook Publisher 2.6

Version 2.6.40 Jun 8, 2015

  • Now you can embed images via Content Editor in FlippingBook Publisher just as you can videos and links. After the image is embedded in the page, you can click on it to open a full size version.
  • A “Re-Import Selected Pages” option was added to the Pages browser in place of the “Replace Selected Pages” option. This lets you re-import pages into FlippingBook Publisher without losing previously added content, such as links, E-Commerce products, and videos.
  • PDF downloads are now available in the mobile version.
  • In landscape mode on mobile devices, publications now fit both width- and length-wise. Your readers will see the entire page when they open the publication.
  • The quality of thumbnails generated by FlippingBook Publisher has been improved.
  • The “Total Pages” caption in publication now corresponds with custom numeration.
  • Google Analytics tracking has been improved, and all the events on pages are now tied to the page number.
  • The statistics for clicks on E-Commerce product links are tracked separately now. This gives E-Commerce users more precise statistics.
  • An issue with embedding YouTube videos has been fixed. Video previews now display correctly.
  • The performance of the FlippingBook Publisher interface has been improved.
  • FlippingBook Publisher previously failed to launch on some computers missing specific Windows updates.
  • Previously, the book slid down and covered the Bottom Menu when the Top Bar was hidden.
  • Previously, the mobile version designed for smartphones displayed on tablets; the mobile version for tablets now displays correctly.
  • In some cases, the “Publish to FlippingBook Cloud” option appeared instead of “Update on FlippingBook Cloud” when users attempted to update an existing publication.
  • Previously, if the user's network settings blocked sound files, the publication would not open. Now the publication will open correctly and will be muted.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.6.35 Apr 6, 2015

  • Now the zoom panel in the Flash version becomes semi-transparent instead of disappearing entirely when you hover off it.
  • Now publications can be navigated via a remote controller similar to the way MS PowerPoint presentations are navigated.
  • Many new currencies have been added to E-Commerce.
  • Size of the E-Commerce price tag can be adjusted now.
  • Dutch translation has been improved, for both the publication interface and the software.
  • “Some characters are missing in the selected font!” message appears much more rarely.
  • Publications display correctly in a “Preview Publication” window now.
  • Changing a publication’s name when updating it on FlippingBook Cloud works correctly now.
  • The performance of the "Flip Corner” feature in the Flash version has been optimized.
  • There was a rare issue with project publishing.
  • Links were highlighted before the page had fully loaded in the mobile version.
  • Publications in landscape mode display correctly now on the iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Now the E-Commerce order price displays correctly for all supported currencies.
  • E-Commerce shopping cart now displays correctly in Flash version.
  • E-Commerce item description opened when following a link to a zoomed publication page in the mobile version.
  • Error handling in import of E-Commerce items list has been improved.
  • 404 browser error appeared when following a link to an E-Commerce item in the mobile version.
  • Opening a publication page in a new browser tab when following a link now works correctly in fullscreen mode on Macs.
  • Following a link to a zoomed publication page opened a normal page in the Flash version.
  • Support for file names containing non-Latin letters has been improved.
  • Text encoding in the Basic HTML version is correct now.
  • Internal link tooltips now contain the page number that is set with the “Page URL Caption” option.
  • Changing the “Issue Date” property for a publication on FlippingBook Cloud no longer affects the “Issue” property.
  • The “Page Flip Link Highlighting” property now also works in the mobile version.
  • Google Analytics statistics tracking now works correctly for right-to-left publications.
  • The printing order for right-to-left publications works correctly now.
  • Text and link extraction when importing a PDF has been improved.
  • Now the Content Editor supports relative links starting with "./".
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.6.25 Dec 2, 2014

  • iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 compatibility has been added.
  • Polish, Norwegian, and Finnish are added for text captions. Your Polish-, Norwegian-, and Finnish-speaking readers will be able to enjoy the publication in their native language.
  • Tooltips are now available for both internal and external links in the publication. Hover over any link to see where it leads.
  • FlippingBook Publisher performance has been improved.
  • iOS 8 compatibility has been significantly improved.
  • Native Android browser compatibility has been improved.
  • Windows Phone compatibility has been improved.
  • The Mobile version works flawlessly over HTTPS protocol.
  • Disabling the sharing option is available in all of the publication versions, including Basic HTML.
  • A minor issue with two-layer navigation in Table of Contents occurring in the Flash version has been fixed.
  • A bug causing the wrong currency to display in the e-mail order message has been fixed.
  • A problem with uploading large-volume publications to FlippingBook Cloud has been resolved.
  • An issue with publishing older FlippingBook Publisher projects has been fixed.
  • The problem with sharing the publication invites to apostrophe-containing e-mail addresses has been fixed.
  • Using quotation marks in the publication name is no longer a problem.
  • An issue with Vimeo videos embedding has been fixed.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.6.18 Oct 16, 2014

  • iOS 8 compatible publications.
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus compatible publications.
  • Now you can embed flipping pages directly to a Facebook feed. This feature is available only for publications hosted on FlippingBook Cloud.
  • Integration with Google Universal Analytics is now available. It means that you can additionally monitor visitor behavior, real-time statistics, interaction with social networks, E-Commerce and many other KPIs.
  • Links have become more noticeable due to flash effects. We also added a context menu for links in the mobile version.
  • A catalog published to FlippingBook Cloud becomes a lead-generating machine. Built-in e-mail checkout enables you to collect a shopper's name, e-mail address, phone number, and shipping information.
  • The mobile and basic HTML versions have been significantly re-worked to improve usability and provide a more comfortable experience for the reader.
  • Take advantage of the new SEO opportunities by specifying meta-tags for each page of your publication.
  • Your publications will provide a better reading experience with a new zooming control.
  • Working with E-Commerce has become easier in FlippingBook Publisher. Thanks to the new XML format you can edit your product lists in other applications (such as MS Excel) and then update product items in your publications with a single click.
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.6.5 Aug 11, 2014

  • Publ.com has been renamed as FlippingBook Cloud.
  • “Support & Updates Subscription” has been replaced with "Subscription to FlippingBook Services" of two types: Standard and Premium.
  • Publ.com Starter users will automatically get the Standard Subscription, which allows them to store up to three publications on FlippingBook Cloud with no size or bandwidth limitations.
  • Users of paid Publ.com plans will be switched to Premium Subscription and will be able to store an unlimited number of publications, with no size or bandwidth limitations.
  • From now on the publications will have new URLs at cld.bz. Readers of publications currently stored on publ.com will be redirected to cld.bz.

FlippingBook Publisher 2.5

Version 2.5.35 Jun 20, 2014

  • Multilingual publication interface is now supported in Basic and Professional editions!
  • Google Analytics can now be used in publications in Basic and Professional editions!
  • Professional edition users can now create interactive digital catalogs with the E-Commerce feature!
  • Company logos can now be customized on the publication background.
  • Offline publishing is now available in Basic edition.
  • Pages in the mobile version now fit flawlessly to landscape-oriented iPad display.
  • Publications stored on Publ.com can now be organized into collections in Basic edition.
  • Mobile version zoom depth on Android phones has been fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.5.32 Apr 25, 2014

  • A rare but fatal error when opening the Content Editor has been fixed.
  • Minor bugs in the text and link extraction from PDFs have been fixed.
  • The bug seen when converting some old projects and skins has been fixed.
  • The Hong Kong dollar sign in E-Commerce shop settings is now correct.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.5.28 Mar 18, 2014

  • iOS 7.1 compatible publications.
  • The thumbnails window has been significantly improved.
  • The Publication share window has been redesigned. A QR code has been added.
  • New page flip sound effects.
  • New currencies are now available for your E-Commerce shop.
  • In the Content Editor, you can position items more precisely with the new zoom feature.
  • A redesigned library for your publ.com publications.
  • A QR code has been added to the share window in publ.com manager.
  • PDF import perfomance has been improved.
  • The Publication preview look & feel has been improved.
  • The annoying Content Editor items resizing bug has been fixed.
  • Basic HTML bug in IE11 has been fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.5.22 Feb 3, 2014

  • Now FlippingBook publications are fully compatible with the new Adobe Flash Player 12.0.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.5.19 Dec 12, 2013

  • iPhone 5s/5c support.
  • iPad Air support.
  • iPad mini with Retina display support.
  • The mobile version of publications is faster and more efficient.
  • Text Block Zooming for mobile devices is now available. A small screen is no longer an obstacle to comfortable reading.
  • The new local web-server allows you to preview a publication as if it were uploaded online.
  • An interactive Full Screen is now available.
  • Refined E-Commerce Products Editor.
  • The quality of Spanish translations has been reviewed and improved.
  • Blend Modes unsupported by the latest Flash Player were removed from the Skin Editor.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.5.8 Nov 8, 2013

  • Now Corporate Edition users can create interactive digital catalogs with the new E-Commerce feature!
  • E-Commerce allows you to create item lists, save them and upload to subsequent catalogs.
  • Each item has a description, price, SKU, price tag and “Shopping Cart” button which can be adjusted to the publication.
  • Readers can purchase either directly from your publication or on your website.
  • All links to products in existing publications can now be transformed to E-Commerce links.
  • E-Commerce supports online PayPal payment as well as orders sent via e-mail.
  • For better publication performance, traffic quota has been enabled on Publ.com.
  • Sharing from Publ.com Manager has been redesigned.
  • Minor bug fixes.

FlippingBook Publisher 2.4

Version 2.4.50 Sep 30, 2013

  • iOS 7 compatible publications.
  • Basic HTML performance for Publ.com has been improved.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.4.46 Sep 4, 2013

  • New variable preloaders are available for desktop publications.
  • Android 4.2.x support has been added.
  • For Internet Explorer 7 and 8, a Basic HTML version is available.
  • Sharing buttons for G+ and VK.
  • Faster Information board performance.
  • Overall application performance improvements.
  • A rare page splitting bug has been fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.4.42 Jul 11, 2013

  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.4.39 Jun 20, 2013

  • A mobile version minor bug have been fixed.
  • A minor installer problem has been solved.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.4.37 Jun 6, 2013

  • Publication interface has been renewed.
  • A new installer is here! It has become much faster and makes installation process clear and simple.
  • Password protected PDF files now get imported correctly.
  • While zooming, no more page flipping sound is played.
  • Link recognition during import has been refined.
  • Minor page reconversion bug has been fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.4.33 May 11, 2013

  • Publications stored on Publ.com can now also be read offline. Assemble your own bookshelf and enjoy all the advantages of an iPad while using the brand new Publ.com Reader App for iPad!
  • A new “Business” skin has been established, which is ideally suited for catalogs, brochures, digital magazines, and other documents.
  • You can now customize the preloader for Flash versions of your publications.
  • Importing is considerably faster on most late-model computers.
  • Subsequent publication of an incrementally-edited file is much faster now, because only the changes (edits, additions, deletions) are saved – not the whole publication.
  • Publication performance has been improved by disabling rendering of vector content when zooming.
  • Publ.com Manager has been significantly redesigned. We’ve refined both its interface and functionality.
  • Publ.com’s Teamwork feature has been extended. Corporate users can now authorize others to edit publications.
  • Mobile versions of publications stored on Publ.com now load faster.
  • Mobile publications now correctly work on iOS when Private Browsing enabled.
  • We’ve updated the interface of publications viewed on iOS devices to be consistent with the standard iOS application interface.
  • Basic HTML version has been completely redesigned. Now it offers all the most important functionalities of the Flash one, such as thumbnails, sharing and download options. Zooming and watching videos in lightbox is now available as well. Additionally, the Basic HTML interface now supports localization into multiple languages.
  • Content Editor has some new features: undo/redo; customizable link colors; video area transparency.
  • Skin Editor now has several new settings that will let you make your publication look even more exquisite. All publication components can have rounded corners, and you have more choices in the appearance of buttons and the style of list items.
  • The process of adding a background image has been optimized, making it possible to open your publications faster, without sacrificing quality.
  • Bugs found in the Android version have been fixed – and now publications are working much faster.
  • The iOS version has become more stable.
  • A bug has been fixed that prevented offline publications from being opened on some computers without an Internet connection.
  • Locally-stored publications can now be opened in Opera.
  • Bugs have been fixed which affected working with publications Google Chrome on iOS and Android.
  • The compatibility problems have been solved: projects created with versions 2.0.19 or lower are compatible with the new version.
  • A bug has been fixed that affected text extraction in Arabic and Persian.
  • Many minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.4.16 Jan 24, 2013

  • The way flipping is performed for Magazine, Catalog, and Book project types has been improved. Covers can be flipped by clicking on any part of the page, and inner pages are flipped by clicking on the edge.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.4.14 Dec 28, 2012

  • Updates & Upgrades window has been redesigned.
  • Link displacement bug in a downloaded PDF file has been fixed.
  • Custom fonts support has been refined.
  • A rare bug of thumbnail displaying has been fixed.
  • A rare issue of incorrect link importing from a PDF file has been resolved.
  • Minor improvement and bug fixes.

Version 2.4.10 Dec 13, 2012

  • We've added Vimeo support as well. Now you can embed Vimeo and YouTube videos into your publications.
  • Your readers are able to use search and bookmarks in fullscreen mode, if they have Adobe Flash Player 11.3 or higher installed.
  • Google Analytics tracking now works for Mobile version of publications stored on Publ.com.
  • Image file names can be automatically imported as page labels into your publication.
  • From now on all the publications match the HTML validation standards, which guarantees they can be correctly displayed by all the popular browsers.
  • A rare bug of updating publications on Publ.com has been fixed. It caused displaying problems in Basic HTML version and search errors.
  • PDF files containing transparent text are imported correctly.

Version 2.4.5 Nov 7, 2012

  • Interface improvements for Content Editor.
  • Link recognition during import has been refined.
  • When starting a Publ.com publication on Kindle Fire a Flash version got opened by mistake.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.4.3 Oct 26, 2012

  • Windows 8 support.
  • iPhone 5 support.
  • YouTube video embedding is available with, literally, couple of clicks.
  • Powerful link creating and editing allows you referring to any URL as well as to any page in your publication.
  • Download window has been redesigned.
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.3 backward compatibility has been added.
  • Sharing on Twitter and Facebook is now available via mobile devices as well using our new Sharing Window.
  • Restore session window has been added.
  • Hardcover properties have been restored.
  • Page flipping has been significantly improved.
  • Single page mode navigation has been refined.
  • Many improvements for both mobile version's performance and interface.
  • Creating home screen icon for iOS has been refined.
  • Single page mode flipping bugs in mobile version have been fixed.
  • Bookmarking in zoom mode now works correctly.
  • Displaying bug with the flip corner enabled has been fixed.
  • Flip animation of hardcover has been refined.
  • Compatibility problems of the old projects have been solved.
  • Publication skins compatibility problems have been solved.
  • Publication skins have been improved.
  • Skin Editor has been improved.
  • Updating your publication on Publ.com has been optimized so that uploading is now much faster.
  • Publ.com Teamwork feature has been refined.
  • Publ.com uploading bug has been fixed.
  • Basic HTML version has been improved.
  • Right-To-Left mode has been refined.
  • Search for exact match has been improved.
  • Canceling the zoom mode is now available by pressing ESC button.
  • Blend mode setting for opaque publication elements has been added.
  • Many minor improvement and bug fixes.

FlippingBook Publisher 2.3

Version 2.3.30 Sep 25, 2012

  • A new project type Catalog has been added. This type is recommended for making digital product catalogs and business brochures.
  • A brand new skin “Light Wood” has been added. From now on it’s used as a default skin for project type “Magazine”.
  • Different viewing modes have been added for iPad: single page mode for documents and photos and spread mode (landscape) for books and magazines.
  • Photo gallery mode on Android devices has been added.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Text link recognition has been refined.
  • Publishing to FTP has been refined.
  • Page flipping for high quality publication and those containing many vector shapes has been improved.
  • Issues of protected publications displaying and downloading from Publ.com have been resolved.
  • Dropdown menus in “Coffee” and “Nature” skins have been refined.
  • Tap flipping has been implemented in mobile version.
  • Project downloading in Publ.com Manager has been refined.
  • Some issues of zoom mode on iOS devices have been resolved.
  • Popup windows in mobile version have been disabled, which now allows downloading publications without changing browser settings.
  • Zoom mode on Android devices has been refined.
  • Search bugs in mobile version have been fixed.
  • Table of Contents bugs in mobile version have been fixed.
  • A rare bug of importing documents has been fixed.
  • The “Restore session” function is now available in mobile version.

Version 2.3.26 Sep 7, 2012

  • 4 new publication skins have been added. Grunge, Nature, Jeans or Coffee - complement your publication with one of these tunes.
  • Now your publications are multilingual by default. It means that the publication interface language matches the reader's system language. This feature is available in Corporate Edition only.
  • The new feature “Collections” has been added on Publ.com. It allows you to compile your own book shelf containing several of publications for the further distribution and embedding them all into your website at once.
  • Main Mode in mobile version has been completely renewed.
  • Publication skins have been refined in mobile version.
  • Source PDF download is now available in mobile version.
  • Enhanced URL detection tool is now available. All text URLs from source PDF are converted into active links automatically.
  • Image extraction for Basic HTML version has been significantly improved. Basic HTML version layout is now maximally close to the source document.
  • Publication share window has been redesigned. Now you can choose the look of an embeded publication (Linkable page, Animated spread, Full publication).
  • Publ.com Manager has been completely renewed.
  • Mailing lists are now available in Publ.com address book.
  • Publ.com teamwork has been revised to make collaboration more productive.
  • Access control for publications and collections is now available in Publ.com Manager.
  • Multiple publication download option has been added to Publ.com Manager.
  • Publ.com share window has been redesigned. Now it allows you to protect your publications without editing the entire project.
  • You can set the Favicon for your publications to display it in browser address bar.
  • Skin changing became simpler. Now it only affects the look without changing publication settings.
  • Skin color changing became simpler. You can adjust multiple bars and windows with just one button.
  • Importing Page Labels from PDF is now available.
  • Pages browser has been renewed. Now page numbering became more adjustable.
  • The Information Board has been added. Now you will get all the important notifications about you license, Publ.com account and new updates in a convenient way.
  • Mobile version has been optimized. It became lighter and more productive.
  • Hardcover publications’ performance has been optimized.
  • Publ.com uploading speed has been increased.
  • The issue of publications in Hebrew has been resolved.
  • Some PDF conversion issues have been resolved.
  • Many minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 2.3.17 Aug 24, 2012

  • Now FlippingBook publications are compatible with the new Adobe Flash Player 11.4.

Version 2.3.16 Jul 20, 2012

  • Now Japanese language is natively supported in both FlippingBook Publisher's interface and publications.
  • Each page of Basic HTML version now has a unique meta description tag.
  • Saving of a publication skin caused an error in rare cases.
  • "Use System Font…" settings didn't work. This issue appeared in 2.3.14 version.
  • Several minor bugs have been fixed.

Version 2.3.14 Jul 5, 2012

  • The bug that led to a fatal error during program start in Spanish version has been fixed.
  • The issue with mobile version after restoring backup from Publ.com has been solved.
  • The fatal error during opening a window of a new project has been fixed.
  • A bug with logging in to profile after updating has been fixed.

Version 2.3.11 Jun 29, 2012

  • The new "Office" preset skin has been added.
  • Multi-lingual publications are available. The language will be detected automatically while publication is loading.
  • Now the preset publication language is used for mobile version as well.
  • Search feature is now available in the mobile version.
  • Now Simplified Chinese language is natively supported in both FlippingBook Publisher's interface and publications.
  • FTP client has been completely redesigned. It became more stable, more efficient and more adjustable.
  • The new Start Window has been added. It contains all the necessary tools and tips for creating publications faster and easier.
  • Main Menu and Toolbar have been reorganized. Toolbar supports new features and is customizable.
  • An opportunity of tiling background with pictures and patterns has been added.
  • Offline publications for Mac packed into a ZIP archive has been added as an option.
  • The complete support of TTC fonts in publications’ interface is enabled.
  • Page order reversing is available for the selected pages and for the entire publication.
  • Publication's share window has been redesigned.
  • The page navigation issue on Android devices has been solved.
  • Pinch zoom has been slightly improved.
  • Image extraction for Basic HTML version has been improved.
  • Rotated pages and text elements issues in Basic HTML version have been solved.
  • The download bug in Preview mode has been fixed.
  • Many bug fixes and minor improvements.

FlippingBook Publisher 2.2

Version 2.2.28 Apr 28, 2012

  • Google Analytics tracking for mobile publications has been significantly improved.
  • The rare Pinch Zoom issue has been solved.
  • Custom encoding settings selected by user, are now used for the entire publication.
  • The projects compatibility bug has been fixed. This problem was introduced in 2.2.27.
  • Many bug fixes and minor improvements.

Version 2.2.24 Apr 11, 2012

  • Retina display support.
  • More customization options are available for publication preloader in the Skin Editor.
  • Now you can exclude single page PDF files from the "Download" option to optimize the publication size.
  • The “Use System Fonts” parameter has been recovered.
  • Manual font size adjustment has been added.
  • You can define the file format for mobile version before import.
  • The “Pick a Color” feature has been refined. You can now activate the "Eyedrop" tool by pressing and holding the CTRL button.
  • A parameters search within Properties, Text Captions and Skin Editor is now available in both English and the Application Language defined by user.
  • Switching between the skins doesn't reset the Publication Type behavior anymore.
  • Images are now correctly extracted for Basic HTML version.
  • The French version crash issue has been solved.
  • Custom encoding settings defined by user, are now used for the entire publication.
  • The rare link import issue has been solved.
  • The "Add to Home Screen" feature for iOS has been improved.
  • Imported images are rotated correctly.

Version 2.2.20 Mar 23, 2012

  • From now on you can use one of our “Publication Type” presets! It allows you to choose the final type of your publication – Magazine, Book, Document or Photo Album. During the first import the most suitable settings will be applied automatically.
  • A multiuser workflow is now available for Publ.com in the Corporate Edition! Your department of digital publishing is able to use all the benefits of personal folders and a shared folder, while the Head of the Department can manage all the workgroup folders.
  • The "Slideshow Autostart" parameter has been added: you can set an automatic slideshow start for your publication.
  • The incorrect creation of large PNG files for mobile version pages has been fixed.
  • The bugs with embedding custom fonts to a publication have been fixed.
  • The compatibility of skins saved in previous FlippingBook Publisher2 versions has been improved.
  • The In-App purchase has been slightly refined.
  • The application stability has been improved.
  • The sequence bug of playing page sounds in the "Right To Left" mode has been fixed.
  • Navigation buttons in the mobile version have been refined.
  • Minor bugs in Preview mode have been fixed.
  • The problem with adding a publication to “Home” on iOS has been solved.
  • The bug with shadows on iPad has been fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes for Android.

Version 2.2.16 Mar 3, 2012

  • Conversion Profile feature has been added. It allows you to change, save and reuse settings to reduce file size, conversion time or increase the quality of publication when importing your files.
  • Now seven more languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish and Russian) are natively supported in both FlippingBook Publisher's interface and publications.
  • The Share window of Publ.com Manager has been completely redesigned. Now you can collect emails to a mailing list for multiple sharing with one click.
  • Publ.com is now available in a Trial version.
  • Now you can use any font you wish for the Flash publication interface even if the font is not installed on the reader’s computer. That can be very important for hieroglyphic fonts.
  • Skin Editor settings have been enhanced.
  • Now Skin Editor allows assigning a Skin Color value to any background color.
  • User interface of mobile version has been improved.
  • Session recovery feature has been added to mobile version.
  • Support of PNG in mobile version has been added.
  • Single page view has been added to iPad version.
  • Right to left feature has been added to mobile version.
  • Now you can purchase Updates and Upgrades directly from FlippingBook Publisher with a new In-App purchase option.
  • The work of the Publication Manager has been optimized.
  • Text highlighting in search results has been refined.
  • Social networks sharing has been completely renewed.
  • Table of Contents import from PDF documents has been optimized.
  • Many minor bugs have been fixed.

Version 2.2.10 Dec 22, 2011

  • Installer look&feel has been improved.
  • The Skin Editor has been enhanced with several additional styling options.
  • Now our FTP client supports the "FTP Command Encoding" option that allows to use non-Latin filenames.
  • Additional background positioning options have been enabled.
  • The Share window has been disabled for offline publications.
  • Mobile version zoom has been improved.
  • Quality of wide pages in the mobile version has been enhanced.

Version 2.2.8 Dec 6, 2011

  • Several new objects have been added to the Skin Editor.
  • Bookmarks with long text descriptions now look better in your publications.
  • Color picker functionality has been slightly enhanced.
  • Default skins have been updated.
  • Some text selection issues have been fixed.
  • Many minor bugs have been fixed.

Version 2.2.6 Nov 21, 2011

  • Beta testing of Publ.com has started. This online service is tightly integrated with Publisher and provides you with the most effective way to upload, host and embed your publications to your websites. Contact us if you want to participate in the beta program.
  • Now you can adjust the look and feel of your publications with the new powerful Skin Editor.
  • The Hardcover option is now more lifelike.
  • The "Table of Contents" component functionality has been improved. Now your ToC updates automatically when your pages structure changes.
  • The new Help system for Publisher has been enabled.
  • The pinch zoom option for iPhone and iPad users has been enabled.
  • Mobile version user interface has been improved. Now it supports bookmarks, improved ToC and the new Help screen.
  • Now you can preview the PDF file for download created by Publisher. This option is useful if your publication is composed of several different sources such as PDF files and images.
  • Pages browser now supports the "Insert" and "Replace" functions.
  • Now readers can (optionally) select and copy text on pages using the new "Text Selection" tool (available for Flash publications only).
  • Text searching now supports hyphenation.

FlippingBook Publisher 2.1

Version 2.1.23 Sep 30, 2011

  • Now enabling/disabling of Table of Contents, Bookmarks and Slideshow is also implemented in the Mobile version.
  • The bug with links highlighting within PNG conversion format has been fixed.
  • The bug with importing of some JPEG images has been fixed.
  • The bug with importing a PDF document with a big Table of Contents has been fixed.
  • The rare bug with flipping pages animation has been fixed.

Version 2.1.22 Sep 16, 2011

  • Now FlippingBook Publisher has a signed certificate which guarantees its safety and confirms its authorship.
  • Mobile version buttons appearance bug has been fixed.
  • Some issues with loading Mobile version pages have been resolved.

Version 2.1.21 Sep 9, 2011

  • Now German language is natively supported in both Publisher's interface and publications!
  • Now each mobile publication page has a unique static URL.
  • The rare bug that caused text searching on wrong pages has been fixed.
  • The rare bug with saving projects to Desktop folder has been fixed.
  • Publisher's stability has been considerably improved.

Version 2.1.17 Aug 19, 2011

  • The view of book project icon in Windows Explorer has been improved.
  • The bug with importing of some PDF documents has been fixed.
  • The bug with converting some old projects has been fixed.
  • The drag&drop bug in Pages browser has been fixed.
  • The rare bug that caused pagination errors in search results has been fixed.
  • The bug with displaying page thumbnails for the Bookmarks window has been fixed.
  • The bug with mobile version opening has been fixed.
  • ToC in mobile version now always suits the screen.

Version 2.1.14 Aug 5, 2011

  • Publication preview is now possible right in the Publisher's window (including mobile and SEO versions).
  • Table of Contents option for mobile version has been added.
  • The Slideshow option for mobile version has been added.
  • Now SEO version looks almost exactly like the original PDF file (conversion of SEO version for older projects is needed).
  • A possibility of choosing several files for downloading has been added.
  • A possibility of flexible page choosing using left mouse button (just as in Windows File Explorer) has been added for Pages browser.
  • A possibility of adding background sound for each page has been added.
  • New elements have been added to Flash Player context menu.
  • Now multi-line tips for publication's elements are supported.
  • Touchscreen functioning on Android devices has been improved.
  • Memory usage in the application is optimized.
  • The problem with Avira antivirus has been solved.

Version 2.1.8 Jun 30, 2011

  • The default value of "Background Sound" parameter is empty now.
  • Live preview for font selection has been added.
  • SWF-files can now handle keyboard events.
  • A possibility to assign any text as "Page Link Target" has been added.
  • The password field look has been improved.
  • The parameter names and descriptions in "Password Window" group have been changed.
  • "Remember Me" option for protected publications has been added.
  • The numeration bug in Table of Contents has been fixed.
  • The bug with opening projects saved in 2.0.19 version has been fixed.
  • The bug with styles loading from saved settings files has been fixed.
  • Mailto links now always work properly without any connection to "Page Link Target".
  • The upload bug which occurred on some hostings has been fixed.
  • The bug with a book shifting sideways has been fixed.
  • Several bugs with wide pages creating have been fixed.
  • The bug with "Shadow Depth" changing with all pages selected has been fixed.
  • The Bookmarks panel's look for books of nonstandard size has been fixed.

Version 2.1.6 Jun 6, 2011

  • The Fullscreen option for Offline EXE / APP publications has been added.
  • The "Zoomed Page Transition" parameter has been added, so it allows now to specify the page turning effect in the Zoom mode.
  • The "Loop Slideshow" parameter has been added.
  • Zooming by the use of Ctrl+ and Ctrl- buttons is now availiable.
  • The Android mobile version bugs have been fixed.
  • Enabling publication protection now prevents mobile version publishing.
  • The work of the "pageOpen" page event has been improved.
  • The bugs of the built-in FTP client have been fixed.
  • The bugs of importing hieroglyph-containing documents has been fixed.
  • The "Start Pagination Number" parameter has been renamed to "First Page Number".
  • The bug of wide page import and dividing pages in two parts has been fixed.
  • The image displaying bug in SEO version has been fixed.

Version 2.1.5 May 20, 2011

  • 3 levels of security: password protection, encryption of pages, protection of domain names.
  • Mobile version with Android support.
  • Support for device fonts allowing to use any fonts, installed by a user, in publications.
  • Reduced size of a publication SWF file.
  • The Table of Contents editor's interface has been improved.
  • The 'Copyright Button Target' parameter has been added.
  • The 'First Page Number' and the 'Custom Total Pages' parameters have been added.
  • The 'Set as First Page' item in the context menu of a page in the Pages browser has been added.
  • The 'Publication Settings / Drop Shadow' parameter has been added.
  • The 'Publication Components / Slideshow' parameter has been added.
  • ActionScript 3.0 pages events have been added.
  • Possibility to create multi-line ToC elements by pressing 'Ctrl+Enter'.
  • The 'Recent Projects' section has been added to the 'File' menu.
  • The sub-menu 'Account' has been added to the main menu with the new item 'Logout'.
  • The 'Import Options' settings have appeared in the Import dialog.
  • Final publications do not contain unused files.
  • The issues with installation on Turkish Windows have been solved.
  • Appropriate importing of PDF files which have links with empty Url.
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