Convert any document into a stylish digital publication with flipping pages. FlippingBook users call this type of publication a flipbook, a flip book or just a flipping book.
Only a professional flipbook creator can make your publication look perfect on any desktop computer, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet. Don't mix up a hash house with a premium restaurant – the signboards may look the same, but the meals and service inside are completely different. Choose wisely.

A perfect look for your digital flip book and professional digital publishing.

is an online interactive format for presenting traditional print documents – books, magazines, catalogs or brochures – in web and on variety of mobile devices. This format makes digital issues resemble paper ones and helps drive more attention and engagement to the content.

Our market research shows that people are becoming less impressed with a simple page flipping effect. Readers are becoming much more ‘digitally tempted’. Nowadays, a flipbook has to be truly realistic with great functionality to create real reader engagement. All FlippingBook digital publishing solutions have been created and are being constantly developed exactly for this purpose.

Thanks to FlippingBook, you don't need special programming skills to create modern and beautiful flipbook that is easy to use.

Here are some of the advantages of our flipbooks:

  • Perfect representation of a book in digital format taking into account the nuances of a paper book
  • Links and a table of contents are extracted automatically from the PDF
  • Large books can be read easily in the digital format thanks to smart uploading, which gives the reader quick access to a flip book, even with 2,000 pages
  • Search through the text
  • Embed videos inside your flipbook
  • Add popup images to the publication
  • Choose from one of several beautiful skins or create your own
  • Embed the flipbook in your website
  • Create exe (PC) or app (MAC) files for СD and DVD digital publishing
  • Use the FlippingBook cloud service to host flipbooks, and create collections
  • Use high-resolution images or any other printable document, such as a PowerPoint presentation (ppt) or MS Word document (doc), as well as PDFs for your flip books

Still hesitating about which flip book converter to choose? Here are some things to compare:

  • See how realistic the page flip effects are. It’s better to give the impression of a professional company
  • Zoom in and zoom out. Is it easy? Don’t annoy your readers with poor zooming
  • Is it too complicated or unclear? Think twice before using such a solution for digital publishing
  • Try before you buy. Don’t blindly believe the promises written on a web site or uttered by a salesperson

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