How do I create links using FlippingBook Publisher?

Product: FlippingBook Publisher

FlippingBook Publisher 2.4 and later allows you to create and edit links directly within the application.

First you need to import the document with which you plan to work into FlippingBook Publisher. Once your document has been imported, you can start adding links.

Select the page where your link will be located. There are three different methods for doing this:

  • Just click on the cover and flip through to the target page.
  • Type in the required page number in the «Pages» field in the publication’s header.
  • Click on the page thumbnail in the «Pages» tab on the right of your publication.

Then click the «Content editor» button in the upper panel of the program and choose the button "Link":


You can also select the page in the «Pages» tab on the right of the screen, right click on it and choose the «Edit Content» option:

The Content Editor window will open:

Now you need to choose a location on the page for your link. Note the green rectangle. It defines the area that will become a clickable link. You can move it around on the page and adjust its size. To do so, drag it with the mouse or use the controls in the «Link Settings» window. Place the rectangle over the word, phrase, sentence, or image you’d like to transform into a link.

The «Link Settings» window also allows you to set the link target and customize it. If you want to add an external link, click on the «URL» button. The field for the URL will appear.

If you wish to create a link to another page of the publication, please select the «Page» option and you will be able to choose the required page number.

Now you can customize the link. Options include highlight color and opacity for the specific link, and — in the case of URL — target the links opening location («Self» and «Parent» differ if iFrame is used to embed the publication).

If you want to add another link after you have finished working on the first one, click on the «Insert Link» button in the «Toolbox» on the left:

Once you have finished, you can close the Content Editor — and the changes will be automatically saved.

If you want to edit this link later, simply select the page in the «Pages» tab on the right of the screen, right click on it and choose the «Edit Content» option. Then adjust the settings in the «Link Settings» window of the Content Editor.

If you’d like to remove the link, select it in the Content Editor window and press the «Delete» key.


If you have created links in your original PDF prior to importing it to FlippingBook Publisher, do not worry — all the links will be extracted and made clickable inside the publication.

Also kindly note that FlippingBook Publisher 2.9.30 and later includes a very convenient highlight mode for all your interactive elements - links, videos and pop-ups. Here is how it works - when the user clicks on any blank spot on the page, all interactive elements on the page are highlighted. Another click on the page hides them.

This feature can make your publication much easier to work with.

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