• How to add a skin to your HTML5 publication?

The appearance of your publication mostly depends on what we call the "Skin". Every skin is a collection of all the graphical elements (like colors, fonts, and background images) that together make up the User Interface for your publications.

FlippingBook Publisher comes with 24 professionally designed skins by default:

If you want to change the skin in your publication, please, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Properties pane.

2. Click on the Select Skin button:

3. Choose the Skin that goes well with your publication.

Note! If you like the color scheme of a certain skin, but not the background image, then it is easy to change the background image separately.

If you would prefer to use your own custom skin in your future publications then it’s possible to do it! Just create your empty template in FlippingBook Publisher:

1. Open FlippingBook Publisher, click on New Project:

2. Create your own Skin — add some background picture or window color, choose the panel color etc.

3. Save it empty, go to File and choose Save Catalog as:

4. Save it as Template.p2hp file.

Once you want to use your Custom Skin, please, follow the steps below:

  • go to File => Open project and choose your Template.p2hp file with the skin you created;
  • import your pdf, make some changes of the whole project;
  • once it’s ready go to File => Save Catalog as;
  • give your project a name which suits it the most.
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