How does the Table of Contents work in FlippingBook Online?

A Table of Contents (ToC) helps readers to navigate your flipbook quickly and easily. Your readers click on one of the entries in the ToC and it will take them to that page immediately. You can also pin the ToC, so it will be displayed within your publication when is opened. This feature is particularly helpful for large publications.

Important! ⚠️It is not possible to create or edit a Table of Contents within FlippingBook Online. But if your PDF has bookmarks, we will use them to automatically create a ToC.

If your flipbook has a ToC, the readers can show/hide it by pressing the Table of Contents button. The ToC will show up next to your flipbook.

By clicking on an entry of your ToC, your readers will navigate to that section inside your flipbook.


How can I check if my PDF has bookmarks?

To check if your PDF has bookmarks, you can simply upload it to your FlippingBook Online account page. Alternatively, you could use a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader. Also, some modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox have a built-in PDF viewer where you can see the bookmarks.

Once the bookmarks are added, you can upload your PDF to FlippingBook Online. The table of contents will be created from the bookmarks automatically.


How can I add Bookmarks to my PDF?

If somebody helped to create the PDF you can ask them to help with it. Or, you can work with one of the following alternatives:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro: With the paid versions of the Adobe Acrobat software, you can easily add bookmarks to your PDF. The free reader version (Adobe DC Reader) does not create bookmarks.
  • There are free online tools such as Sejda. It is as easy as you upload the PDF, edit the bookmarks, and download the updated PDF. However, such tools have some limitations in his free version (like the number of pages, size of the PDF, and tasks per hour).
  • Preview: This is a built-in app on MacOS that allows you to view and edit several file types, including PDFs. Here is how to add bookmarks to your PDF with a Mac.
  • jPDFBookmarks: This Windows software is a free open-source solution that you can install, add/edit bookmarks in your PDF, and save it.

How to set up a Table of Contents to open with my flipbook?

To set up your flipbook with the ToC showing up immediately upon opening, you can do that as follows:

  1. Open the list of your flipbooks.
  2. Hover over the flipbook you want to change and click on the Customize button.
  3. Expand the Controls section, find the Pinned Sidebar setting, and select the Table of Contents from the list of options.
  4. Press Finish in the top left corner to save your changes.

When someone opens your flipbook, the ToC will show next to it.


My ToC has entries that I have not created. Why does this happen?

Your Table of Contents could contain some entries that you have not added:

In the example above we see the ToC doesn't have any real content, only some "slide numbers".

The reason this happens is that your original PDF contained such Bookmarks. There are two possible fixes for this:

1. Disable the ToC completely:

  1. Hover over the flipbook you want to change and click on the Customize button.
  2. Expand the Controls section, and select the Table of Contents from the list of options.
  3. Once you switch off the option, don’t forget to click on the button Finish to apply the changes.

2. Edit the PDF: The cleanest way to fix this is by editing the PDF, to either replace the entries or remove them. Once the PDF is updated, you can create a new flipbook with it or replace the PDF in your flipbook. Replace PDF is a feature available in Starter and higher plans.

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