How to prevent icons from interfering with your content?

If you add interactive content to your flipbooks, then we add an icon. This icon alerts your readers to the possibility to click on the content. For example, to start a GIF animation, play a video, or open a pop-up image.

As you can see in the example below, these icons can interfere with your content. It covers the face of several people partially or completely.

It is possible to control if, when, and how such icons appear. This way, our icons won’t interfere with your content. If you select a video, pop-up image, or animated GIF, then in the panel on the right-hand side, you’ll find a block with Icon Settings.

With the icon set to Small and in the Top left corner, the face is fully visible. We explain all the options below:

  • Show icon controls when the icon appears:
    • Always: the icon is shown when the reader opens the page with your video, pop-up image, or GIF. It stays visible until your reader interacts, e.g. by playing a video. When the interaction ends, the icon will appear again. 
    • On hover: the icon will only show up when the reader moves the mouse over your content and when the page is loading. Note that while you are editing your flipbook, the icon will always be visible. This makes it easier when you want to see the effects of the size and position below. Don’t worry, in the final result it will only show up when the reader hovers over it, when the page is loading as described.
    • Never: the icon never shows up. Note: your content is still highlighted briefly when your reader opens the page (unless you also disable the setting in Settings > Link highlighting as well)
  • Size determines the size of the icon: Large / Medium / Small
  • Position lets you choose where the icon should be shown. You can choose to put it in the center or in any of the corners.

NoteYou can modify the icon behavior and even hide it completely, but it is not possible to change the icon itself or replace it with a different one.



Bulk changes to your content

You can also change the icon settings (and selected other settings) for all added content in your flipbook at once. This very way you can achieve a consistent way of presenting e.g. all your videos.

You can do this with the Bulk edit option. With the Bulk Edit option, you can set all your videos to Autoplay (or NOT to autoplay). Or you can change the icon settings for all pop-up images to appear in the bottom left corner, and only when the reader hovers over them.

You can make bulk changes to

Videos Playback mode: Inline or pop-up 
Show preview: Show preview image from YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia 
Autoplay: Play video automatically when the page is shown
Icon settings: When to appear, size, and position 
Pop-up images Show preview: Add an image thumbnail on the page 
Icon settings: When to appear, size, and position 
GIF animations Autoplay: Start playing automatically when the page is shown 
Loop animation: Replay the GIF when the end is reached 
Icon settings: When to appear, size, and position 

For example, let’s say that for all your pop-up images, you want to have the small icon appear in the top left corner when your reader hovers over the image.

  1. Select the first pop-up image.
  2. Click on Bulk Edit.
  3. Change the settings if needed. By default, we use the settings for the selected object. So if these are the settings you wish to apply to similar objects, there is no need to change them.
  4. Press Apply

All pop-up images in your flipbook now will have the small icon in the top left corner and the icon will only show up when your readers hover over the image.

Tip💡Accidentally applied a bulk edit with unexpected results? Don’t worry, Ctrl+Z will undo all changes!

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