How is the trial version limited?

Our Trial version contains most of the features that are also available in the Business Edition of FlippingBook Publisher. There are a few limitations:

  1. You can import up to 10 pages. In the full version, it is possible to import up to 2,000-2,400 pages into each project.
  2. Copyright button, watermarks, and logo of FlippingBook can’t be removed. In the full Business version, you will be able to edit all these components.
  3. You can upload to FlippingBook Cloud up to 3 flipbooks. In the full version, you can buy additional space on our Cloud as an additional service.
  4. Your trial publications will be available on FlippingBook Cloud for 30 days. After this period you also won't be able to upload any new flipbooks.
  5. If you purchase the full version, your old trial publications cannot be moved to your new license.

The full version is available in 2 editions: Professional and Business.

Check our article «How to create your first online publication with FlippingBook Publisher?» for tips on how to start creating your flipbooks.

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