Digital Brochure Maker for Your PDFs

Why FlippingBook?

Easy-to-use software, no need for IT help

Engagement at first sight

To draw attention to your brochure, we give it life-like page flipping animation and a beautiful skin. You can select a design from our 24 professional skins or create your own to match your company’s branding.

Pleases readers with convenient navigation

Brochures respond to many page turning methods, so your readers get the reading experience most familiar to them. And the table of contents, zoom, and text search will make even large documents easy to browse.

Works on any mobile device

Reach your audience on their tablets and smartphones. Online brochures created with FlippingBook will look perfect on any mobile device and be just as engaging as they are on large screens.

Works with your website

Embed digital brochures into your web pages to entertain and engage your visitors. Interactive PDFs attract lots of attention and mean more views and longer sessions on your website, which is good for Google, Bing, or Yahoo rankings.

Makes brochures interactive and fun

Add all sorts of extra content as videos, audios, links, and high-res images on pages. This way you can tell your readers about your product in many different ways, and increase the likelihood that conversion rates will grow.

Managing content is easy

With FlippingBook, your documents are always online. And they’ll stay that way, even when you need to update the content. Updates take a couple of clicks and you can do them in real time, keeping your brochures fresh and relevant.

How It Works

Turn your PDF into a powerful interactive brochure in four simple steps:

Import your PDF into our software.

Import your PDF into our software.

Use any PDF with high-res images and up to 2,000 pages. FlippingBook will take care of it.

Add interactivity and set the look for your document.

Add interactivity and set the look for your document.

Brand it with your corporate style, add videos or pop-up images, and much more.

Upload it to your server or use our Cloud.

Upload it to your server or use our Cloud.

To get a working flippingbook, you need to put it online. Self-host your documents or use our fast and secure cloud hosting.

Share your documents on your website or in emails.

Share your documents on your website or in emails.

Embed flippingbooks into your website or Facebook feed, or send links to them directly via email.

Create your own superb flippingbook in 10 minutes

Beth Anderson

FlippingBook suits us as we can make the finished digital publication look any way we want. Plus readers can view our magazine on any platform: desktop, tablet and mobile.

Richard Denning

The affordable price, good support system, constant updates, and all the features made us go for the FlippingBook service. There are many other systems similar out there, but the price/system makes FlippingBook one of the best.

Tiffany, London

FlippingBook has provided the perfect platform for Tiffany Rose seasonal lookbooks. Each collection we design tells a story, and FlippingBook gives us the opportunity to share this story with our customers.