• How to adjust publication to your company's brand in FlippingBook Publisher?

There are several branding options in FlippingBook Publisher that allow you to change the publication look according to your company’s colors and logo. Depending on your FlippingBook Publisher edition, you will have access to different branding and customization options:

Branding Trial Professional Business
Background logo

FlippingBook logo


Panel and Window colors

Contacts Button

FlippingBook logo


FlippingBook logo

Preloader Settings

* - available in the edition.


The Trial version has a contacts button and watermarks that can’t be removed from your publication.

With the Professional edition, you have a limited set of branding options — the FlippingBook logo can’t be removed.

The Business edition allows you to remove the FlippingBook logo and apply your own branding.

Below we describe how you can brand your publication by:


Customizing the skin of your publications

Changing the background logo

Setting your own contacts button with custom text and URL

Setting your own favicon

Changing your preloader settings


Customizing the skin of your publications

The look of your publication is determined by what we call the skin. A skin is a background image that, together with other graphical elements, makes up the user interface of your publications. FlippingBook Publisher offers a set of 24 professionally designed skins by default. They can improve your publications with a sleeker look and a better viewing experience.

To change the skin of the publication:

  1. Go to the pane Settings.
  2. Click on the button Select Skin.
  3. Choose a skin that goes well with your publication by clicking on the miniature preview.

The new skin will be automatically applied to your publication.

If you want to change the Panel and the Window colors, you can do that in the Appearance pane of the tab Settings:

  1. Simply choose one of the four options to modify the Panel or the Window, and click on the dots next to them.
  2. To set a color in these fields you can use the eyedrop option. Just pick a color in your PDF and apply it to the publication:

Changing the background logo

  1. Open FlippingBook Publisher and go to the tab Settings.
  2. Click on the pane General.
  3. Go to Background Logo and press Select Image.
  4. Find the folder where you saved your image, select it, and click Open.
  5. To change the URL for your background logo, simply insert your link into the field URL for Background Logo.

For your background logo we recommend using PNG files with a transparent background. The article about making a transparent background logo for your convenience: https://flippingbook.com/help/publisher-2/creating-publications/transparent-background-logo

Setting your own contacts button with custom text and URL

You can set your own contacts button with custom text and a custom URL.

By default Branded

To do this, please, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings -> General.
  2. Put a tick next to the option Contacts Button.
  3. Fill out the fields Contacts Button Text and Contacts Button URL.

You can also customize Contacts Button Target – it determines how your link is opened.

'Blank' opens the URL in a new browser tab. 'Top', 'Self', and 'Parent' often do the same, but may act differently when you embed your publication on a website. In this case:

  • 'Top' opens the link in the tab that you are currently using;
  • 'Self' opens the link in the current frame (in the embedded publication);
  • 'Parent' opens the link in the same tab as the page where the publication is embedded.

Setting your own favicon

Your custom favicon can also be added into your browser’s address bar as a small branding element.

By default Branded

To do this you should follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings -> General.
  2. Find the option Favicon and click on the square next to it.
  3. Choose Select Icon.

Your favicon should be in .ico format.

Note! The preferred size for a favicon is 16×16 or 32×32 pixels. As for the background logo, the recommended height of the image shouldn’t exceed 60 pixels. If the initial size of your image is larger than that, you might need to resize it. Also, in case you decide to change your background image, its default size is 1440x1080 pixels and we don't advise going smaller.

Changing your preloader settings

Here are the preloader settings you will be able to change for your publication:

  • background color;
  • the title that appears above your preloader;
  • the color of the title.

To change these settings, please, follow the steps below:

  1. Import your PDF or open your project .p2hp file in FlippingBook Publisher.
  2. Go to Settings -> Preloader Settings.
  3. To change the background color or the color of the title, click on the three dots next to the appropriate field:

    4. To change the title, just write a new one in the field Title. It will appear above your preloader.

Another option you can choose is the type of your Preloader. It can be either Cover or Animated Preloader.

Cover shows the first page of your publication while Animated Preloader shows a small publication icon that flips. Here is what they look like:

  • Cover

  • Animated Preloader

You can also add your logo which will appear right under your Preloader. To do this, you should click on the small thumbnail image next to Logo:

You can choose any logo you want. The accepted formats are .jpg, .jpeg, and .png.

Feel free to check out examples of publications branded according to company standards.

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