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Enhance your PDF collateral with powerful sales tools: tracking, online access, easy sharing, and interactivity for deeper lead engagement. With FlippingBook, your sales reps will never need a printed catalog or PDF proposal ever again.

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How to use FlippingBook in sales

FlippingBook turns your PDFs into indispensable sales assets. It enables sales reps to share documents as links, present on any device, and track lead interactions with the content instead of simply counting downloads.


Share your document with promising leads via email, messengers, or social networks. You can also embed it into your website or make it accessible via a QR-code.


Track how each lead interacts with your content—identify the most promising ones, or find the blind spots in your sales collateral to make it impeccable.

Win over your leads with show-stopping sales materials

This is what your PDF proposal may look like when converted to an interactive online document with FlippingBook.

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Sales materials that stand out

Showcase your offers in the best way possible with the interactive features provided by FlippingBook. Include promotional videos, draw attention to key figures and stats with GIFs, gather feedback through forms and surveys, and demonstrate a full range of products via pop-ups. Providing leads with engaging experiences both in and outside your meetings is a great stepping stone toward a successful deal.

Sales materials that stand out

All the sales collateral you need, right in your pocket

Go to meetings with confidence—and without a heavy stack of printed catalogs and proposals. Instead, open your content right in FlippingBook’s mobile app show prospects what they actually want to see. You’ll receive a push notification when your prospect opens the document, enabling you to reach out while the client is most engaged. Not only is it convenient, but it also saves printing costs!

Flippingbook app interface

Work together in the most comfortable way

FlippingBook helps sales teams stay organized and efficient. Each rep has access to shared folders, flipbooks, and custom domains while also managing their proposals and catalogs in a private workspace. Open notifications land in their own inbox, so they can start tracking lead engagement right away and make successful sales.

Work together in the most comfortable way

Insights into prospect behavior with trackable proposals

Get actionable data for easy prospect scoring, spot-on follow-ups, and identifying the most profitable sales channels.

Insights into prospect behavior with trackable proposals
  • Individual trackable links

    Create multiple links to the same proposal and email them to potential clients to see how each lead interacts with it.

  • Real-time open notifications

    Receive email or push notifications when your lead opens the document—and reach out while they’re hooked.

  • Multi-channel tracking

    Post different document links on different channels and learn which of them have the most lead acquisition potential.

  • Links with expiration dates

    Send limited-time deals with temporary links that will go offline once the time is up.

Extra FlippingBook perks for your sales collateral

  • Powerful branding

    Powerful branding

    Make sure your leads know it's your sales proposal that they’re reading—unique background, your company's logo, and custom link to your flipbook will keep leads engaged and make customer acquisition easier.

  • Zapier integration

    Zapier integration

    Set up a smooth sales process from start to finish. Integrate FlippingBook with Zapier to create sales proposals automatically, deliver leads to your CRM for faster lead engagement tracking, and more.

  • Lead capture form

    Lead capture form

    It's easy to turn your digital proposals into effective sales strategy documents. With our built-in lead capture form, your sales team will be able to collect leads right within your proposals and track prospect activity.

  • Easy updates

    Easy updates

    Noticed a typo in a document that you’ve already shared with a lead? Don’t worry! Simply update the content on your end, and your lead will automatically receive the new version under the same link.

  • Content protection

    Content protection

    Rest assured, your proposals will remain confidential at all times. They are hidden from search engines by default and can be password-protected, allowing you to share them online safely.

  • Comfortable navigation

    Comfortable navigation

    Even the thickest catalogs become a breeze to navigate around with a clickable table of contents, thumbnails, and search. Find any info your client requests in seconds—and send them the link to a relevant page.

FlippingBook makes my B2B sales communication much more efficient.
Roman Ripa Business Development Manager at Jansen Display Digital
creates sales catalogs with FlippingBook

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