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Reach next-level document security by enhancing your PDFs with FlippingBook! Secure document sharing, copying prevention, and several levels of privacy for each document—your PDFs are as protected as you need them to be.

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Extra security for your PDFs

Ensure secure document distribution and content protection for your PDFs by turning them into digital flipbooks with a page flip effect. Not only are online flipbooks eye-catching and interactive, but they’re also easy to share safely. From password-protected PDFs for secure document sharing to PDF embedding restricted to your site only—we have all the PDF protection options you may need.

How to protect PDF flipbooks

You can secure your PDF with professional FlippingBook software in just five simple steps.

  1. First, upload your PDF to FlippingBook. The conversion process from PDF to HTML5 will only take 1-2 minutes, depending on the size of the document.

  2. Add branding and design to make your flipbook recognizable at a glance. Embed videos, links, GIFs, surveys or quizzes, pop-up and inline images for better user engagement.

  3. Then, choose a privacy level: direct link available to a select few or to the whole wide web, private draft, password-protected flipbook, or protected embed.

  4. You can also disable sharing, printing, and downloading of your PDF, or protect the PDF from unwanted access with a lead form.

  5. When you’re done, share your secure PDF flipbook with the world as you see fit—as a direct link, trackable link, website embed, or QR code.

Let’s talk about the safety of your documents

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Secure your PDF with different privacy levels

SEO protection

All PDFs uploaded to FlippingBook are protected from search engine indexing by default—which means, no one can google them. But in case you want to give your flipbook an SEO boost, though, you can always switch to Public mode in its Privacy settings.

SEO protection SEO protection

Password protection

Share your private PDF securely by password-protecting your flipbook. Add the password to a sensitive PDF flipbook and send it safely on its way. Whether you’ll email it or share it on social media—you don’t need to worry. Guarded this way, your password-protected flipbook will open only to those with the password, not just with the link.


Protected embed

Do you want your PDF to only be available on your website and nowhere else? Turn it into a protected embed! Set the domains where your flipbook is allowed to be displayed and embed it into your website. This way, visitors can flip through your document comfortably without leaving the page and your PDF always stays secure.
Protected embed Protected embed
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Private documents

If you don’t want to share your flipbook with anyone yet, switch it to Private. The setting is perfect for drafts or documents that are not ready to be shared—such as catalogs of future collections, exclusive offers, etc. A private flipbook can only be accessed by you in your FlippingBook account. And if you need to give temporary access to someone else, you can create a personal trackable link just for them.

Take PDF security to the next level

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More tools to protect your PDFs online

Direct link sharing

No more sharing PDF files as attachments that could be copied and resent without your knowledge. Convert PDFs to HTML5 flipbooks and send them via direct links instead. You can always update the PDF under the link, without changing the link itself, or delete it if you no longer need it.

Reliable hosting

Even when shared openly with the world, your digital documents are safe and sound with FlippingBook thanks to the simple yet reliable PDF hosting. We store your flipbooks on Amazon servers so that your data always stays secure online. And if you want to host them on your own server? No problem, you can do that, too.

Reliable hosting Reliable hosting

Lead form

Want to know exactly who reads your flipbook? Gate it with a lead capture form. Then everyone who wants to access your content will need to leave their data first. Our lead form is super flexible so you get to choose what kind of data you’ll gather: email, name, company name, and more. And with Zapier integration your leads can be automatically added right into your CRM.

Laptop Lead form Lead form

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