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What’s a digital flipbook?

A digital flipbook is a format for presenting content online as an engaging interactive HTML5 document that can be viewed in any browser and on any screen. Converted from a plain PDF via FlippingBook, each online flipbook has a fresh streamlined look with a realistic page flip effect, your company branding, interactive videos, and outbound links. Here’s how to create a digital flipbook: upload your PDF, and FlippingBook will turn it into an HTML5 flipbook. Piece of cake!

What’s more? Online flipbooks are super easy to share and track. Go beyond heavy PDFs: send your flipbook as a direct link available on any device, embed it on your site, generate a QR-code for your digital flipbook. And then analyze how people interact with the HTML5 flipbook by tracking views, the most engaging pages, outbound clicks in real time.


Digital flipbook means an excellent viewing experience for everyone, everywhere

Take your plain PDF to a new level—make an interactive digital flipbook that’s so easy to publish and share online. With HTML5, your ebooks with smooth flip animation always look great and open instantly on any device.

HTML5 flipbook means an excellent viewing experience for everyone, everywhere HTML5 flipbook means an excellent viewing experience for everyone, everywhere

How to create a flipbook from PDF

FlippingBook software is intuitive and requires no coding skills. You can convert a PDF to a flipbook and publish it online in no time.


Upload a PDF to FlippingBook Online or FlippingBook Publisher. Your PDF will be converted into an online flipbook in 1-2 minutes.


Now that the PDF to flipbook conversion is over, you can customize your publication: set your background, add logo, brand the direct link, and more.


Add videos, GIF animation, and pop-up images for more engagement and interactivity. Insert links to relevant pages and outside sources.


Your flipping book is ready! Now share it as a link via email or social media, or embed it directly into your website. You can also generate a QR-code for the flipbook.

Why not see it all in action?

One of our product experts will be happy to show you how to create a custom flipbook, share it online, and analyze how it performs!

Digital flipbook examples

Flipbooks are a great way to show and share such PDF publications as ebooks, catalogs, brochures, magazines, proposals, reports, newsletters, photo albums, portfolios, travel guides, pitches, presentations, forecasts, marketing and sales slicks, and more. You can deliver a realistic open-book experience with a two-page layout or display one page at a time—the page flip effect will still be there!

Digital flipbook features

  • Direct link to your flipbook

    Direct link to your flipbook

    Share your flip books as links. Links are much easier to text, email, or post to social networks than bulky PDFs.

  • google analytics

    Content analytics

    See what happens to your flip books after you hit Send. Track views, visitors, or integrate Google Analytics to get more data.

  • Mobile support

    Mobile support

    Your flip books have a page turn effect, your logo, and a beautiful design on any device your readers prefer—smartphones or tablets.

  • Website embedding

    Website embedding

    Create a seamless experience with your digital flip books by embedding them right into your website.

  • Table of contents search

    Table of contents & search

    Your HTML5 flip books are easy to browse with an interactive table of contents, thumbnails, and text search.

  • Interactive elements

    Interactive elements

    Make your content more engaging by adding YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia videos, GIFs, pop-ups, and web links.

  • No ads

    No ads

    Make ad-free flip books with any FlippingBook plan. No third-party banners or ‘similar’ content from your competitors.

  • Update under the same link

    Update under the same link

    Keep your flip books up-to-date with a few clicks. You can change the content, but the link will remain unchanged.

  • Content protection

    Content protection

    Set a password, hide your content from search engines, and remove the options to share and download—send reports and client proposals privately.

Organize and manage flipbooks with ease

FlippingBook makes it easy not only to create and customize but also to manage online flipbooks! You can update any document in a click, without breaking the link to it. You can also neatly organize your flipbooks by creating folders in your account and even share these folders with your team!

Organize and manage your content
We have found FlippingBook to be completely awesome, and just what we needed for our digital magazine. It’s a fantastic publishing tool.
Stella Nova

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