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Deliver a great viewing experience with your documents at scale

Optimize creation of digital documents with automated PDF to HTML5 conversion, customization, and publishing.

Introducing FlippingBook Server

FlippingBook Server is powerful software that allows you to automate digital documents creation. Its aim is to help document-intensive businesses turn their PDFs into readable and beautiful digital documents while saving hours of manual work.

How it works

  1. Place your PDFs in a folder, monitored by FlippingBook.

  2. FlippingBook converts the files into HTML5 documents.

  3. The converted documents are saved into an output folder of your choice.

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FlippingBook Server allows you to take out manual work from digital document creation. With its help, you can batch-convert high volumes of PDFs into HTML5 documents and provide your readers a rich, interactive experience with your content.

Create a perfect workflow

FlippingBook Server can be used independently or integrated into your existing systems in a simple, straightforward manner. It works on-premises, giving you the freedom to use it as you see fit.

Creating documents via hot folder

A hot folder is a local folder on your computer that FlippingBook continuously monitors to process any PDFs arriving in it. You can set any local folder as a hot folder.

Creating documents via XML job tickets

A job ticket is a file in the XML format that allows a third-party system (e.g. your CRM) to pass instructions to FlippingBook Server. This way, you can integrate FlippingBook Server into your system and create documents without ever switching between the two.

You can use job tickets to customize each document you create, e.g. add a unique logo or restrict embedding the document into websites. All this you can do in your system, while FlippingBook Server will get the request and create the document in the background.

Control the look and feel of your documents

Even automating document creation, you can choose how they look with the customized presets.

  • Your own design


    Add a clickable logo, your background image, favicon, and color palette.

  • Your own design

    Content protection

    Disable the options to print, share, and download your document.

  • Your own design


    Add thumbnails, table of contents, notes, and text search.

How you can use FlippingBook Server

For libraries and archives

Convert scanned books into interactive digital collections

If you want your readers and learners to have a better experience with the digital materials your library provides, FlippingBook Server can help. It enhances simple PDFs, giving them a nice look and extra navigation options, so that your digital books feel more like print ones.

FlippingBook Server can be easily integrated into a Library Management System of your choice. No need to create anything manually or learn to work with new software.

For IT solution providers

Seamless integration into your solutions

FlippingBook Server will be a great fit if you provide solutions in content scanning, digitization, and management. It will create additional value for your clients by making digital documents easy to access on any device and comfortable to read.

And thanks to the seamless integration capabilities FlippingBook Server provides, you can easily make creation of interactive documents an innate part of your solution.

For professional service providers

The power of interactivity for your digital content

You can fit FlippingBook Server into almost any publishing process that includes producing and processing PDFs. If there’s a need to create high-quality, professional digital documents for marketing, sales, HR, or educational purposes, FlippingBook Server will provide a simple and reliable solution to the problem.

We designed FlippingBook Server to be straightforward, so you can set and configure it without a high learning curve or obligatory help from our engineers.

For publishers

Create engaging ‘look inside’s and full evaluation copies

‘Look inside’ is a great way to help buyers decide if they want a book they’re looking at. And an interactive ‘look inside’, created with FlippingBook Server, will ensure the buyers enjoy exploring the book’s contents.

If you publish educational materials and send out full evaluation copies, you can use FlippingBook Server to create interactive ebooks available as links instead of using hard copies. And when the evaluation period is over, you will be able to simply take down the link and revoke the access to the copy. Cut printing and shipping costs, and offer the best experience with your materials to prospective buyers at the same time.

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