Interactive Online Catalogs with FlippingBook

Turn viewers into buyers with beautiful online catalogs, created with the help of FlippingBook.

Interactive Online Catalogs with FlippingBook

Take your PDF catalogs to the new level

FlippingBook is a professional catalog creator. It will help you convert your PDF catalog into HTML5 and make them accessible anywhere, anytime.

Reach customers anywhere

HTML5 makes your publications instantly accessible across all platforms. No matter what device your client use, they will be able to open your catalog in a second and browse it with comfort.

Reach customers anywhere

Find the info you need in seconds

Thanks to text-searching and an interactive table of contents, people will always find what they want in a matter of seconds. Even a 600-page catalog will become a handy reference tool for your customers and partners.

Make finding info in your catalog easy

Get more orders

Online catalogs can become an excellent way to attract new clients and get more orders. Share the link to your new collection on social media or send out a catalog with exclusive deal via email.

Get more orders from your digital catalogs

See how your content performs

Link your online catalog to Google Analytics to get valuable insights about your customers. You’ll be able to see the number of views, the most popular pages, clicks, and more.

See how your content performs

Powerful features for creating interactive catalogs

Make your PDFs web-friendly

By converting your PDFs into HTML5 format, FlippingBook tailors your catalogs for the web. Your customers don’t have to download anything, they open a catalog just by clicking a link.

HTML5 Format

Make your catalogs instantly recognizable

Customize the look of your catalog to give it more class with the company’s style. You can add your company logo, your own background image, and a custom color palette.

Branding and design

Share your catalogs everywhere on the web

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