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Convert a plain PDF into an engaging product catalog with interactive videos, links to item pages, pop-up images of every product. It’s easy with FlippingBook—your PDF catalog creator!

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How to create interactive online catalogs?

Sometimes the question isn’t even how to make a catalog online, but where to start. With a PDF! FlippingBook catalog maker will transform your PDF catalog into an HTML5 flipbook with a bunch of cool features. Reimagine your content using our digital catalog software.


Upload your PDF into FlippingBook catalog creator. No matter the size, your PDF will turn into an awesome online catalog in a few minutes. And it’ll be easy to navigate, too!


Customize your digital product catalog to ensure it surpasses the PDF version. You can set up your own design, add custom branding, get the security level you need.

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Make your online catalog interactive: insert videos about each item, link back to item pages on your website for successful sales, turn each image into a pop-up.

Digital catalog examples

Check out these gorgeous e-catalogs that our clients made. Get inspired to make your own with our PDF catalog creator!

Essential features for your product catalogs

FlippingBook gives you a set of handy tools to create and share the most powerful product catalogs online. It’s easy to outshine competition with your content using our digital catalog maker!

  • No attachment—just a link

    No attachment—just a link

    Nobody likes to open email attachments. Some aren’t secure, others are a drag to scroll through. With FlippingBook, you can send your clients a direct link instead—your content will open instantly on any device, no matter the catalog size.

  • Mobile-ready content

    Navigation without effort

    Does your catalog have hundreds or even thousands of pages? No biggie. Your clients will jump to the info they need in seconds with our interactive table of contents. A smart search tool and thumbnails are there for effortless navigation, too.

  • Catalogs as part of your brand

    Catalogs as part of your brand

    Each online catalog can reflect your brand from the design down to the direct link. It’s so simple! Set up a custom background in your brand’s colors, add a logo leading to your site, brand the direct link to the catalog.

  • Trackable product catalogs

    Trackable product catalogs

    Discover your best-selling items—track how your whole catalog and separate pages perform! See which item pages get the most views and which links are clicked more often. Reinforce your digital catalog based on these data.

  • External links for better sales

    External links for better sales

    Display an item on the page and link it back right to your site. This way, clients will be able to choose a product in your digital catalog and then buy it on your website. It’s a seamless sales process!

  • Mobile-ready content

    Mobile-ready content

    Want to pull up a product catalog on your phone or tablet during a meeting? Not a problem. Your online catalogs look and work well on any device, so you’ll impress your clients from the very first page.

Product catalog templates

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FlippingBook catalog creator lets you convert your PDF catalog into a beautiful flipbook with interactive perks. All you need is a PDF version of your digital catalog.

Product catalog template

Don’t have a ready PDF catalog? You can make your own with Canva, an easy-to-use design tool. Grab our free catalog template, add your content in Canva, and then send it straight to FlippingBook thanks to a seamless integration between our tools!

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Create interactive product catalogs

Once your PDF catalog is converted with FlippingBook, you can make it interactive to ensure maximum client engagement. We have just what you need to spice up your content!

Pop-up images


Interactive pop-ups are a killer feature for product catalogs. And with FlippingBook, you can create whole pop-up galleries! Your clients will be able to appreciate every item in detail instead of zooming in even if there are dozens of them on the page.



Why not introduce a new line of products with an engaging video? Or add a welcome video in your online catalog to show the human side of your brand? Simply embed a YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia video anywhere on the page.



Animate your visuals to show every product item in action. If you display your items at their best, people will want to make a purchase. So incorporate GIFs in your catalog for stronger engagement and sales!

See these features in action with a live expert

Work on product catalogs with your team

FlippingBook is an efficient tool for teamwork. Your sales team will love the ease of collaboration in our tool.

Shared folders

Marketing team
Sales team
Manuals for HR
Company guidelines
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Convenient interface

First off, your designer or marketer can create a catalog online and then distribute it to the entire team using shared folders. The right content will be available to everyone in seconds! And with our smart search, any teammate can easily find the catalog they’re looking for across the shared folders. It’s a handy tool when you’re in a meeting!

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Our products

Any one of our products can be a great fit for digital catalog publishing. Looking to publish catalogues online? Batch convert catalogs or display catalogs on mobile? Choose a product that suits your needs better.

  • Online

    Browser-based online catalog maker. It has all the features for creating and publishing catalogs online. Just upload a PDF and you will get an HTML5 catalog in 1-2 minutes.

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  • FlippingBook Publisher

    FlippingBook Publisher

    Powerful desktop catalog software for Windows. Choose it if you consider self-hosting or want to have more control over your digital catalogs’ look and feel.

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  • FlippingBook Automation

    FlippingBook Automation

    Batch catalog converter for Windows. Convert PDF catalogs to digital flipbooks automatically, one by one. Integrate with other systems for seamless workflows.

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  • Salespal


    Mobile app for sales catalogs. Your sales reps will have the most up-to-date catalogs right in their phones or tablets so they can easily show them to leads.

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FlippingBook is truly powerful.
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  • I want to make an online catalog but I don’t have it in PDF yet. How do I make a PDF?

    Read our blog post The Best PDF Creating Tools for Non-Designers. It contains our recommendations on various PDF creating tools based on their complexity, key features, and qualities. Hopefully, it will help you make a choice.

  • How to make a catalog with FlippingBook?

    All you have to do is upload a PDF to FlippingBook, and it will be converted to HTML5 automatically. Then you can customize your publication, set distribution preferences, add interactive features, and more. When you decide your online product catalog is ready, just share the link to it with your customers or insert the embed code directly into your website.

  • How big can my catalog be?

    You can create an online catalog of up to 2,000 pages with the original PDF of 250 MB, 500 MB, or 1 GB depending on the plan you’re using.

  • Do you have a free plan or a trial?

    We don’t have a free plan but we do have a free trial. All features will be available to you during the trial, except for Custom Domain. No credit card is required.

  • Will you put ads in my e-catalogs?

    No, we won’t. All publications created via FlippingBook are ad-free, always.

  • Will my catalog be accessible?

    Yes, as long as you enable the Accessibility feature and provide an accessible PDF to go with your interactive catalog. The FlippingBook viewer is ADA-compliant meaning the interface is compatible with assistive software and offers a few alternative navigation options.

  • How many publications can I create with FlippingBook?

    It depends on the plan (or edition, if it’s FlippingBook Publisher). If you choose to host on your own server, the number of publications is unlimited.

  • Do I need coding skills to use your converter? Do I have to be a designer?

    You don’t need coding skills to use FlippingBook. And our ready backgrounds and color palette will help you turn your online catalog into an eye-catching digital publication even if you have no previous experience in design. Our learning curve is so short you can barely notice it.

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