Online catalogue
- is a great opportunity for sellers to attract more interest to their goods and as a result create more leads and revenues with the help of the content that they already have.

FlippingBook helps two kind of PDF catalogues. For fashion, interior and luxury catalogues it creates a great online viewing experience. Catalogues drive more attention and have interactivity with E-commerce elements that give shoppers what they want - positive emotions and lots of fun.

For product catalogues used in manufacturing FlippingBook format provides easy navigation and fast access to content on all devices. This will come handy for salespeople on meetings with potential clients as well as for dealers who need to have an up-to-date product info and prices on hand at all times.

How Do You Make Your Digital Catalogue Sell Online?

Here’s what helps digital catalogues in FlippingBook format work better than usual PDFs:

  • No need to download an online catalogue. Distribution is easy, as the content can be posted online or send via email without size limitations.
  • Great readability and nice look in all desktop browsers and on any mobile device.
  • Shoppers can add items to shopping cart and make an order via email without leaving the catalogue.

Interactive publications that use flashy flip effect, videos, popups serve as a great add-on to any e-shop or business that uses catalogues on daily basis. They improve communication between a seller and a customer and convey benefits for both.

And to measure the positive changes FlippingBook catalogs make for your business, you can always add Google Analytics tracking number to your publications and see the statistics for yourself.

Try FlippingBook if you want a premium digital publishing solution to create exclusive digital catalogues. Check pricing to see product options, features and costs.