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FlippingBook lets you quickly turn static PDFs into digital business or corporate reports, easy to share and read on any device. Create one now—and save on printing and shipping physical copies, while keeping the professional look and feel.

Interactive Annual Reports Without Coding

Impactful online report, zero efforts

Simply upload your PDF corporate report to FlippingBook. Our service will convert it into an HTML5 publication with a page flip effect and give you back a link. You’ll be able to share the link with anybody, any way you want—email, website, social networks.

Unique link to the report

Add videos to your reports

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Embedded videos

Customize and brand your reports

A professional look and compelling content are equally important for business reports.

  • Brand your report with a logo that links to a website.
  • Choose your own design: background style and colors.
  • Brand your report link to make it instantly recognizable.
Professional design and branding

Protect your reports from unwanted sharing

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Protect your reports from unwanted sharing

Report analytics

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Report analytics
Mobile-friendly format

Mobile-friendly format

Our publications are on HTML5. This ensures your viewers can access and read your reports on any mobile device just by clicking the link.

Real-time updates

Real-time updates

Update your online annual reports without breaking their links. No need to re-send documents. Your viewers will always see the latest version.

No special training required

FlippingBook is designed for marketers, sales and HR specialists. It’s easy to use—no special training required. Choose one of our products to create online reports with a page flip effect.

FlippingBook Online
Just upload a PDF and get your report in a few clicks. Includes all essential features for creating and sharing publications online.
FlippingBook Publisher
Powerful desktop software that gives you total freedom over your digital book’s look and feel. Host on your website with no limits.
FlippingBook has saved us thousands of dollars in printing out the reports.
Kyle-Todt The Royal College of Dentists of Canada

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