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Want to use your PDF newsletters and magazines in email campaigns? Perfect. We can make it easy for you.

Interactive Annual Reports Without Coding

Provide an excellent reading experience

HTML5 publications powered by FlippingBook have 2‑page layout, smooth page flip effect and comfortable navigation that make the reading process pleasant and frictionless. People can open your newsletter on any device and start reading right away.

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Brand your newsletters

Share your newsletters everywhere on the web and be sure people will recognize your brand at first glance with a few handy tools that FlippingBook offers.


Add your company logo, which will lead people to your website with one click.


With a favicon, your publication will look like a part of your website.

Custom background

Set your own background image to complete the publication’s look. Or select one from 24 ready designs, while keeping your logo and favicon.

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Deliver newsletters of any length to mobile users

People don’t like to download and scroll through PDFs on mobile devices. FlippingBook gives the viewer instant access to a document, which is specially tailored for tablets and smartphones.

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Create and update documents with ease

The best part of using FlippingBook — you can manage your newsletters by yourself, without any coding or help from IT. And when you update existing issues, the link to the newsletter doesn’t change and there is no need to re-send anything.

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