Digital bookshelf for your online flipbooks

Store all your flipbooks in one place—create a beautiful bookshelf online that you can share as a link! In fact, create as many bookshelves as you wish with FlippingBook Publisher collections.

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Online library that is always at your fingertips

Need to share not one flipbook but several at once with your readers or clients? Easy! Just add these publications into one collection, get a link to it, and share away. FlippingBook digital bookshelves are your web library where you can share whole bookcases online.

How to create a digital bookshelf

You can create an online bookshelf using our Windows-based software in four easy steps.


Create a new collection on FlippingBook Cloud, drag all the flipbooks you need to it, and change their order as you like.


Choose the appearance of your future bookshelf. Give it a name, a custom URL, and a background to match your brand.


Adjust your access settings and share your online bookshelf via a direct link or embed it into a website.

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Choose your shelf

Different collections call for different shelves. So, we’ve made all kinds of them to be sure that you can always find the right one for your cause. Wooden, glass, or plastic—your shelf frames your content in more than one sense.

Create yours
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Top-shelf ease of use

  • Easy Managing

    You get to decide in what order your digital publications will be read. Drag them to one collection and rearrange as you like to create the most comfortable viewing experience for your readers.

  • Easy Embedding

    Embed a bookshelf right into your website so that visitors can flip through your collection while browsing. FlippingBook’s responsive embed code ensures that your bookshelf adjusts to fit any area of a web page.

  • Easy Sharing

    Distribute your virtual bookshelf as easily as you would a solo flipbook. Send a link to it to your clients, or share it via social media. You can also email it without even leaving FlippingBook Publisher.

  • Easy Branding

    Make your digital library a part of your brand. With a custom background, you can support your company style and achieve brand integrity. And a custom URL name for every bookshelf will make your links instantly recognizable.

    Did you know you can change your personal domain name, too?

  • Easy Content Protection

    Control access to your digital bookshelves. Leave it public for documents meant for wide distribution or make it personal for more sensitive documentation so that only people invited by email could view it.

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