Branding & Customization

FlippingBook professional software makes personalizing and branding PDFs possible in just a few clicks. Draw attention to your brand and empower your content by turning static PDFs into interactive HTML5 publications with smart design, custom color palette, clickable logo, branded links, and more.

Build up your online presence

A consistent brand image is what helps people recognize your name and trust it when they see it online. Make branding an essential part of your content marketing—create online documents that match your corporate style and truly define your brand.

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24 ready designs

FlippingBook software offers you a gallery of background templates aka skins. Whatever industry you’re from, whatever publication you’re making, you will find the skin that complements your content perfectly. And if you’d rather upload your own background, you can do that too!

Secrets of branding

Color palette

By default, FlippingBook will match your flipbook’s color palette to the background of your choice. However, you can change the colors if you wish. Make your palette go in tone with your company’s colors to complete your brand style.

Color palette

Logo & favicon

Branding PDFs is easy with FlippingBook. White-label your publication by changing the FlippingBook logo and favicon to the ones of your company. Make the logo clickable—that will allow you to drive more traffic to your website.

Logo & favicon

Unified branding across all platforms

By branding PDFs with our software, you are getting so much more than just an official-looking online document. With FlippingBook, you can turn your pageflip publications into valuable assets for your content marketing and make your branding unified across all platforms, thus creating a positive and seamless experience for clients and leads.

Embed your branded flipbook right into your website or even create a digital library. Share the links to your publications on social networks to broaden your audience reach. Have a YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia account? Insert your videos into flipbooks to get more views!

Control the look and feel of your publication

Unlike static PDFs, HTML5 flipbooks really look like printed publications, down to the smooth page flip effect and realistic page numeration with both Roman and Arabic numerals available. But the page-flipping effect is not the only thing that makes your publications so wonderfully lifelike. We have other customization features that you can use to give your flipbook exactly the right look.

Set a right-to-left page turn direction for your flipbook if it’s common for your audience’s language.
Turn on the gentle page-flipping sound for a more realistic experience or turn it off to minimize distractions.
Choose the right cover option for your publication: hardcover or professional digital paperback.
Control sharing and navigation options for your reader through enabling or disabling them in the bottom menu.

Mobile experience

When customizing or branding PDFs with our professional software, be sure—all the custom features and details you add will look the same on desktops and mobile devices alike. HTML5 publications made via FlippingBook are super mobile-friendly. They load fast on any screen but not at the expense of your content, design, or branding.


Be it a logo or a branded video, your readers will see your flipbook exactly as you created it, no matter what device they’re using.

FlippingBook allows us to present materials in accordance with our brand.
Zack Beck
from New Directions for Academic Advancement
hosts educational materials with FlippingBook

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