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y creating your album, lookbook, or portfolio with FlippingBook, you get an interactive HTML5 publication that looks stunning on any screen. Your viewers will love how nice and easy it is to flip through and navigate.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to make it, you don’t need a website to share it. All that’s required is your cherished photos and a wish to give them the best treatment.

How to make a photo flipbook online

Collect your photos into a PDF and upload it to FlippingBook
Step 1

Collect your photos into a PDF and upload it to FlippingBook to convert it into an HTML5 document

Brand and customize
Step 2

Use 24 pre-set design options and a vast range of editing tools to make your photo gallery unique

Step 3

Once done, copy a link to your album and share it!

Go mobile

Interactive photo albums created with FlippingBook are mobile-friendly and work perfectly on any device. It’s a portfolio that’s always in your pocket.

Direct link to your content

Go interactive

Add videos

Enhance the visual experience with your photo flipbook.

Insert links

Make it easy to reach you with links to contact details.

Use branding

Put your brand forward with custom URL, logo, and favicon.

Track stats

See who is interested and what pages they've viewed the most.

If you don’t know how to make a PDF…

Learn how to make PDFs easily from an article we wrote—and then create your first project in FlippingBook. Just choose what FlippingBook product suits you best and try it—for free.

FlippingBook Online
Just upload a PDF and get your flipbook in a few clicks. Includes all essential features for creating and sharing publications online.
FlippingBook Publisher
Powerful desktop software. Use it to have total freedom over your digital books’ look and feel. Host on your website with no limits.
FlippingBook is truly powerful.
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