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It pays off to turn your annual report into a digital interactive piece, but it can be costly and complex. Can you make it easy, with only a PDF on hand? With FlippingBook you can.

Interactive Annual Reports Without Coding

Impactful online reports, zero coding

FlippingBook takes your PDF annual report, converts into a beautiful online publication and gives you back a link. And the link means you can share it with anybody, any way — email, website, social networks.

Unique link to the report

Add videos to your reports

Video is a great way to tell stories. Embed your YouTube and Vimeo videos right into the pages of your annual report to give your stakeholders an interactive visual experience.

Embedded videos

Professional design and branding

A professional look is as important as compelling content when it comes to annual reports.

  • Set your own colors and background image
  • Add a logo that leads to your website with a click
  • Make your report label-free: remove any mention of FlippingBook
Professional design and branding
Mobile-friendly format

Mobile-friendly format

Our publications are on HTML5. This ensures your viewers can access and read your reports on any mobile device just by clicking the link.

Real-time updates

Real-time updates

Update your online annual reports without breaking their links. No need to re-send documents. Your viewers will always see the latest version.

No special training required

FlippingBook is designed for marketers, designers, and self-publishers. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require special training or administration.

Free live demos

We offer free educational webinars to help you get started.

24/5 support

We’re there for you, if you have questions or need help.

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