Provide great viewing experience with your online documents

Simple service. No coding.

Simple service. No coding.

Our software helps you to convert static PDFs into interactive online flipbooks for clear and meaningful communications with your audience.

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Web service for Mac & PC

FlippingBook Online

  • Cloud-hosting
  • Basic design tools
  • Easy to upload & update

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Desktop software for PC

FlippingBook Publisher

  • Self-hosting
  • Professional design tools
  • Interactivity
  • Content protection

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More than 100,000 businesses use FlippingBook to drive engagement with their content.

Real book feel

Make it feel like a paper book

FlippingBook gives your documents a realistic page flip effect and intuitive, thought-out navigation. Brought together, these will provide your readers with an excellent reading experience.

Professional look and feel

Show PDFs seamlessly on your website

Give visitors a seamless way to read your documents online. With FlippingBook, your PDFs will look good and create a professional image in any medium.

PDF on website
better file distribution than pdf

Better Distribution

Make everyday communication with customers easy

Share your interactive documents on your website and in social media, or just send customers direct links to your flipbooks.

Cross-platform Support

Give your content a beautiful look on any device

FlippingBook creates a fast HTML5 version out of your PDF for smartphones and tablets. Give readers access to your files everywhere.

pdf to html5
Flipbook HTML5

Customer story: P&I Design Ltd

“We needed a solution that could handle big files, structure them, download quickly and still look good. And we found FlippingBook.”
Dave Ransome
Dave Ransome
chairman at P&I Design Ltd
Read full story Customer story: P&I Design Ltd

More advantages for your PDF documents

Better navigation

Fast access, smart text search, intuitive page turning – make access to your content easy.

Faster large documents

Never lose a reader because of a slow-loading PDF

Content protection

Protect your content from unwanted sharing and downloading.

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