• How to change the background image?

The background image that appears behind the publication window is an important part of your FlippingBook publication. 

If you apply one of the standard skins to your publication, then FlippingBook Publisher uses the standard background image for that skin. However, it can be easily changed.

Note! Make sure that you have an alternative background image saved on your computer.

Steps to change the background image

  1. Go to the Setting tab.
  2. Make sure the Appearance is unfolded.
  3. Click on the small thumbnail image after Background Image and choose Select Image.
  4. Browse to the directory where you have saved your background image, select your image and click open.

To specify how your background image is treated on different sized screens, you can change the option Background placement:

  • Fit: this option resizes the image to fit completely on the screen, so every part of it will be visible. Since we keep the aspect ratio intact, this may mean that part of the screen remains uncovered. It will be filled using the color in ‘window background’
  • Tile: This option takes your image in its original size and puts it in the center of the page. If the image is larger than the available screen space, then parts are cut off. But if it is smaller, then the image will be repeated in a tiled pattern.
  • Fill is the 3rd setting. When you use this option, the image is resized so that the complete screen is filled with your image, while keeping its aspect ratio intact. This may mean that part of the image is cut off on some screens.

Also, kindly note, that FlippingBook Publisher includes lots of options to customize the skin of your publication to your own taste. To find out more about these options, please, check our article Customizing the skin of your publications

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