–°reate a FlippingBook collection to showcase flipbooks sorted by topic, time, or target audience. Set a convenient order of flipbooks within a collection for more comfortable browsing and brand it with a custom background. To share your digital bookshelf, embed it into your website, or send a direct link to it to your readers. With control over access and sharing, you can deliver content to a limited number of people. The bookshelf feature is available in FlippingBook Publisher if you choose to host your publications in FlippingBook Cloud.

Digital Bookshelf

Using FlippingBook Publisher, our Windows-based desktop software, you can create virtual bookshelves with your online publications for comfortable viewing and efficient distribution.

FlippingBook digital bookshelves are:

  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to share
  • Easy to embed into a website
  • Easy to protect from unwanted access

All you need to do to make a new digital bookshelf is to add the publications you need to a collection in FlippingBook Publisher. You can then set its access settings, change the order of flipbooks to your preference, and customize the background to match your brand.

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