FlippingBook Publisher Software Editions


Simple PC software for content distribution


1 workstation
per workstation
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Features for web developers and digital marketers


2 workstations
per workstation
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White-label publications ready for your branding


3 workstations
per workstation
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  Basic Professional Business
Web link for each page
Website embedding (3 types)
Page flip animation on Facebook feed
Web library (collections)
Digital bookshelf
WordPress Embedding New New New
Fast renewal with built-in FTP client  
iOS app reader (for use on iPhones and iPads)  
Android app reader (for use on Android devices)  
SEO-optimized publication
Google Analytics integration
Link areas embedding  
Shopping cart embedding  
Lead collection  
Upload product lists  
Branding & Design
5 publication types for different page layout
24 ready skins to choose from
Skin customization tool for designers  
Videos embedding (YouTube and Vimeo)  
Background sound adjustment  
Flash embedding  
4 pre-loader types  
Popup image embedding   New New
White-label publications    
Your logo    
Password protection    
Domain permissions    
Time Saving & Convenience
PDF import
Converter keeps links of a source PDF file
Converter keeps Table of Content of a source PDF
High-resolution images as a source
Preview on desktop, smartphone and tablet screens
Quick upload of large documents
Quick single-page renewal
Attach any file to your publication
Readers' Engagement
Flawless look on iPads, iPhones and Android devices
Publication opens fast
Each page loads separately
‘Save as PDF’ button (optional)
Copy/paste text (optional)
‘Print’ button (optional)
Full publication sharing
Separate page sharing
Sharing with QR codes


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All You Need to Know Before Purchase

What do I actually get when purchasing a FlippingBook Publisher License?

After you've purchased a license for the Basic, Professional or Business editions you can:
- Use the software forever
- Create an unlimited number of online self-hosted publications
- Create an unlimited number of offline publications
- Host your publications on FlippingBook Cloud

What does 'workstation' mean?
What are the licensing terms?

Each edition is designed for a limited number of users. Thus purchasing a license for '2 workstations' means that the software can be simultaneously installed and used on two computers. You can uninstall the software on one computer and install it on another. Each user can create unlimited number of publications.

How can I get the installation file after purchasing the software from your website?

After purchasing the software, you'll receive a login and password to your personal account, from where you can always download the .exe installation file. You can also order a backup CD during the checkout process. We also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Will there be any software updates? Will I receive any notification of a new update?

Each edition includes a 1-year subscription to automatic updates including new features created in response to the most popular user requirements. Generally, we have 3 or 4 major updates each year. The software will automatically inform you of all new updates.

What are the FlippingBook Cloud’s hosting conditions?

Each software edition includes 1 year’s free hosting of 3 publications without any limitations on space or traffic. An unlimited number of publications can be obtained along with the Premium Subscription.

What is a subscription to FlippingBook services?

When you obtain any of FlippingBook Publisher’s licenses you get 1 year’s free Standard Subscription. Alternatively you can take out a Premium Subscription. Please visit this article for more information.

Will any third-party ads be embedded into publications I create with FlippingBook Publisher?

Publications created using any software edition are absolutely free of ads unless you decide to put ads inside your source document using the link areas embedding feature. You can also take advantage of several useful branding settings.

How can I get technical support? What should I do if I have any issues with the software?

Each software edition includes 1-year FREE technical support service by phone or email. Please feel free to contact us for assistance on purchasing or working with FlippingBook Publisher. You can also visit our Help Center for further information.