Online documents
are files that you can access via a link and view in a browser. With FlippingBook Publisher, online document sharing has never been easier. You’ll be able to seamlessly display your documents on website, send them via email or post to social networks. No matter what device your customers use, they will get instant access to your online documents.

How it works

FlippingBook Publisher is an easy-to-use online document creator. It converts your PDFs into modern and web-friendly HTML5 documents. You can host them on your server or upload docs online using our hosting service, FlippingBook Cloud.

Once your document is online, it’s available via a simple link, and you can share with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

  • Show your documents on your website or right in browser. Unlike PDFs, HTML5 documents created with FlippingBook do not require downloading. Your customers can start reading them instantly, even when they use a device with slow Internet connection.
  • Share documents of any size by email. FlippingBook Publisher supports files up to 2000 pages, so you can send out your largest, most detailed reports in a matter of seconds.
  • Worrying about the safety of your shared documents? FlippingBook Publisher allows you to disable printing, sharing and downloading of your docs. For sensitive or internal-use-only documents use password-protection. This way only people who’ve got permission from you will be able to view the documents and interact with them.
  • FlippingBook makes navigation around your shared documents easier, too. Add an interactive Table of Contents to make switching between different parts of the doc one-click-easy. Need to point your reader to a specific place of the document? Send them a direct link the page in question.

Creating shared documents with Publisher is an easy way to make your content accessible and professional-looking at the same time.