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Jan 20, 2021 Product Updates

FlippingBook Online Update: Introducing Folders

Meet folders in FlippingBook Online. If you can’t wait to organize your flipbooks, read our article, and start sorting in no time.

Jan 18, 2021 Marketing Insights

Why You Shouldn’t Worry about the Latest Google Algorithm Update

Read on to find out why there might be more important digital marketing trends to keep track of if you want to dominate the Google search results in your sector in 2021.

Jan 13, 2021 Marketing Insights

Reaching Your Audience on Every Marketing Channel

Our article looks at some of the ways modern marketing giants reach customers with the different platforms available to them and provides tips for you to do the same.

Dec 23, 2020 Marketing Insights

Happy Holidays from FlippingBook

Sending holiday cheer is a timeless tradition so we’ve made a festive flipbook full of good wishes and positive vibes. Wishing you love, kindness, and healing in 2021!

Dec 21, 2020 Product Updates

FlippingBook Publisher Release: Enhanced Publication, Text Selection, Hardcover, and More

The new FlippingBook Publisher release is already here. It brings you a revamped publication with a fresh streamlined look and a whole bunch of exciting digital tweaks.

Dec 15, 2020 Marketing Insights

Top 12 Digital Marketing Strategies to Ramp Up Your Sales

Use these 12 digital marketing techniques to promote your company, increase your chances of business success, and help boost your revenue.

Dec 11, 2020 Marketing Insights

The End of Cookies and How It Will Revolutionize Digital Marketing

In this article, we discuss the background and future of third-party cookies and why privacy is important in an increasingly digital world.

Dec 9, 2020 Growth Tips

How to Create a Flipbook Online: An Ultimate Guide

Learn how to create a flipbook from a PDF, customize it, brand it, and share it swiftly with your readers and clients via professional online software.

Nov 27, 2020 Growth Tips

How to Choose the Right Ebook Distribution Platform: A Guide for New Authors

Learn about 5 main factors to consider when choosing an ebook distribution platform that is right for you.

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