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View your brochure on any device, instantly.

Convert your PDF into an interactive online brochure on HTML5. FlippingBook hosts your documents online for you, making them easy to view on any device, share by email and embed to website.

FlippingBook Online - simple online brochure maker

For marketers

Get more people to view your interactive brochures

More views mean more engaged leads and more orders. HTML5 publication, created with digital brochure maker, looks good on any screen. And it’s easy to view it in your browser without downloading anything.

Get more people to view your brochures

Send brochures by email

Simply email the link to your interactive brochure, instead of attaching a PDF file. People may have issues downloading files but they can always click on a link.

Send brochures by email

Update content on the go

Last-minute changes? Update the content in your FlippingBook brochure in one click. People will see the latest version the next time they open it — no need to re-send anything.

Update content on the go

+30,000 businesses rely on FlippingBook to create easy-to-use online brochures

Make brochures that reach mobile users

Half of your customers use mobile devices to view your content. FlippingBook digital brochure maker supports iOS and Android smartphones and tablets which makes sure people get instant access to your documents and have good experience when viewing them.





For individual professionals

Make online brochures your customers will love

Want to present your projects with the help of digital brochures and portfolios? FlippingBook Online will help you create a great impression of your project or service, in any business.

For web agencies

If you know there’s a better way than a PDF…

Include FlippingBook Online in the pack of services you provide to your customers, when they look for an efficient way to present their PDFs on the web.

If you know there’s a better way than a PDF…
  • Label-free publications
  • Your customers' branding
  • No coding required
  • Easy to manage and update content

How it works

Step 1

Upload your PDF into FlippingBook Online

Our software takes your file, uploads it online, and converts into an interactive HTML5 publication.

Upload your PDF into FlippingBook Online
Step 2

Get a link to your document

Once the uploading is complete, you get the link to your publication. You can take it as it is or spend some time customizing it to your liking.

Get a link to your document
Step 3

Customize and brand it

You can customize your publication’s look with one of 24 designs and add your company’s branding including logo, custom background, and favicon.

Customize and brand it
Step 4

Embed it into website (optional)

You can embed the ready to view publication right into your website — as a full document or a preview.

Embed it into website

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All Features

For the best experience with interactive brochures for readers and authors.

Easy navigation

Explore the content your way with an interactive Table of Contents and text search.

Links support

Drive your customers to additional content with the help of links in your brochure.

PDF protection

Disable printing, sharing, and downloading to prevent your PDF from being abused.

Design your brochure look

We offer 24 ready to use designs to go with any content, custom colors and backgrounds.

CTA button

Include a call-to-action with the link to your website to collect leads from publications.

Statistics tracking

Integration with Google Analytics gives you statistics on readers, their behavior, pageviews, and more.