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Choose your way to share documents

Display content on your website, send it via email, or post it on social media for better outreach. Sharing documents online has never been easier.

How to share digital documents

What do you do with an online flipbook converted from a simple PDF? You send it directly to your clients of course! FlippingBook helps you share and embed your content via a variety of channels.


First, make sure that your flipbook is up-to-date. It’s important for successful sales, business pitches, marketing campaigns, and more.


Share your content with clients as a direct link. They’ll be able to open it in any browser and on any device.


For maximum engagement, embed your document on any page of your site, making it an integral part of any page.


Cover all bases: share your flipbooks on social media as well. Communicate with your audience across all the networks they use.

Embed into website seamlessly

Weave your online documents right into your webpage, creating a seamless viewing experience. It’s simple: just insert a short code to embed the whole document or a specific page.

Embed into website seamlessly

Private sharing

Control how people interact with your content by disabling print, share, and download options. And for secure document sharing, you can password protect your content.

Embed into website seamlessly

Send documents of any size via email

FlippingBook makes sharing large documents by email much easier. Just send the link and never worry about bulky attachments, slow Internet connection, or whether your addressee can open the file on their smartphone.

Send the document of any size via email

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