How to convert existing Flash publications into HTML5?

There is a convenient converter of your Flash projects to HTML5 included in FlippingBook Publisher starting from version 2.8.16. Use it to convert Flash project files without recreating them from scratch.

Here is how:

  1. Open Publisher
  2. Select File -> Convert projects to HTML5... option. 

This option is only visible to clients who bought their license when we supported Flash. If you don't see this option in your software then please contact our support team. We can enable it for you.

  1. Choose your Flash projects to convert. You can choose more than one.
  2. Press Start Conversion
  3. Wait until all projects are converted.
  4. Then click the Open Project button.
  5. A new project in HTML5 format will open for your editing and publishing.


  • When converting projects in batch, you can open all HTML5 projects by clicking the button Open Project and then clicking on your converted projects. Converted projects will have a new icon.
  • All converted Flash projects are automatically backed up in folder Flash to HTML5 Backups. It will be created in the location, where the Flash project was chosen from. Find them there in case something goes wrong.
  • In case Publisher finds any issues with the projects, it will show them in the converter window with details about each issue. Read them to see what options will not be transferred from your Flash project to HTML5.

Check our End of life for Flash support article for additional information on Flash and HTML5 projects.

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