• How do I embed pop-up images in my publication?

FlippingBook Publisher allows you to embed pop-up images into publications (available in Professional and Business editions). This option comes in handy if you want to add high-resolution product images into your catalog or if you are planning to create a photo album.

Embedding a Pop-up Image

To embed an image, first you need to open your current project in FlippingBook Publisher. Go to the upper program toolbar and click on the “Insert Media” button:

A drop-down menu will appear. Select the “Insert Pop-up Image” option. Select an image from the folder on your computer and click “Open”. Now the Content Editor will appear and you will be able to work with the chosen image.

Working with Pop-up Images

A red rectangle shows a clickable area that will trigger your pop-up image to appear. 

You can adjust your image area size by pulling its corners with your mouse. 

There is a “Pop-up Image Properties” window in the left lower corner of Content Editor. You can change the dimensions of the image area there or replace the current image with another one.

When you embed a pop-up image in your publication, by default it looks like a transparent clickable area over an existing picture or some other element on the page. However, you can include an actual preview of a pop-up image you have added, by enabling the “Show Image Preview on Page” option. This is where you can find this option: 

Embed additional Pop-up Images

Once you’ve finished working with a pop-up image, you can add another one by clicking the “Pop-up Image” option in Toolbox on the left.

The “Pages” tab on the right allows you to switch between pages in case you need to embed images throughout the whole publication.

Once you are ready, just close the Content Editor. All the changes will be applied automatically.

Also kindly note that FlippingBook Publisher 2.9.30 and later includes a very convenient highlight mode for all your interactive elements - links, videos and pop-ups. Here is how it works - when the user clicks on any blank spot on the page, all interactive elements on the page are highlighted. Another click on the page hides them.

This feature can make your publication much easier to work with.

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