How to create a publication for offline usage

Product: FlippingBook Publisher

The most common way to publish your flipbook is to upload it to an online location, like FlippingBook Cloud or your own webserver. But you can also create an Offline version of your flipbook. This is useful if you want to physically distribute your publication on USB sticks, CDs/DVDs (for example during events or seminars) or if you want to place it on a local network share.

Note! This option is available in the Business version of FlippingBook Publisher only.

Here is how you can create an Offline version of your publication in FlippingBook Publisher:

  1. Click on Upload in the top menu bar and select Offline Publication.
  2. Click on 3 dots on the right to choose the directory where you want to save your publication.
  3. Select the publication format (Windows or Mac). If you want to distribute your flipbooks on physical media, then we recommend publishing it in both formats to cater to all users.
  4. If you want to protect your publication, select Protect with password option and fill in the password of your choosing.
  5. Click on Start. This will create a file and folder on the specified location. The file can be opened directly on any computer but kindly note that you should copy it with the folder.
  6. When the process completes, click View Folder to open the folder that you published your flipbook to or Preview to open your offline publication on your PC.

Note! Offline publications are intended for use without an internet connection. If you have no internet connection, links to online locations (either normal links or embedded video) will obviously not work.

Also, you can always change the name of your offline publication by changing the file name in Advanced settings. You can also pack your offline publication files to zip. To do this, just toggle the switch next to the option Pack to zip before clicking on Start.

Note! Your offline publications for Windows will not have the features Notes and Share, which is by design. As for the offline publication for Mac, they will work fine only for the OS X El Capitan 10.11 and more recent versions and there will be no features Notes, Share, Fullscreen and Print.

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