FlippingBook Salespal:
Mobile platform for your sales team

  • Keep up-to-date sales documents in one app—Ņonvert them from PDF to HTML5
  • Share content directly from the app
  • Follow up at the right moment with smart document tracking tools
  • Manage sales teams and track their progress from your web admin panel

Why FlippingBook Salespal?

Because it creates a seamless sales workflow. Keep the most up-to-date flipbooks in your pocket—they’ll be available in the app both on- and offline. Share flipbooks with prospects in one tap. Get email and push notifications as well as in-depth stats on content performance. Sow timely follow-ups to reap successful sales!

  • Mobile hub for sales collateral

    With FlippingBook Salespal, your sales documents are always available in one app—and they’re always up-to-date. Your team can access the most relevant version of a product catalog or a sales proposal the moment you update the content.

  • Effective tool for sales enablement

    Show a lead your cool product catalog in-app and then send it to them without leaving FlippingBook Salespal. The app’s thorough stats will tell you what exactly caught your lead’s eye, so you can follow up with the right info at hand and increase sales!

  • Versatile platform for sales management

    Keep an eye on the progress of your sales team. FlippingBook Salespal comes with a neat web panel where admins can track the work of each sales rep: what content they show to leads in-app and what content they share with leads.

Engage leads from the first page

Make sure your sales content engages your prospects. With FlippingBook Salespal, each document looks like a print copy with digital perks—crystal clear text and image quality, embedded videos, realistic page flip animation on mobile, and more. See for yourself below!

Learn how to create an awesome digital document with FlippingBook Salespal at a live demo with our product expert.

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How to increase sales with FlippingBook Salespal

The app, and the workflow, are easy to set up. It only takes a few simple steps to start generating successful sales with FlippingBook Salespal.


Assign team roles to your sales reps and give them access to the sales documents they will need.


Upload your PDFs into FlippingBook Salespal. They’ll turn into high-quality HTML5 flipbooks available as links on any device.

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Nail the presentation part of the sales funnel—your reps will share professional sales content in custom emails generated right in the app.


Each rep can track how leads interact with the sales collateral using our built-in stats. Timely follow-ups with the right info at hand will increase sales!

Boost sales with these advanced features

FlippingBook Salespal takes your sales workflow to a new level. The tool enhances your sales collateral as well as gives you a set of powerful features to simplify all sales processes and increase sales. We’ve got you—from the first chat with a lead and the presentation, down to the informed follow-up and the eventual sale.

  • Custom sharing

    Custom sharing

    Deliver content to prospects instantly—no need to wait for bulky attachments to load. Instead, create a custom email using our flexible template and add one or several neat previews of your content to the email—the docs will open in any browser as direct links.

  • Smart notifications

    Smart notifications

    You’ll know when a lead has read your sales documents with our email notifications as well as in-app push notifications. You can follow up right away via email or open the push notification to explore the lead’s interactions with your content using our thorough analytics.

  • Powerful built-in stats

    Powerful built-in stats

    FlippingBook Salespal equips you with detailed analytics on prospects’ interactions with your docs. Learn all about page views, clicks, time spent in your content. Once you understand what interests your lead the most, jump in with that killer of a follow up for a successful sale!

  • Interactive format

    Interactive format

    Take your sales collateral beyond plain PDFs. With FlippingBook Salespal, each document will look like a print copy made for the web. A table of contents and thumbnails will make it easy to navigate to any page of the document. And a bunch of interactive perks in our Enterprise plan will make your content stand out—add your branding, videos, GIFs, and more.

  • Effortless updates

    Effortless updates

    Give your sales team the most relevant versions of product catalogs and sales proposals with FlippingBook Salespal, aka your pocket assistant. The docs will be available under the same link no matter how many times you update them—so no need to resend that email to your promising lead. If your content is always on point, you’ll get a higher chance to increase sales!

  • Offline access

    Offline access

    We’ve made sure the sales collateral you create with FlippingBook Salespal surpasses PDFs on every level. That’s why your sales docs are available offline within the app, so you can navigate to any page with ease and swipe comfortably—not scroll! The offline access works well for field sales in remote areas without a network connection.

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