FlippingBook Publisher 2.6

  • Convert PDF files to captivating publications
  • Embed animated spread to website
  • Triple your content delivery rate
  • Boost client engagement
  • Analyze each page's traffic

Compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android devices

Give your audience a convenient multi-device experience

More than 50,000 FlippingBook customers take advantage of our software and publish millions of publications yearly!

Convenient Browsing Helps Sell Your Content

While browsing, users decide whether content is worth reading. PDFs are not easy to browse. FlippingBook can help.

  • Analyse and Engage

    Determine your best content and apply this knowledge to your business

    Bounce rate Page per user Session time Google Analytics Integration
    Bounce rate indicates the relevance of the content to the audience. Do clients get what they expect? Page per user represents your audience's general interest to the topic of the publication. Do they really need all the information? Session time represents relation between your audience's interest and the content. Do readers actually delve into your content or are they just taking a brief look? Every publication can use many other metrics through integration with your Google Analytics account.
  • Excellent Reading Experience

    No more painful PDF download

    Distributing PDFs can be a real nuisance.

    PDF files may be too large for users to open. Users' Internet connection may be too slow to allow them to download the file on a mobile device. These obstacles mean that customers won't know about your offers, and you can loose them.

    FlippingBook provides a perfect link between you and your clients. It delivers documents of any length and size in seconds on the web or on mobile devices.

    Sharing links to specific pages enables effective communication with your customers. Your content can be more conveniently shared with friends and colleagues. This enhances the viral effect of your publications.

  • Mobile-Ready | HTML5 support

    Compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets

    FlippingBook Publisher converts your PDFs into interactive publications designed for viewing on Apple and Android mobile devices.

    Create a publication and check it on any popular mobile device. The native version will open automatically and work flawlessly in any browser.

    Intuitive design and high-quality zooming makes reading easy and pleasant even on very small screens. Switching from portrait to landscape is seamless; publications will look neat in any mode.

  • Provide a multi-device experience Create stylish publications Generate leads Embed to website & Facebook
    Use FlippingBook for your PDFs and receive positive feedback from mobile device users and others. Include your logo and company style on publications to grow your brand affinity. Do you have captivating publications? Add direct links to a lead form or an item description page of your e-shop. Change your "Download PDF" CTA button to animated spread and enjoy dramatic increases in CTR for your content.
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