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Product: FlippingBook Publisher

We have no hard requirements regarding imports - basically, anything goes, but there are a few things that could be useful for you to know:


From a technical point of view, almost all PDFs import perfectly fine and you don't have to use a specific PDF format or version. What we recommend is that your PDF has no more than 2000 pages, though this very much depends on the complexity of the pages. The theoretical maximum is 10.000 pages. If all you have on the pages is a single box of text or a single image, then that is probably possible. But for complex catalogs with lots of links on every page, even 1000 pages can cause problems. We recommend a maximum of 50.000 links in total.

As for image quality, flipbooks are intended for on-screen presentation, so we resize high-resolution images so that the quality is still great, even when zoomed, but not more than that. As a rule of thumb, that means that any detail in images over 150 DPI is basically wasted.

When it comes to text, make sure that text in the PDF is actual text (i.e. it has a font, color, and font size). Text that is part of an image is rendered very poorly. When we recognize actual text, we convert it to SVG, which is a format that scales very well and looks crisp and clear at all zoom levels.


From a design point of view:

  • Make sure all pages are of the same size. For most documents, this is no problem because all pages ARE of the same size. There is also no problem if several pages have different sizes but the same aspect ratio - these will just be resized accordingly and you will see no difference. The only case where it really causes issues is if you combine e.g. Legal and A4 sized pages in one document. In this case, FlippingBook publisher will add borders to your pages to compensate which looks a bit strange:
  • Use portrait orientation if possible. You get the best results by using portrait-oriented pages because for the page-flipping effect, we show two pages at the same time on the screen. You can use landscape, but the pages will be sized down much more to make 2 pages fit on the screen, which can make reading difficult without zooming in.
  • Use a decent font size. With two pages visible at the same time in a browser, your pages almost always have to be scaled-down compared to 'printed' versions. Therefore, to keep text readable, make sure that you use a decent font size. Very ‘thin’ fonts often tend to suffer more than normal/thicker fonts.
  • Add only supported objects to your PDF. FlippingBook Publisher's converter can only extract links and bookmarks that are present in a PDF file. It cannot automatically convert and add to the flipbook videos, animations, rollover images and other objects that could potentially be embedded within the file.
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