Brand and design your publications to look stunning and match your company style

FlippingBook Publisher helps you create beautiful documents in your own style to impress and engage your clients at first glance. Stand out from the crowd with your professional-looking digital documents.

Brand and design your publications Brand and design your publications

24 professional designs

We have designed 24 customizable skins that can become the perfect background for your content, for any use case and industry. Get a beautiful flipbook in a couple of clicks.

  • Branding and style

    Brand your document in your own style by adding a favicon, clickable logo, and custom background. Plus, you can use your company colors for panels and buttons in your publication to create a consistent brand image.

  • Branded documents

    Remove any mention of FlippingBook to give your documents an even more refined and professional look. Create white-label content with your own branding your readers will instantly recognize.

Settings templates

Templates allow you to save the settings you need and apply them as default in future projects. You can also save a number of templates and use them for various content types that you create. It will make the process of making publications faster and more efficient.

Settings templates Settings templates
Real book feel Real book feel

Real book feel

Make your publication feel even better than a real book: create an authentic hardcover with proper binding, add natural page thickness, set realistic shadows for your publication, and choose the color of the link highlights. Go with a two-page layout or display one page at a time with a page flip effect. Your content will look sleek in every detail.

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