Look at a FlippingBook digital publication and you will see the huge difference between an ordinary PDF catalog and a premium online digital publication with a built-in E-Commerce engine. Now customers can make online purchases directly from the pages of your digital catalog. This is a great chance for online businesses to increase revenue or for anyone to start selling online using a simple PDF converted to a FlippingBook format.

How Do You Make Your Digital Catalog Sell Online?

Do you know why just posting a PDF catalog online doesn't really increase a business's revenue? Here are some crucial reasons:

  • PDFs must be fully downloaded before they can be opened and viewed. So it's hard to distribute them across the web.
  • PDFs do not look very good on some devices, such as iPads. Reading them is often inconvenient and zooming may be awful or even absent.
  • It's impossible to place an order without switching from the PDF to the e-shop or making a phone call. The more steps it takes, the lower the chances of a purchase.
  • And, finally, PDFs are so truly boring! Modern digital sales sites have to entertain customers to be successful.

When published with FlippingBook, digital catalogs look perfect and they can be easily read on iPads, iPhones or Android devices. Moreover, they can be accessed almost immediately without downloading. A high-quality product catalog with beautiful skin, sound, video, popup images and shopping cart icons all put together in one organic design are the greatest call to action for a customer. They convey a clear message: “Don't hesitate. Place your order now!”

Using the convenient sharing window, you can embed your catalog into a website, send it by email or share it on social networks with literally a couple of clicks.

Just input the Google Analytics account number into the publication's settings and the marketing statistics for the catalog will be turned on.

Choose FlippingBook if you want a premium digital publishing solution and create exclusive digital catalogs. The features and pricing pages will help you make the right decision.