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Most of your users open your PDFs on mobile devices. Thus, all of the flipbooks you create with Flippingbook Publisher are available to your readers both on desktops and on mobile devices. So they can be easily opened on mobile phones and tablets.

However, the ways how your Flippingbook Publisher publications will look like on your desktop and on mobile devices are different.

Note! You will not have the features Notes, Sound, Share, Fullscreen, Hardcover, Flip Corner and autoplay function in Videos in the mobile versions of your flipbooks.

Below you can see how your publication looks on mobile devices. 

This is how it looks on your smartphone in the portrait mode:

And here is what you will see if you open your flipbook on a tablet in the landscape mode:

Starting from FlippingBook Publisher version 2.10.8, flipping books are generated on mobile with the flipping effect, so if your publication is still being displayed the old way, make sure to re-upload your book with the newer version.

Note! Your clients will have a two-page view in the landscape mode on mobile devices while they will see only one page in the portrait mode.

Preview option

You can actually view how your publication will look like on a desktop, a smartphone or a tablet from Publisher itself. To do this, simply import your PDF and choose the device you are interested to preview it in.


To check the pages of your flipbook, click on the square icons at the bottom of it:

Choose the page you want to open, and you will be transferred there.

If your publication has a table of contents, you can check it by clicking at the top left "hamburger menu" button:

After that, choose the page of your flipbook you want to open.

In case you need to find a word or expression in your publication, you can use the option Search:

Just click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner and enter your text. All the matches will appear below.

You can also download the whole PDF or a certain page. To do this, please, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the top left button.
  2. Choose Save at the bottom.
  3. Click on either Full Publication or Current Page.
  4. Choose Download.

Smart zoom

Also, just for you to know there is another feature that will improve the reading experience on mobile devices. To adjust your text to the screen width you can double-tap on part of it. This feature can be especially useful in case you have only one hand free.

Vector text

These days the text of your publications can be read both with and without zooming with the same sharp and clear result. It will always look crisp on any mobile device that we support and on any screen from a smartphone to a 4K display.

To make this possible, we now use vector graphics for text which can be scaled to any size you want without losing quality.

If you created any flipbooks before November 13, 2017, and your text is still raster, you can easily convert your Flash publications into HTML5 to get vector text in them as well.

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