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Want to view PDFs online? Simply transform your PDF to HTML5 flipbooks—the best format to make your PDFs interactive, responsive, and engaging. Get professional looking documents using FlippingBook’s online PDF viewer!

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Why should you be viewing PDFs online as flipbooks?

Because the experience is so much better. Viewing PDFs online in the format of digital flipbooks comes with multiple perks:

  • Seamless reading experience. Your audience can flip through the pages while reading the content instead of scrolling and waiting for it to load—flipbooks load instantly in any browser, on any device! And thanks to easy PDF updates, the content stays up-to-date at all times.
  • Attachment-free access. When you move your PDF to HTML5, it becomes available as a link. No more attachments! Your clients can easily access your content without downloads using FlippingBook online PDF viewer.
  • Responsive PDF viewer. Flipbooks take your PDFs to a new level. PDFs become interactive with a smooth page flip effect, and they’re also responsive—they open and work well on any screen or device as flipbooks. Plus, you can choose to show one or two pages at a time, or even present your content as slides.

How to view PDFs online

There’s a variety of ways to share and view PDFs online: open as a link, display embedded PDF on a website, share on social media or via messengers. Choose the right approach for you!

  • 1
    Start with converting your PDF to HTML5 flipbook with FlippingBook online viewer.
  • 2 View your PDF online as a link! It’ll open and load instantly in any browser on any device.
  • 3 It’s easy to display PDF on a website too: just embed your flipbook into any page.
  • 4 Keep in mind that our embedded PDF viewer can be extra secure if you only allow your content to be viewed within your site.
  • 5 Share your responsive PDF on social media or via messengers: you’ll get a neat preview of the flipbook you share.

You’re in good company

FlippingBook’s PDF online viewer is trusted by 61k+ businesses all over the world. Join our big happy family!

Not just a viewer

FlippingBook is more than a simple online PDF viewer for your website. It’s a tool that enhances your content, turning plain PDFs into interactive digital flipbooks you can use in marketing, sales, and more.

  • Design and branding

    Design and branding

    When viewing your PDFs online, people want to see you behind the content. Show your company’s identity through custom background, color palette, logo, and favicon.

  • Interactivity


    With our interactive PDF viewer, it’s easy to spice up your content. You can add videos anywhere on the page, link out to useful resources, embed pop-up images and GIFs.

  • Activity tracking

    Activity tracking

    Want to know how your content performs? Track your PDFs to learn the number of visitors, views, downloads, shares, and more. Get powerful insights into your content engagement.

  • Content protection

    Content protection

    Ensure viewing your PDF online is safe on the web—protect it from unwanted sharing or downloads. You can also set a password in our PDF online viewer for extra security.

  • Branded links

    Branded links

    Create content that your audience can trust—brand the direct link to your flipbook. This way, people will know the link is safe to click when they decide to view your PDF online.

  • Lead generation

    Lead generation

    We don’t call it ‘interactive PDF viewer’ for nothing—it takes you beyond simple PDFs! You can generate leads right within your content with our built-in lead capture form.

HTML5 PDF viewer examples

FlippingBook is a multi-purpose PDF viewer online. It’s a catalog viewer, a magazine viewer, an ebook viewer—you name it! No matter what professional looking documents you want to create from PDFs, they’ll be responsive and interactive with our PDF online viewer.

The little things count

It’s the details that make FlippingBook so efficient when you view PDFs online with it. Learn all about the small things that create our versatile reading and viewing experience.

Vector text

We support vector text, which means you’ll have crystal clear quality when viewing PDFs online.


Our HTML5 PDF viewer makes each doc realistic online with page thickness, natural shadows, and book binding.


We detect the language in your PDF, so the page flip direction is correct—left-to-right or right-to-left!

Text selection

Unrivalled tech: select any text as you’re reading it or share a direct link to a page with your highlighted text.

Who uses our HTML5 PDF viewer and how?

See how different industry professionals create and share professional-looking documents with their audience using FlippingBook.

FlippingBook’s product catalog viewer makes it easy to navigate around the content—clients find the items they need in seconds, even in catalogs of 100+ pages.

It’s easy to display PDFs on a website as flipbooks! The embedded PDF viewer allows marketers to showcase any content online and generate new leads with their flipbooks.

Being able to view PDF reports online is vital for investors, so non-profit organizations convert PDFs to HTML5 with FlippingBook for transparent communication.

A responsive PDF available on any device is a must-have during meetings. A sales rep can pull up a presentation on their phone or tablet in seconds using FlippingBook responsive PDF viewer.

Engaging students is a piece of cake with an interactive PDF viewer—display PDFs on the school website, add videos, GIFs, and pop-ups to entertain students and educate them at the same time.

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