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Create professional digital books in a click with FlippingBook Online ebook creator. Your ebook is so much more than a PDF document when enhanced with videos, links, GIFs, analytics, a lead generation tool, and multiple interactive features.

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Create interactive ebooks for your business with ease

Take your digital documents to the next level by turning them into interactive digital books with FlippingBook. Our professional online ebook maker allows you to not only turn your PDFs into mobile-friendly HTML5 flipbooks but also to share them via links, embed them into websites, track viewers’ statistics, collect leads, protect your content from unwanted access, and more.

How to create an ebook from PDF with FlippingBook Online

Creating an ebook online with our ebook generator is so easy it only takes four simple steps.


First, to create an ebook from PDF, upload your document into the FlippingBook ebook creator. The PDF to HTML5 conversion will start right away.


Customize your ebook. Brand it with your logo and corporate colors, choose a background, add a lead form, enable SEO or password protection.


When it’s ready, share your ebook with your audience. Email it as a link, embed it into your website, or post it on social media to widen your outreach.

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View on any screen

It doesn’t matter where your readers are when they click your link and what device they are using to flip through your ebook—you can be sure that they have a quality viewing experience on any screen.


Analyze viewers’ data

Your marketing ebook tells you all you need to know about your readers’ activity: views, time spent on the page, their location, devices used to open the ebook, and more. You can see how people interact with your content and therefore analyze its efficiency based on actual numbers.

Viewers' data analytics

Collect leads

Turn your interactive ebooks into sales tools by using them to capture new leads! Add a customizable lead form to your digital ebook, collect contact data, and pass it straight into your CRM via Zapier. More than 90% of leads collected with our forms are valid!

Lead generation tool

Add interactivity

Engage your audience with multiple types of content by adding videos, links, GIFs, pop-up images, surveys, and inline pictures to the pages of your ebook. This way, you keep your readers entertained while also telling a more visually compelling story.

Add video to PDF

Highlight your brand

You can shout from the rooftops about your brand—or you can promote it extensively via your digital flipbooks. With FlippingBook, complete brand integrity for all your ebooks is right within reach. You can add a favicon and a clickable logo that leads back to your website thus boosting its traffic, change the background and color palette to match your brand colors, and even customize your URLs. Your branded ebooks look business!

Highlight your brand

Control distribution

How to protect your ebooks from sharing? Easy—with FlippingBook online book maker! Decide on the level of distribution control and ebook protection depending on the purpose of your document.

  • Open access

    Open access

    Make digital books created for marketing super SEO-friendly by enabling Google indexing.
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  • Restricted access

    Restricted access

    Decide when and where your ebooks can be shared by restricting sharing, printing, and downloading.

  • Private access

    Private access

    Set a password or restrict the access to your content outside of your website to secure your most sensitive documentation.

Navigate with ease

However big and multi-chaptered your ebooks are, any reader can browse them with ease and comfort. FlippingBook provides fast and intuitive navigation via a powerful text search tool, thumbnails, and an interactive table of contents.

Flipbook navigation

Our products

All our products can help you create stunning ebooks from PDF but each of them has something they do best—whether it’s lead generation, non-cloud ebook hosting, batch ebook conversion, or portability. Choose the product that suits your needs best!

  • Online

    A browser-based PDF to ebook converter, FlippingBook Online is the tool you want if your goal is not only to enhance and share your ebooks but to collect leads as well.

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  • FlippingBook Publisher

    FlippingBook Publisher

    A smart desktop solution, FlippingBook Publisher allows you to store the digital books you create on your own server instead of FlippingBook Cloud.

    Learn more

  • FlippingBook Automation

    FlippingBook Automation

    A powerful batch converter, FlippingBook Automation comes in handy when it’s not one or two ebooks you need to convert but, say, a hundred of them at once.

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  • Salespal


    A neat mobile platform, FlippingBook Salespal is the best friend of sales reps and dealers as it allows them to always have sales ebooks at the ready.

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  • Okay, I want an ebook. How do I create one?

    If you feel that the ebook format sounds right for your documents but you haven’t created or written one yet, we advise you to read this blog post first. It’s our step-by-step guide on making an ebook, and it has all the useful tips you may need.

  • I already have an ebook but not in PDF. How do I make a PDF?

    Creating a PDF is really simple. For example, you can create one from scratch with Canva—an easy-to-use design tool. Make your PDF with one of our free templates and and send it straight to FlippingBook thanks to a seamless integration between our tools!

    For more ways to create a PDF, take a look at our blog post The Best PDF Creating Tools for Non-Designers. Every tool's advantages and key features are listed there—and any one of them will help you create a PDF fast and with minimum effort.

  • Do you have a free plan or a trial?

    We don’t have a free plan but we do have a free trial. All features will be available to you during the trial, except for Custom Domain. No credit card is required.

  • Do you put ads in ebooks hosted with FlippingBook?

    No, we don’t. All publications created via FlippingBook are ad-free, always.

  • Will my ebook be accessible?

    Yes! The FlippingBook viewer is built according to WCAG and is ADA-compliant. You can also include an ADA-compliant PDF available for download, increasing your ebook’s accessibility further. Here’s an article if you want to learn more.

  • How many ebooks can I create with FlippingBook?

    It depends on the plan (or edition, if it’s FlippingBook Publisher). If you host them on your own server, though, the number of publications is unlimited.

  • Will my ebook have any size limits?

    Each ebook you create can have up to 2,000 pages, and the size of your original PDF can be up to 1 GB—all depending on the plan you’re using.

  • Do I need coding skills to use your converter? Do I have to be a designer?

    You don’t need coding skills to use FlippingBook. Our learning curve is so short you barely notice it. And our ready backgrounds and color palette will help you turn your ebook into an eye-catching digital publication even if you have no previous experience in design.

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