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Convert your PDF into an interactive brochure, enhanced with videos, links, sleek design, and great readability on any screen. All you need is FlippingBook—a simple online brochure creator—and a couple of minutes.

What’s a digital brochure?

A digital brochure is a piece of promotional or educational material designed for reading and sharing on the web. The most common format for a digital brochure is HTML5. Typical features include two-page spreads, custom design, branding, and a number of interactive elements. A digital brochure can be embedded into a webpage or made available via a direct link if hosted in a cloud.

How to make a digital brochure?

It’s really easy. With FlippingBook, you can create a digital brochure from a PDF in a few short steps. No coding skills are needed.


Upload your PDF to FlippingBook brochure creator with a single click—it will be converted into a life-like interactive e-brochure in 1-2 minutes.


Add your design and branding. You can select from 24 professional skins or make the brochure your own with branding, custom color palette and background.


Go for interactivity—add links, videos, GIFs, and pop-ups. The more interactive content your online brochure has, the more engaging it is for your readers.


Now it’s time to share your online brochure with the world! Send it to your audience as a direct link via messengers, email, or social media. Or embed it into your webpage for everyone to see.

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You can't make FlippingBook any easier than it is.
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Delight your clients with life-like online brochures

FlippingBook brings the offline experience to your online brochures. It gives your PDFs a page flip effect, beautiful design, and comfortable navigation, making your content easy to read and enjoy. With an intuitive editor and 24 templates to choose from, you don’t have to be a designer to create a stunning HTML5 brochure in a few minutes.

Delight your clients with life-like online brochures Delight your clients with life-like online brochures

Why people choose FlippingBook brochure maker

FlippingBook is designed to strike a balance between power and ease of use. We only add the most useful features so that you could create professional online brochures and leaflets with minimum effort.
  • Branding and design

    Branding and design

    Design your brochure with one of the 24 ready-made skins or create your own style. Add branding with a logo, favicon, and a custom link.
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  • Interactivity


    Embed videos, links, GIFs, pop-up image galleries, forms, and quizzes right into your brochure for maximum audience engagement.
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  • Content protection

    Content protection

    Share your brochures privately. Set a password, share as protected embeds within your website, and disable the options to download and print.
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  • Intuitive navigation

    Intuitive navigation

    Find what you need in seconds using an interactive Table of Contents, text search, and thumbnails.

  • Lead capture form

    Lead capture form

    Turn your digital brochure into a lead generation tool. Enable a customizable built-in form to collect your reader’s data, and deliver it into your CRM via Zapier.

  • Document tracking

    Document tracking

    See how people interact with your online brochures after you publish them. Track views, visitors, clicks, devices, geolocation, and more.

Brands Brands

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And if you don’t have a PDF of your future digital brochure yet…

…you can create one in Canva with our free template and then send it straight to FlippingBook thanks to an integration between our tools.

Or discover more PDF-creating tools in our blog post. There’s something for everyone!



  • I want to create a brochure but I don’t know how. Can you help me?

    If a digital brochure format sounds like exactly what you need for your content but you’ve never made one before, here’s a guide for you. It will take you through all the steps of creating and designing brochures online, and will provide useful tips and links.

  • Do you have a free plan?

    No, we don’t offer a free plan. However, you can check out all the features of FlippingBook, except for Custom Domain, with our free 14-day trial. No credit card is required!

  • Will you put ads in my digital brochure?

    No, we won’t. Every online publication created with FlippingBook is completely ad-free.

  • How many online brochures can I create via FlippingBook?

    It depends on the plan (or edition, for FlippingBook Publisher) you use. With FlippingBook Publisher, if you choose to host on your server, you can publish as many brochures online as you want.

  • Will my brochure be accessible?

    Yes, if you make it so. The FlippingBook viewer (the interface surrounding your brochure) is ADA-compliant. We also offer the Accessibility feature: if you have an accessible PDF to go with your flipbook, you can offer it for download. The accessible PDF will be available under a special accessibility icon.

  • Do I need to be a designer or a coder to use your brochure maker?

    Not at all! We’ve made the FlippingBook interface as intuitive and user-friendly as it can be. And with 24 design templates and a color palette, you will be able to complement your brochure’s look even without any experience in design.

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