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This article has answers to the most common questions our users ask before purchasing FlippingBook Publisher:


What is your product about?

FlippingBook Publisher is a professional Windows desktop software for designers, marketers, and enterprises. Using FlippingBook Publisher you will be able to create unique interactive content, by converting your existing PDFs to online publications with a real book feel and a page-flipping effect. 

FlippingBook Publisher is not meant to create PDFs from scratch. Our goal is to deliver your existing content in the best possible way — fast, readable, and classy - on desktop and mobile devices.


Why use a Flipbook instead of a PDF?

There are lots of reasons to present your content as a flipbook instead of using a PDF:

  • Effective: PDFs have to be downloaded. A study from the world bank showed that 31% of their PDFs were never downloaded - at all. When you present your content as a flipbook, your users immediately engage with your content.
  • Appearance: your catalog or brochure just looks much more polished and interactive as a flipbook. How much time and money do you spend on designers, photography, and marketing agencies for your catalogs and brochures? The extra costs to make it look smooth and create a great user experience probably pale in comparison.
  • Searchability: When your audience is looking for you, there's a good chance that they go to... Google! Depending on who you believe, search engines drive between 30% and 70% of all web traffic, even for small sites. While PDFs are indexed, they don't rank up very highly in search results. Flipbooks are native HTML5 documents. Every bit of text in your document can be indexed by search engines.
  • Analytics: Have you ever wondered how often a reader opens your PDF? What pages they actually look at? For how long? Which links do they click? From which pages do they leave? Good luck finding out such crucial marketing information from a PDF! With HTML5 flipbooks you have this information at your fingertips!
  • Immediate engagement: When sharing your online publication, all you share is a link. You don't have to worry about attachment sizes with email, or mobile users who leave because they face a 100MB download over a slow connection. Your flipbook is loaded on-demand in small chunks. Only the parts that your readers actually need are downloaded, just before they need them.

Is there a free plan? Can I try before I buy?

There’s no free plan for FlippingBook Publisher—sorry! 'Free' software is paid for in other ways, usually advertising. We don't add any ads to your publications, nor do we engage in any schemes to sell your users' data for marketing purposes. But you can try our software and all the features for 30 days with a few limitations:

  • You can import up to 10 pages. In the full version, it is possible to import up to 2 000 pages into each project.
  • We add a small FlippingBook watermark on each page that can’t be removed. This won't be present in the paid version.
  • Your trial publications will be available on FlippingBook Cloud for 30 days. After this period you also won’t be able to upload any new publications.

How does your licensing model work?

FlippingBook Publisher is software for a single Windows PC. We offer the possibility to buy additional upgrades and services as required.

  • If you buy a FlippingBook Publisher license, then you pay a one-time fee and you can use the software forever. It’s yours. You can make as many publications as you like, upload them to your website, and they will stay there until you decide to delete them.
  • You can buy additional workstations if you plan to use the software to create publications with multiple users/from multiple computers.
  • Support and software updates are free for the first year. After the first year, you will have to renew your Support & Updates contract if you want to continue to enjoy these benefits.
  • If you plan to upload your publications to our FlippingBook Cloud (which is fast and simple) then you can upgrade to Support, Updates & Unlimited Cloud

For more detailed information see our article about Licensing options.


Will any services be renewed automatically?

No, if you buy a license, then we don’t automatically renew anything. You don't commit to any subscriptions. If you later decide to renew your support or unlimited cloud contract then you have the option to set up automatic renewals for your convenience. You can cancel this at any time.


How can I pay and how do I get the product?

Both purchase and receipt of the product are done online. Once you press the Buy Now button on the pricing page, you will be able to choose the payment option which is the most suitable for your situation.

The following payment options are available as you proceed:

  • Credit card. This payment is done directly on the website.
  • Wire Transfer. After submitting your order, you will receive details to make a transfer to our bank account. Please note that unlike other payment options, you don’t get instant access to the software. Orders can take up to several days to be completed.
  • Purchase order. This payment option is available to corporate customers only, in case you need an invoice before making the actual payment.
  • PayPal. After submitting your order, you will receive a link to PayPal where you can make your payment.
  • In some countries, additional local payment methods are available.

Once the order is placed and completed, you will receive a confirmation email from us, containing a link to your personal account, and login and password information to access it.

The Billing History section of your account will contain a downloadable invoice for the purchase you have just made with us.


Can I get my money back after purchasing your product?

We offer a 30 days money-back guarantee for FlippingBook Publisher. After the 30-day period, we provide refunds at the company’s sole discretion, e. g. If you have encountered technical difficulties, and despite help from our Customer support, we can’t make the product work for you. Please check our full refund policy for details.


Do you have any API available?

No, we don’t have an API that can be used to create the publications automatically. But if you’re looking for a way to fasten or fully automate the conversion process, you may be interested in our solution FlippingBook Automation, which is a part of FlippingBook Publisher edition. It allows you to create a “conveyor”-like system which picks up PDF files you put in a “hot folder”, applies your custom settings to them and then converts them into flipbooks that you can upload to your web server. 


How many publications can I store?

You can upload as many publications as you want to your own servers. If you want to upload to our Cloud instead of to your own server, then it depends. By default, you can have 3 publications online at the same time (for the first year, you will have to renew to continue using our Cloud for the second year).  If you need more than 3 publications then you will need to switch your support contract to 'Support, Updates & Unlimited Cloud'.


Will I be able to downgrade my license?

Our starting point is to offer you the solution that best suits your needs. That being said, it is not always possible to downgrade without substantial implications. If you want to downgrade, then you can send us a message to and explain your situation. We will discuss the consequences with you, and try to find a suitable solution, but we cannot promise that a downgrade is possible in all situations.


Do you offer Customer Support?

Yes, of course. We have round the clock support on working days and limited support during weekends. Feel free to contact us for help on how to purchase, use FlippingBook Publisher or get any technical assistance. You can reach us by leaving your request here (we can also call you back), sending us your request to We usually reply within an hour to any support request. You can also contact us on live chat, in the bottom right corner of our site

If you prefer to find answers to your questions yourself, then you can also visit our extensive Help Center for software documentation, legal information, and FAQs.


Haven’t found an answer to your question? Send us a message —we’ll answer right away!

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