“Digital magazine publishing” – it’s just a switch from paper to iPad, iPhone and Android, isn’t it? And an iPad easily opens PDFs, so why choose a bespoke digital publishing solution? Ask any professional publisher, and they'll be quick to correct you. The devil is in the detail. How long will your readers be prepared to wait for a high-quality PDF to download? Will the PDF provide the same luxurious feeling as glossy paper? Will it zoom and focus? How will the reader navigate through the pages? Is there an iOS/Android app for offline reading? FlippingBook offers solid, professional and impactful answers to these and many other digital publishing questions.

Why should magazine publishers choose FlippingBook to create digital editions?

FlippingBook is the perfect solution for average size digital publishers who make most of their profits through advertising. Here’s why:

  • You receive a lifetime solution allowing you to create an unlimited number of issues and host them on your server. Thus, you can reduce your digital publishing costs.
  • You make your magazine look digitally unique with minimum effort. You can choose from ready skins for your magazine or create your own with our simple skin editor.
  • Any part of your magazine can become a banner linked to the web page of an advertiser. Install the trial version for free and find out how easily you can add links inside your magazine.
  • Our lightning fast import and convenient software interface will let you create digital issues with the same or even better quality results than you would get using costly individual digital publishing services.
  • If you don’t have a hosting solution, you can use FlippingBook to get a web link for your magazine. When hosted in FlippingBook Cloud, your publications offer several bonuses to your readers: offline reading on mobile devices, gathering to collections and presentation on a digital bookshelf.
  • Finally, you receive a time-tested digital publishing solution which gives you the assurance that you don’t need to worry about content distortion, slow loading, uncomfortable zooming and navigation, etc.

Get FlippingBook Trial for free and find out how well it fits your business needs.

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