Importing PDF Files

Product: FlippingBook Publisher

With FlippingBook Publisher you can turn your documents into online publications with a real book feel to dazzle your audience. To avoid any misunderstanding beforehand, FlippingBook Publisher is not content creation software where you start with an empty page, like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Our software converts your existing documents into flipbooks, and the best input format for your documents is PDF. We create an exact copy of your PDF and retain heaps of existing functionality: your text will be fully searchable and existing links will be extracted too. We even create a table of contents, based on your PDF’s bookmarks.

The easiest way to import PDF files is to use the Import Files button on the FlippingBook Publisher start page. Click on it, select your PDF, and click on Open.

You can also drag and drop a file from a folder directly to the drag and drop field next to the import button.

On the next screen, you can click the Preferences button for more advanced options (for example, if you only want to import a specific range of pages instead of the whole document or want to import the file with the different import profile so that the size of the publication would decrease). However, most of the time this won’t be necessary and you can simply press the Start button to start the conversion process.

The import process may take a while because our converter processes all the elements on every single page and converts them into an entirely new format: your FlippingBook. Most PDFs are converted within a few minutes, but if you have a 2000-page catalog, then it may take significantly longer. After the import is completed, you will see a fully functional flipbook.

It will look just as good as your original PDF and you can now either enrich it further or upload it directly to the cloud so everyone can admire your work.

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